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Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games on the Wii U!

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Hey, remember these games? Remember this one? I'm impressed that somebody (Mop It Up) even entered it into the database! It's time for some Wii U summer fun!

...or it would be, but, as it happens, I was midway through a humorous, in-depth review of every single event in this game, enabled the ytimg.com javascript to watch a video and lost my whole post. GAH! Capsule impressions follow:

This game (which was possibly developed by the ashes of Team Andromeda and Amusement Vision) is decent. And, in terms of control, fairly conservative. No motion, not too much waggly stuff. And very few of the games rely on doing one repetitive action as fast as you can for the entire event. In previous games, the real events were surprisingly realistic (and occasionally boring), and the Dream Events took some liberties. But now a lot of the normal events have wacky twists, and there are three Duel Event versions, which have power-ups and a scoring system in which you earn points through skillful play, but can only 'bank' them by scoring. Pretty neat.

SO... let's briefly cover the games. Rugby Sevens and Duel Rugby Sevens are pretty cool. I never knew how Rugby was actually played. What a crazy-ass sport! (I'm always disappointed that more football teams don't take advantage of laterals...) Soccer and Duel Soccer are decent, but simplistic. Volleyball and Duel Volleyball are pretty freaking weak. Waaaaay sub-Super Spike V'Ball. But, then again, what isn't?

BMX is a pretty unrealistic trick- and boost-filled take on the sport. Decent, though. 100m Dash is more fun than you'd think. (I pirouetted across the finish line.) Triple Jump is pretty freaking sweet. 100m Freestyle Swimming was a bit baffling. I think it was rhythm-based? Boxing is kind of a neat take, focusing on countering and sidestepping. I'm not sure if it would actually have any depth, though, in the long term. Equestrian is pretty badass, with a nice risk/reward of going fast/turning smoothly. Rhythmic Gymnastics is kind of a neat rhythm mini-game. The 4x100m Relay is a neat interpretation, focusing on smooth handoffs and snap reflexes. Javelin Throw is slick, because how could it not be? Archery is totally off-the-wall, with moving and flipping targets. I kind of wish that it used motion, though. And Table Tennis is kind of decent, but has a bit too much emphasis on how early you start 'charging' your shot (like Mario Tennis).

So, yeah. Mario. Sonic. Rio. Olympics.


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