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The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX Discussion (Nintendo Game Boy Color) [game]
9.51/10 from 56 user ratings

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The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX (Nintendo Game Boy Color) Review (10.0)  by  


Hang on, was there seriously no thread for this game? (or the regular version for that matter)? What the heck guys?

But you know what, I'll look past that, we're just going to sit down and get cracking on this amazing game.

Link's Awakening is a bizarre game in the Zelda franchise. In some ways it feels like it lands somewhere between the original and A Link to The Past, with how the game retains the original game's style of scrolling between areas of the map and in other ways it feels like a bizarre half step between Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time with features like fishing and trade quests (And Cojiro) originating from this game.

But Link's Awakening is it's own unique game, with it's own unique setting and a storyline that, while simple, evolves into a morally ambiguous dilemma that makes it extremely ironic that this game originally came out on the original black and white Gameboy.

This game is so brilliant that someone went through the entire soundtrack, made a brilliant orchestrated soundtrack, and spliced it into a playthrough of the game.

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Posted: 09/05/15, 05:29:13  - Edited by 
 on: 03/08/16, 07:29:11
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pokepal148 said:
Hang on, was there seriously no thread for this game? (or the regular version for that matter)? What the heck guys?

Starting it off swimmingly… lol. Unless you have some monumentous post to share.

This was a great game though. The DX version added some nice upgrades. I enjoy the simple but fun color dungeon.
Posted: 09/05/15, 05:34:35
Link's Awakening is an incredible game and just might be the best handheld title ever (although depending on what day you ask me, sometimes I pick Mother 3 for the top spot). Every Zelda fan needs to play this masterpiece!
Posted: 09/05/15, 05:36:05
@DrFinkelstein it's coming, I'll probably be adding to it soon enough, in fact where's that jazz medley I know of....? There's a start.
Posted: 09/05/15, 05:39:16  - Edited by 
 on: 09/05/15, 05:51:47
I planned on jumping into this after I finish up Minish Cap on 3DS. Unfortunately, all three GBC zelda games are the only games in the series I never beat. I feel like it is something I need to do...
Posted: 09/05/15, 13:52:39

At the very least, go through Link's Awakening! Amazing game is amazing. My personal favorite of the entire franchise.
Posted: 09/05/15, 19:23:26
@GameDadGrant I owned it on my gameboy pocket when I was a kid. I had a house fire a few months after that happened. My copy of the game was destroyed but I had my gameboy with pokemon blue with me at school at the time. I got really far as a kid. I tried again when it came to 3DS, but I was extremely busy with student teaching at that time. I do plan on getting to it. I really wish they would remake those gameboy games using the ALBW engine. Would be glorious.
Posted: 09/05/15, 20:42:50

Can't argue that. I hope you find the time to get around to playing it, though. It's great.
Posted: 09/05/15, 21:41:10
My first Zelda that I owned and subsequently got into. Third favorite overall.

Much to my great shame I didn't beat the game honest until after a few play throughs because I liked to use the glitch cheat too much.
Posted: 09/06/15, 23:19:04  - Edited by 
 on: 09/06/15, 23:24:19
chrisbg99 said:
My first Zelda that I owned and subsequently got into. Third favorite overall.

Masturbation change to my great shame I didn't beat the game honest until after a foreplay throughs because I liked to use the glitch cheat too much.
Yes, masturbation can often change into great shame...

Gotta love autocorrect sometimes.
Posted: 09/06/15, 23:25:20  - Edited by 
 on: 09/06/15, 23:26:03
Crap I thought I got it in time.

And why all sexual?
Posted: 09/06/15, 23:28:05  - Edited by 
 on: 09/06/15, 23:29:32
Lol, sorry!

I suppose your phone is very Freudian in nature. It's a telefreud.
Posted: 09/06/15, 23:49:47
...Whoa. Freudian auto-correct.

And yeah, the screen-skipping cheat is extremely fun!
Posted: 09/07/15, 00:08:55
Screen-skipping cheat? I can't remember if I've heard of that one. Can it permanently mess up the game?
Posted: 09/07/15, 00:14:45
@Mop it up

In the original version while going from one screen to the next if you opened up the map while doing this all kind of weird things could happen. A video would be the best way to show you I suppose.

Posted: 09/07/15, 00:41:21
Yeah protip to help with item management: The shield is not useful enough in this game to merit having on a button on a regular basis (I generally use the Roc's Feather while traveling the overworld more then anything personally).
Posted: 09/11/15, 03:23:21
Hmm... so it looks like I can do up to two screenshots of Link's Awakening with that fancy Gameboy Color border in one line (provided I crop out the empty black space)
Posted: 09/11/15, 04:15:56
@chrisbg99 Ah, yeah, that does sound familiar now. If it doesn't work in the DX version then that would be why I forgot about it, since I couldn't try it out.
Posted: 09/12/15, 21:44:45
Posted: 02/19/16, 08:46:12
Oh I love finding stuff to add to the OP.

Also, I do have a no death playthrough of Link's Awakening going in the background (Which is not something I usually do, I never go for perfect endings.) LA is just such a good game to have a playthrough you can chip away at over time.
Posted: 03/08/16, 09:11:18
I was listening to Axe of the Blood God, USGamer.net's RPG podcast, in which they're discussing their Zelda game rankings. It made me really nostalgic for Link's Awakening, essentially my first Zelda game.

Someone on twitter found the EGM preview I mentioned poring over as a kid. Enjoy the weird item selection screen featuring a dog? fox? wolf? face to represent an ocarina tune!

Posted: 03/16/16, 22:08:41
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