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The Ren & Stimpy Show: Buckeroo$! Discussion (Nintendo NES) [game]

Welcome to the official discussion thread for The Ren & Stimpy Show: Buckeroo$! on the NES!

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Posted: 11/12/16, 20:45:21  - Edited by 
 on: 11/12/16, 20:45:33
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I think I speak for everyone when I say, about time this thread got made.

I remember an ad for this game...or maybe the other one (Vidiots? Not sure) where Ren and Stimpy are trapped in a TV with a couple of word bubbles. Stimpy: "Will they save us, Ren?" Ren: "I sure hope so, Stimpy. Your breath is keeling me!"
Posted: 11/12/16, 21:03:23
I absolutely detest this show with every fiber of my being.
Posted: 11/12/16, 21:51:51
Buckle up, buckaroos.
Posted: 11/12/16, 22:43:00
GameDadGrant said:
I absolutely detest this show with every fiber of my being.
Posted: 11/12/16, 23:00:26

No sir, I don't like it.


Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!

The fearsome CrocoStimpy!

I blame this show on why I have such a weird and sick sense of humor.

Do yourself a favor and ENJOY the best episode.
Posted: 11/13/16, 01:49:04
They ran some marathon MANY years ago (like, we were all still kids) on Nickelodeon, and I filled up a VHS tape, maybe two. Theres still plenty of stuff that I still say (out loud), and I often think of it. "No sir, I don't like it." And sometimes I go "man...he's talking to a pillow!"

The closeup of Ren's teeth in that one episode was so disgusting, haha, and then (I think the same episode) they're trying to get the dime out of his ear? Gross!

Muddy Mudskipper is hilarious (ya lousy bum!), and I should probably watch that show again with "adult" eyes. They had that reboot a few years ago aimed at an adult audience....and it was just weird. And wrong.

On the topic of "adult eyes," I was watching American Dad here at work the other night (we air it), and closed captioning came on (as it always is), and while a song was playing in the "Stan of Arabia" episode, it said "theme from Lawrence of Arabia." I never knew that! And I recognized the theme IMMEDIATELY, because its in Space Balls when they're trudging through the Sands of Vega looking for water. Do you ever wonder about how much crap we've missed through the years in shows because we don't know EVERYTHING? I'm sure Ren & Stimpy is RIFE with jokes that I'd get now. Part of me is afraid to watch though...I got The Tick on DVD..and its....hard to watch now..

As for the game, I don't think I ever played it, but its pretty rare, right? And pricey? Ehhhh, 15-25 bucks.


Posted: 12/06/16, 02:50:00
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