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BOXBOY! Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]
BOXBOY! on the 3DS
8.42/10 from 12 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for BOXBOY! on the 3DS!

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Check out BOXBOY!, the new puzzle game from the makers of Kirby.
Create boxes to navigate and shield your boxy hero, Qbby.
You'll unlock block costumes along the way: some of them even make you move faster, jump higher,
and look as much like a ninja block as you feel on the inside.

"Life's goooooood, when you're a ninja block " -- Bill Trinen

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Posted: 11/30/15, 22:42:46  - Edited by 
 on: 11/30/15, 22:49:49
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BOXBOY! (official spelling) was on discount for a piddling $3.50 last week, and I noticed a few folks here picked it up during the sale. So I figure this is as good a time as any to make a game thread!

I bought the game when it launched earlier this year and loved it. I'm 99% sure I completed it 100%, in about a dozen hours or so. It could very well be my Nintendo GOTY for 2015.

Anyone playing this bargain bin brain-buster lately?
Posted: 11/30/15, 22:43:44
Not yet, but I will definitely pick it up this week.
Posted: 11/30/15, 23:16:18
I picked up this game during the sale. I'm currently in world 8 but I haven't been all that challenged. Don't get me wrong, its a really cool concept but...is this it? I need that near rage inducing experience to feel like I have achieved something.

Maybe I should go see a counselor.
Posted: 12/01/15, 03:21:02
@Abdooooo It does take a while to get challenging, but it can get stumpy in the extra worlds for sure.
Posted: 12/01/15, 03:45:47  - Edited by 
 on: 12/01/15, 03:45:59
I can't believe this thread hadn't been made yet. What a great game. I 100%ed it back at launch. Glad to see others are playing it.
Posted: 12/01/15, 03:52:38
I thought it was pretty good. It keeps introducing new ideas throughout the whole game too, which should be more common but feels like a rarity.
Posted: 12/01/15, 05:13:00
Enjoying this one. My only issue is the lack of colour. The grrayscale style works but I can't help but wish it had some colour to it.
Posted: 12/01/15, 21:59:44
That's good that it has extra stages. I look forward to those!

I had the same thought about the lack of color. It'd be cool if they gave you the ability to color certain assets of the game yourself after each world is beaten. It would make it look like you're bringing the world around you back to life. At the end of the day it's not a big deal. The puzzles and clean art style go a long way.
Posted: 12/03/15, 14:21:10
It took me a little while to warm up to it. BOXBOY! has that Nintendo-puzzle-game problem of having a really slow start/tutorial. I could only stomach 1-2 levels at a time as the game had me do the most basic and obvious stuff.

I finally powered through the introductory levels while waiting for a routine medical exam, and I'm glad I did. The game keeps introducing new challenges that have you discover and use moves and mechanics you didn't know were in the game. It's really impressive.

I also didn't expect how weirdly satisfying hooking onto a ledge by creating an upside-down L, and pulling yourself up to it, would be. Boxboy is the goddamn Spider-Man!
Posted: 12/08/15, 18:18:38
The slow start is kind of a mixed blessing I guess, 'cause even though it might seem basic and obvious to us, I think many younger gamers might need the extra time to grasp stuff. For instance, my nephew seemed interested but also intimidated by the game when he watched me play some of the levels from mid game, but when he finally tried the demo and realized he could figure out the earlier levels on his own his confidence grew to the point where he wanted to buy the game himself, and he usually hates games that force him to think.
Posted: 12/08/15, 18:23:41

Oh yeah, I'm all for easing newcomers in. I just think levels showing the basics should always be skippable. In BOXBOY!, they're not. Or in something like Nintendo's Picross titles, you have to play the easy levels in order to unlock the harder content. It's a drag.
Posted: 12/08/15, 18:28:45
Ah, I see. Fair enough, that might be something they could apply to most of their games.
Posted: 12/08/15, 18:30:55
This game is very good.
Posted: 12/08/15, 19:19:13
Yep, enjoying this one in little bursts here and there. Still on the introductory levels I think.
Posted: 12/08/15, 20:08:44

Agreed. I stand corrected. I finally got through a bunch of the levels and now the new ideas and challenge are winning me over.
Posted: 12/09/15, 00:00:10
Ha! W13 (tetris, kinda) is so unexpected and so cool, I love it! The inventiveness on display here is seriously impressive.
Posted: 12/09/15, 22:34:57
And the credits roll!

Fantastic little game. The road to the credits was pretty much frustration-free. The game never has you repeat the same steps over and over thanks to checkpoints after literally every puzzle, and does a great job teaching you how to solve the puzzles through the level design. And if one puzzle stumps you, you can always use a hint, which I did, once.
Posted: 12/14/15, 19:27:47
Glad to see more people enjoying Boxboy. I was a little surprised that so few of us caught it at launch.

Qbby for Smash!

Posted: 12/14/15, 21:10:22
Just beat the game. I liked the game but felt a bit bored by the end. Instead of having to come up with smart solutions I felt like I was just throwing stuff out there too see what worked. I don't know if it was the game's fault or my own but either way I have zero interest in the levels that unlocked after seeing credits. At least not right now.
Posted: 12/21/15, 01:54:45
Posted: 01/06/16, 04:08:22
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