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F-Zero GX Discussion (Nintendo Gamecube) [game]
9.16/10 from 58 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for F-Zero GX on the GCN!

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Posted: 01/19/16, 02:01:56  - Edited by 
 on: 01/19/16, 02:02:10
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Start on the easiest difficulty for races, stay there as long as you need to.
Beastman is awesome. Well, his vehicle is, anyway.
Story mode is wayyyyyy hard and should probably be attempted only once you get good at races.
Uh... learn to use the double shoulder button super tight turn move... you will need it a lot.
Posted: 01/19/16, 02:19:11
Great game, amazing visuals and speed...but I sucked at it SO MUCH. I ended up trading it towards my gold Zelda GBA SP.

One of the friends I made a few years later was lamenting about how much he loved F-Zero. When he found out I had the GC version and sold it, he was livid. Apparently a new F-Zero is the one game that will convince him to get a WiiU
Posted: 01/19/16, 02:24:10
@Shadowlink Tell him about FAST Racing Neo.
Posted: 01/19/16, 02:26:43
Zero said:
Uh... learn to use the double shoulder button super tight turn move... you will need it a lot.

So it looks like just the control stick is for regular curves, the shoulder button is for tighter turns, and double shoulder button is for ~90 degree turns? And then it looks like there are a few other even more advanced moves too. Are those necessary?
Posted: 01/19/16, 03:14:03
I don't remember the more advanced moves, what are they?!
Posted: 01/19/16, 03:30:59
Posted: 01/19/16, 04:49:06
@Secret_Tunnel Hmm. Some of that doesn't seem familiar, but maybe it's stuff you just do without thinking.
Posted: 01/19/16, 04:54:12
I don't think that you really NEED those advanced manuevers, to be honest. Shoulder button turns and offensive moves were enough to get me by.

Do you mean Level 1 of Story Mode, by the way? Story Mode is a real bitch. It's easily the hardest part of the game. It may seem impossible, but it isn't. You just have to figure out the strategy and then execute it perfectly. When you do play it, take each level one at a time, start on Easy, and then proceed to Medium and Hard during the first play session. But I wouldn't advise starting with Story Mode.

Start by beating some GPs. Find a car that you like and a difficulty that seems doable, and just start winning some cups. If you're having trouble, look up some custom car combos, because some of them totally break GP mode and make the challenge trivial. Assassinating people is also a good way to ensure victory. Look for choke points and spin, spin, spin. I almost always had more than a hundred point lead by the last track of the cup, basically guaranteeing victory if I kept from exploding. The reason is because Amusement Vision didn't use Nintendo's standard cheat-y AI, whereby the computer player who currently has the highest standings will ALWAYS perform best. So the GP Mode of F-Zero X was actually much harder, for various reasons.

Anyway, master the GPs, sprinkle in some Death Races and Time Trials (these can also be completely broken, Mario Kart DS-style), and then play Story Mode last.

I'd advise not looking up those exploits unless you're having serious problems. They kind of ruin the fun.

Also, multiplayer will never, ever be fun, because every single person you try to play will be either way worse or way better than you (a la Wave Race: Blue Storm, the other most inaccessible Nintendo multiplayer game).
Posted: 01/24/16, 00:48:54  - Edited by 
 on: 01/24/16, 00:50:07
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