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forma.8 Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
forma.8 on the Wii U
8.2/10 from one rating

Welcome to the official discussion thread for forma.8 on the Wii U!

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Forma.8 is a Wii U indie title where you navigate a seemingly-peaceful planet as an exploration pod. This Metroid-Vania style game has been high on my want list for many years now. When Nintendo first started heavily pushing 'Nindies' on the Wii U, this was one of the first. It took many years to finally release but in February of 2017 it has. Now, this $14.99 USD game is half off (for the moment) and it was too irresistible not to finally bit and dust off the ol' Wii U.

Who else has or is giving this game a go?

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Posted: 05/20/17, 22:24:18  - Edited by 
 on: 05/20/17, 22:44:29
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This was one of my favorite of the Nindie demos, for sure. A very unique, solid feel. I didn't pick it up because my fridge is full, but I'd grab a Switch port. I think the devs said that they were working on something for the Switch, as well.
Posted: 05/20/17, 23:07:48

Something new or a Switch port? I'd have waited for a Switch port, but my Wii U isn't packed away yet so I suppose this doesn't matter much to me.

It's got great atmosphere and unique combat. Recommended so far!
Posted: 05/21/17, 00:05:43
I dunno! I'm guessing they'll start with a port. Wait for E3, maybe?

I loved the aiming mechanic.
Posted: 05/21/17, 03:10:53

Too late.
Posted: 05/21/17, 04:39:54
I'm trying to finish this game up. The map can feel so convoluted when coming back after a long time. The game overall is nice and likely a win but I feel like I want to recommend it only on sale. Also, it's a pretty slow game so you will want to use it to relax with and/or get sleepy to, lol. Nice eerie atmosphere but I just took a NEW warp and it sent me back to an OLD warp. When I re-entered that warp it took me to where the warp normally would go. So.... why the hell did the game just displace me for no reason?

Maybe there's a reason but it isn't clear. So this is frustrating to me.
Posted: 01/07/18, 07:54:26
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