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Rodea the Sky Soldier Discussion (Nintendo Wii) [game]
6/10 from one rating

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Rodea the Sky Soldier on the Wii!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

Ladies and gentlemen, your Nintendo Wii Game of the Year for 2015...or is it?!

It's also available on Wii U and 3DS, but don't you want to play it on the platform recommended by the game's creator?

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Posted: 11/11/15, 02:49:19  - Edited by 
 on: 11/12/15, 01:32:00
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After a long and bizarre development history, Rodea The Sky Soldier exists, and I have it!

I played the Wii version for about an hour, and it's pretty fun. Point at stuff and press B to zoom toward it, press A for attacks (usually a Sonic-style spin attack if you hold A, sometimes you also get a gun you can tap A to rapid-fire). Levels are pretty big, with plenty of landmass to check out, although you'll only find 2D-style bonus rooms or little collectable medals (not sure if these actually buy/earn you anything). Otherwise there's usually a pretty straightforward rush-path to the goal, though sometimes you need to stop and deactivate some traps or kill some enemies to progress.

The camera can be a bit of a hassle, as you turn it by putting the IR reticle in the sides/corners of the screen. An option to use the nunchuk for this would be nice. But it rarely gets in the way that much.
Posted: 11/11/15, 02:50:48  - Edited by 
 on: 11/11/15, 02:51:55
Posted: 11/11/15, 02:53:12
I'm gonna try to get some in tonight. I rarely "get to" open games and play them on the days they come out anymore. Well, scratch that, I just did that with Guitar Hero and Mario, SO NEVERMIND.

Do you plan on playing the Wii U version AFTER the Wii version?
Posted: 11/11/15, 02:55:01
Sounds like this game is actually best on the Wii? Because it was built for Wii controls yet doesn't have that option on the Wii U? (Or 3DS for that matter.)
Posted: 11/11/15, 03:19:09

@Mr_Mustache I don't know. I think I might give the Wii U version a shot tonight, just to see what the differences are at this early stage.

@Zero Can't say myself yet, but I know someone who seems to prefer the Wii version...

Posted: 11/11/15, 03:32:15
I can't wait to contribute to this thread when I finally get to play the game after Christmas!
Posted: 11/11/15, 07:00:54
Picked these up yesterday:

It's been a while since I've played a Wii game. Or a Wii U game! Can't even remember last time I even turned the thing on. Unfortunately for the lonely console, it'll have to wait since I'm out of town for the next few days. Guess I'll have to "slum it" with the 3DS version for a while...

EDIT: Ha, I went to add these games to my "Collection" on Negative World, and while I was easily able to do so for the Wii/WiiU versions, the 3DS version was mysteriously absent from the Database. I was confused why, until I saw who actually updated the Database with Rodea the Sky Soldier...Mr_Mustache...!

OF COURSE he'd "forget" to add the 3DS version...!
Posted: 11/11/15, 19:32:46  - Edited by 
 on: 11/11/15, 19:40:41
Played the Wii U version for a bit. It's definitely clunkier than the Wii game to me, but it's not bad. The differences are very minor, but there's a lot more of them than I expected. Not enough for me to play through the game on each system, though, so I'll stick to the Naka-endorsed version on Wii.
Posted: 11/11/15, 23:28:11

I didn't forget, I said I didn't do it! In the other threeeeead! (And then you just copied what I wrote, even though I didn't really like it!)


Noted. Cool! (Do we know how long the game is supposed to be? Is there any "reward" for playing through the game twice, ie: NewGame+? If there isn't, I'll try to get two runs in, one for each.)
Posted: 11/12/15, 00:50:00
@Mr_Mustache From Destructoid's review of the Wii U version:

"This is a decently long affair, with over 25 levels, upgrades to purchase, and even a secret shop with extras like an additional mode. You can expect anywhere from 15-30 hours once everything is said and done. You rarely see things like this outside of DLC, so it's refreshing that the game feels so feature complete, even if it technically has three different versions in the end."

The mentioned purchaseable upgrades and secret shop are not in the Wii version, I'm pretty sure.
Posted: 11/12/15, 01:21:47

I was too lazy to write up something of my own, so I just served up a delicious plate of copy-pasta. What you wrote was good, I think. We're not writing books when it comes to those little game-describing blurbs, so anything is good, I think.

You purposely chose not to add the 3DS version. That...that's....that's just....I mean....
Posted: 11/12/15, 01:27:43  - Edited by 
 on: 11/12/15, 01:28:03

YES, everything I do on here is either RACIST or SEXIST. Just ask a small handful of people!
Posted: 11/12/15, 01:29:13

Why not both?
Posted: 11/12/15, 01:31:59

Oh, semantics. Its usually both, sorry.
Posted: 11/12/15, 22:36:44
So anyway, got to put some time into the 3DS version today. The controls definitely took some getting used to. It's pretty clear this was always meant to be a Wii title. Still, once I kinda got it, I was zipping around the sky and defeating enemies fairly easily. Passed the first stage or so before I saved and quit.

The game looks decent, though it's clearly not pushing the 3DS hardware at all. I didn't notice any frame rate hiccups yet - though one of the FMV cutscenes did skip (or seemed to) for no apparent reason. Thankfully it was just a movie and not actual gameplay. If something happened like that during the action, I might rage, lulz.

Controls are weird but manageable, graphics are okay-ish. Music so far is great. Voice acting is...boiler-plate, generic anime stuff. Good or bad, depending on your taste/tolerance.

I may post more impressions as I dig deeper.
Posted: 11/13/15, 00:01:30  - Edited by 
 on: 11/13/15, 00:02:20
Played the first two chapters. I think I enjoy it, although I'm not sure the motion controls work at all, as far as I'm concerned I just press B and Rodea randomly picks an angle for his flight arc.

Tried to collect every medal in the first chapter, missed the middle one, and I think I'm not going to get out of my way to get them for the rest of the game. On-foot and camera controls don't make exploring every nook and cranny all that fun.

But the flight stuff feels pretty good. Stringing one jump after the other is pretty fun, so far. Great sense of speed when you're flying, too.
Posted: 11/13/15, 08:01:43
I think more games should focus on the joy of flight. Flying's pretty cool!
Posted: 11/13/15, 16:25:54

I concur. Fancy flying in particular. I got a lot of mileage out of Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance's "FlowMotion" mechanic. Zipping around Traverse Town mid-air and spinning around street lamps was an absolute blast. Wish more games did stuff like that...!
Posted: 11/14/15, 02:47:57
Anand said:
I think more games should focus on the joy of flight. Flying's pretty cool!

Pilotwings Resort. Most underrated game I've ever played. Magical game.
Posted: 11/14/15, 08:18:21
I love it when games have more movement mechanics than you actually need. It really enhances the sense of 'play' in something like Mario Sunshine or even Mega Man Zero (where you can essentially ice skate through the levels).

Yeah, it was a fun game. I'm not sure why people thought it compared unfavorably to the previous games in the series.

I should go back and try it again with super-stable 3D.

I feel like the conditions for the final unlock were pretty unfair, though. Did you 100% it?
Posted: 11/15/15, 19:34:56  - Edited by 
 on: 11/15/15, 19:35:24
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