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SteamWorld Heist Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]
SteamWorld Heist on the 3DS
9.15/10 from 8 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for SteamWorld Heist on the 3DS!

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SteamWorld Heist Review (Nintendo 3DS) (9.6)  by  

Image & Form's newest game, SteamWorld Heist is coming to the 3DS next week! As a huge fan of SteamWorld Dig, the excitement is in the air. I hope to have a review up by launch as I've been lucky enough to receive a review copy. I can't speak on the actual game until then, so I hope this thread can be used for everyone else's hopes for the title. Who is picking this up at launch?

Release Trailer

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12/04/15, 06:24    Edited: 12/09/15, 06:01
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Picking this up day one to support Image & Form and of course the discount and free theme helps... but I have no idea when I'll actually play it!
12/04/15, 06:30   
This game looks fantastic. I still haven't played SteamWorld Dig, but this series is definitely on my radar.
12/04/15, 20:31   
Yeah, I'm likely to pick this up next week. This and FAST: Racing League Neo are gunning for my wallet next week!
12/05/15, 00:08   
Well, the game releases Thursday! My review will go live tomorrow once the embargo lifts. In the meantime, I'll share this particular music video and maybe later you'll make the connection.

Oh and they released a Release Trailer today (added here and in the OP).

12/09/15, 06:00   
C'mon Fink - it's the 9th already. I've been up for hours waiting on a review to break!
Lay it on us, brother.
12/09/15, 14:52   

I've got an hour to go. I'm working but I'll try to post it from my phone so it's live ASAP.
12/09/15, 16:09   

Pretty neat to have these guys represented in the game and this song is apparently in it!
12/09/15, 16:49   

Indeed. I thought it was unique to have actual vocals at times but then I realized who this band was and I'll be listening to them here at work today. I gage them a listen last night and I'm liking their unique style.
12/09/15, 17:07   

Wow! Those guys are pretty impressive and had never heard of them. Interesting that they fit with this game so well.
12/10/15, 06:01   
Okay this game is really fun! Very satisfying to pull off trick head shots as Piper using a sniper gun. Bounced off of 2 walls and like 2 barrels to one shot kill an enemy that would've been troublesome had I missed. Already have a few extra party members too and completed one of the optional challenges. Doesn't seem TOO hard yet but also started on the middle difficulty. Thankfully you can change it whenever though.

Oh and that music... Love it!

(Is anyone else having trouble with the forum? Loading very slowly for me.)
12/10/15, 22:11   
Edited: 12/10/15, 22:12
So. Good.

12/10/15, 23:37   

Wait till you hit the first bar. I'm wasting time just staying in there listening to the music
12/10/15, 23:47   
OMG so excited. Image and Form are so amazing, they're like the best relatively unknown developer in the world. Hopefully this game will put them on the map! I mean Dig sorta put them on the map, but not a ton of people played it, hopefully this will reach a wider audience.
12/10/15, 23:56   

I like their open letter to fans

It really shows their determination on wanting to make this game stand out. I gotta agree though that labeling games as being "indie" should go away. It's unfortunate but there's people out there that as soon as they hear indie, they immediately discredit the game as not being worth their time. It also hurts devs I'm sure during the awards season where you have smaller games have their own category. Why can't they compete with these "AAA" titles? A fun game can be fun regardless of who makes it or what people perceive them as and they can certainly crush the teams with all the money in the world to fund their project.
12/11/15, 00:33   
Totally agree, indie doesn't really mean anything anyway, and no one really cares if a game is made by one person or a team of thousands, they just want to have fun!

I&F said:
We know we've made one of the best games this year
Love it!

EDIT: OMG it's so good, the art is so good, the sound is incredible, the music's amazing, the gameplay is satisfying. It's blowing away my expectations and my expectations were already super high. Wow.
12/11/15, 00:38   
Edited: 12/11/15, 00:57
Ooooh, got another song in the bar from Steam Powered Giraffe! I love this version!
12/11/15, 01:17   

I like this letter too. Good form.

I'm hoping I get an eShop card from someone for Christmas. I've decided it'll go to this before any more Picrites!
12/11/15, 03:48   
Oh wait, THIS is the discussion thread for this game!
12/11/15, 23:00   
Oh oops, I just realized I posted my other post in the wrong thread. Well first boss beaten, yadda yaddda yadda, awesome game

EDIT: Also I just found a Unicorn Slayer gun which pierces targets. Sally is a MONSTER with this gun. I took out, by accident, 3 targets in a single turn. I was aiming for one but then it pierced, ricocheted off of the walls then hit another and one shot killed him then pierced him, bounced off another wall and killed another. I just burst out laughing. Then she also as this "Kill Shot" ability that lets her shoot a second time after killing someone. I shot again and accidentally killed two targets Whoops.
12/11/15, 23:03   
Edited: 12/11/15, 23:40

That's awesome! I love when a shot hits targets you didn't intend to, but is totally beneficial to you and your crew! That's BOSS.
12/11/15, 23:54   
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