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Final Fantasy IV Discussion (Nintendo DS) [game]
8.95/10 from 12 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Final Fantasy IV on the DS!

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I saw this on a gamestop shelf and picked it up. And then I hear it's really hard. I should try playing it sometime, that might help.


And so the dark knight Cecil,
stripped of his command of the Red Wings,
set out for the distant Valley of the Mist.

Together with Kain, commander of the Dragoons,
he would pursue a faceless quarry -
and a chance for redemption.

The advent of the airship had marked
the realization of mankind's most ancient dream.
But man is a creature seldom sated,
and he was quick to dream anew.

With the unparalleled might of the Red Wings,
Baron's military soon reigned supreme.
Why, then, does its king now seek the Crystals?

And why have fearsome monsters
suddenly begun to overrrun the once calm land?

If the crystals know, they share no answers -
only their pure and silent light


(The compressed version of the intro cutscene from the DS version can be found here)

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Posted: 12/20/16, 22:50:42  - Edited by 
 on: 12/22/16, 09:17:46
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Best version of the game I think, disregarding the visual upgrades for the Steam/mobile versions. I've played it countless times already on the SNES so the difficulty upgrade is really a welcome addition I think. I also don't mind the overall graphical style to the game. I think it works well. And the upgraded music is overall excellent too!
Posted: 12/20/16, 23:02:30

I played the gba version, but if I had more time I would like to give the DS versions try. I think the improvements in presentation (particularly the addition of cinematography that 3D graphics offer) would take this game to the next level for me.

Then again, I'm still planning on getting around to The After Years at some point too. So that would come first.
Posted: 12/21/16, 03:55:41
Well it doesn't do me much good to have a game thread for a game I haven't even started. Here goes nothing.

Edit: that opening FMV reel looks kinda impressive on the DS despite some very obvious compression and I don't think I want to know how bad it looks on my New 3DS XL outside of pixel perfect mode.

Posted: 12/22/16, 04:05:26  - Edited by 
 on: 12/22/16, 05:33:39
If I remember correctly, Square was good about getting prerendered cinematics on handhelds. I didn't chain of memories have a prerendered 3D intro cutscenes in the GBA?

I'm a sucker stuff like that. Taking little 16 bit characters and translating them into full fledged 3D animation is so cool to me. The same goes with games like One Piece Ublimited Adventure and other games recreating major scenes from anime in the 3D.
Posted: 12/22/16, 05:23:31
I actually switched to the new 3DS XL on pixel perfect mode for the Circle Pad to be used for movement. I generally prefer the DS lite for DS games (even though on an XL with Pixel Perfect mode you get about the same screen size which is actually kinda nice.) But this game seems like it might benefit from the Circle Pad.

Also, I checked, and that opening cutscene looks absolutely hideous on the New 3DS XL's stretched out default mode.

Edit: It actually does better on the lite's D-pad for some reason. I guess the overhead perspective ruins the illusion of the Circle Pad giving better 3D movement in DS games. Also what the heck one of the early enemies was able to petrify me and I haven't even left the first area of the overworld.
Posted: 12/22/16, 05:39:05  - Edited by 
 on: 12/22/16, 05:58:07
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