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Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]
8/10 from 2 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 on the 3DS!

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Curious about the sequel to the other quasi-MegaMan project with Keiji Inafune's name on it?
The one that's actually quite good?
Then check out this overview trailer with overly serious narration!

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Posted: 09/30/16, 02:41:27  - Edited by 
 on: 09/30/16, 02:43:52
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Anyone else pick this up today? I've put about an hour into it. Impressions...

-- Gunvolt controls exactly as he did in the previous game. That's perfectly fine.
-- Copen is a little tricky, with his speedy air-dashes and lock-on by crashing into enemies. It's got potential.

-- The tutorial stage is surprisingly long (thanks to the story segments, really) and gives you a taste of each character. Afterwards, it seems like you pick one character and stick with them for the rest of the game? Not sure. EDIT: Nope, you can switch between them at the File Select screen. After the tutorial, they each have a separate selection of 4 stages.

-- There's character dialogue during gameplay. For some reason, this is overlaid on the action, rather than tucked out of the way on the touch-screen. It's especially annoying during boss battles, where the dialogue can last the entire duration and clog up valuable screen real estate with distracting crap. Thankfully you can adjust the opacity of the dialogue in the options menu or, better yet, turn it off entirely. Do this by turning off "Story Mode +" on the stage select menu (accessible after the tutorial). I'll probably leave it on for my first playthrough, but I can't say it's been any good so far. Looking forward to toggling that off when I'm done with my first run.

-- They brought back one enemy from the last game...and it's the ridiculous "bi-gender" character with the giant dildo-spike shooting up from its groin. And then it turns into a little wide-eyed anime girl. This game is weird.

-- Thankfully, Challenges no longer have to be activated!
-- On the flip-side, there's still no Auto-Save function. You have to save manually in the menu every time. I don't know.
Posted: 09/30/16, 02:57:44  - Edited by 
 on: 09/30/16, 04:49:38
I'm waiting until next week to grab the physical double-pack release. I already played through the first (completely), but I want the physical version nonetheless!

Thanks for the impressions. I'm excited!
Posted: 09/30/16, 06:58:32
I was really looking forward to this back when they said it was coming out in the summer, but then summer came and went and the game never came out so my interest kind of died down a little. Regardless, I'm still gonna get Gunvolt 2. Maybe I'll buy it tonight, actually.
Posted: 09/30/16, 16:08:08
ploot said:
I'm waiting until next week to grab the physical double-pack release. I already played through the first (completely), but I want the physical version nonetheless!

Thanks for the impressions. I'm excited!

Same for me! But to be honest, I'm only getting the physical release because my Home Screen got too full of stuff. The 3DS only allows you to have 300 items (games, apps, videos, whatever) on the Home Screen at a time. (even if they are hidden in folders) So I'm going with the retail version just so I don't take up a slot on my system.
Posted: 10/01/16, 16:06:02
Beat the game! For the record, to get the "True Ending," you just have to beat the final level with each character. No hunting for collectable doodads this time around. Then play the final level a third time and you'll get past the "cliffhanger" and you'll get the final final boss. (Then switch to the other character and beat that level a fourth time).

I've finally gotten the hang of Copen! I think. His dash-to-target thing is pretty cool, and he keeps his "combo" going by dashing from one enemy to the next without landing. But it's pretty lenient: you can dash into walls or even the ground and bounce off, which not only keeps the combo going, it also doesn't cost any "Bullitts" (you can't dash or Prevasion if they run out).

Honestly, other than Copen, I'd say Gunvolt 2 was a bit of a step down from the original. Still good, still mostly the same quality, just not quite as fresh and I think I liked the level designs and bosses a tad more in the original. I'll probably do all of Copen's challenges at least, maybe Gunvolt's too. Wish I could unlock that Shovel Knight boss fight without the amiibo...and the amiibo reader adapter thing...hopefully they'll put it up on the eShop or something.
Posted: 10/02/16, 03:36:36  - Edited by 
 on: 10/02/16, 03:38:13

Wow, you killed that game pretty quick! Congrats!
Posted: 10/02/16, 17:37:03
Got my copy of the Striker Pack yesterday! Of course, I'm knee-deep in DragonQuest 7 and (still!) trying to finish up Project X Zone 2.

I'll get to you, Gunvolt. Soon.

Posted: 10/06/16, 16:50:41
I got the true ending with Gunvolt last night, but didn't really feel like going through the final level for the fourth time in a row with Copen. Maybe later.

Anyway, I think this game is pretty freaking cool. I was really able to find a groove with this one's design where I was smoothly racking up points without getting hit. When you're able to do that with a boss, you feel like the coolest dude on the block, bro. Beyond that, I don't have much else to say for some reason. It's just a really nice platformer with a gimmick that I dig.
Posted: 10/08/16, 22:27:43
@Hero_Of_Hyrule Haha, yeah. I keep trying to think of something to add to the thread, but I guess that's the nature of these "cookie cutter"-ish sequels. The first one was a very solid game. The second one is basically the same very solid game, with a cool new playable character and new bosses.

I've completed all of Copen's challenges except for the 5,000+ Kudos (and I'm guessing there's a 9,999 Kudos one afterwards). I think I'll stop there, as I find Copen a lot more difficult to build up the score/multiplier than Gunvolt, as you often have to dash semi-blind and hope you hit an enemy or surface to keep your midair multiplier going. So Copen requires even more precision (and memorization) than Gunvolt if you want big Kudos and S+ ranks, and it was tough enough getting all those in Gunvolt 1, so I think I'll step away for at least a bit.
Plus, last night I impulse-bought 20XX on Steam last night, and man...I think that's gonna scratch my Mega Man itch for a long while.

On a related note, if there's one thing that I feel holds these games back, it's the cramped screen space. The main victims are standard enemies, which mostly stand around or move slowly, then take a telegraphed shot at you. There's just not enough screen space for them to do anything more, especially considering the screen may be zipping around with Gunvolt/Copen's swift movements. If the enemies moved more dynamically like those in the NES-style Mega Man games, they'd be really hard to keep track of. But as it is, they often just feel like targets in a shooting gallery, not putting up much of a fight.
Posted: 10/09/16, 00:40:41
Yeah, things do feel too zoomed in. This caused me to blindly jump on spikes at times. Maybe that's mostly my fault since I always get the urge to try to move quickly in this game, but there were certainly times where it didn't feel like my fault. Especially with Copen's dash. It's a bummer to have your combo destroyed because you dashed in midair and ended up running into spikes or just running out of dash frames before you hit an enemy.
Posted: 10/09/16, 07:53:10  - Edited by 
 on: 10/09/16, 07:54:25
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