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LEGO Jurassic World Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]

Welcome to the official discussion thread for LEGO Jurassic World on the Wii U!

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Been waiting to see Jurassic World before firing this thing up, and after seeing it last night, I've broken the seal and dove in with two feet. All I can say so far is "WOW," and it's far better than I expected it to be. Unbelievably faithful to the Jurassic Park film series.

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Posted: 07/14/15, 00:37:46  - Edited by 
 on: 07/14/15, 00:39:27
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I was wondering how this one held up. Pretty good so far? Good to hear. Glad it's faithful to the source material. With less blood 'n guts though, I presume.
Posted: 07/14/15, 00:41:37
So yeah, saw Jurassic World last night in 3D, and tore into this thing a few hours later at home. A quick 5% completion review for you:

As mentioned above, I was not prepared for how faithful the game would be to the movies. Sure, I thought there would be certain situations that would harken back to the movies, but I definitely didn't expect the game to open up with an unseen raptor in a cage, being moved somewhere at the expense of a guy with a shock stick, on the receiving end of orders barked by Robert Muldoon. I'm enthralled with this stuff, things that made me go "OH YEAH!," forgetting about them in the movie. Right after that part, you move onto the dig site, and am I really hearing audio pulled from the movie as Alan Grant walks around? "SHUT IT DOWN!" he yells to a helicopter. Are you kidding me? This is awesome.

Then, my brain started running; "oh my gosh, are we going to hear __________!?" Short answer: YES!
Everything I've held out for hoping has happened so far, and I'm up to the point where Ellie Satler and Muldoon head out into the dark to try to power the generators back on while John Hammond and Ian Malcolm read her directions on a blueprint over a walkie talkie.

Sure, there is the other LEGO stuff which is exciting for some or pitfalls for others, as every piece of the environment that looks like LEGOs is fully breakable or interactive. I keep getting "True Survivor" ranks which seem controlled by how many bricks you gather, so I guess I'm either a) doing something right, or b) collecting everything I can. And I can tell you that diving into a pile of poop with Ellie and then controlling a now-healthy Triceratops is awesome. Brilliant!

Now a question for you guys: how exactly would Free Play work? I've only had the "story" stuff on so far, but I'm afraid to pick "Free Play." Do I get to use Muldoon in a place where I couldn't use him before? I ask, because thats what I need to do with a lot of stuff. He has a gun that reaches ranged things that others can't. Also, some folks can go in dark places (Tim's nightvision goggles, or Ian's flare -- OF COURSE!!), and I didn't have access to them at all in the past.

I've spent about 5 hours playing so far, and then chapters are pretty lengthy. I had talked to a girl at GameStop about it before, and she told me that there was a hub world and you could play whatever you want to whenever..but that hasn't been my experience, so I'm not sure what she was talking about. It's been 100% Jurassic World (1) for me so far.



Yeah, I was wondering how they'd get around that stuff. The first guy that dies in the movies: instead of getting his arm caught in a raptor cage its actually a GIANT piece of LEGO sausage that he's eating. Another time a guy falls in the raptor pens and comes up just in his undies, but alright otherwise. The lawyer on the toilet is gobbled up in one bit, while doing something funny in his final moment, too.

It's a bunch of fun, while being a little to "open" in some areas. I've been straying from where I'm supposed to go, but I haven't been rewarded too much for doing that. I've found SOME things that weren't on the beaten path, but I probably would've come across them later in the game no problem. Its not like I'm finding a Varia Suit out there so I can go somewhere I couldn't go before, but I'm getting some heavy Gold Blocks before I would've otherwise. I'm probably hurting myself more than I am helping, though I've already got like half a million bricks (points? coins?) to my credit.
Posted: 07/14/15, 00:48:39  - Edited by 
 on: 07/14/15, 00:53:46
Finished the Jurassic Park (1) stretch of the Story Mode last night. Pretty intense, man. And I said that the game was pretty faithful to the movie, but after I completed one section earlier, the dominoes fell pretty quick. Is that how the movie really goes? I can't remember! I know that Tim getting electrocuted off the fence was NOT in the game, so maybe there was some more stuff around there. The whole kitchen shabang was there.

Ran around the park some more doing odds and ends. I've got like all of the JP1 guys unlocked (with the exception of Samuel L. Jackson; he's currently in some dino-peril that I can't seem to fix...), and not one but TWO skins for Dennis Nedry. YES! I still gotta go back and Free Play some of the missions, but missing out on JW Owen's Bolt Cutters makes a big difference. I see his LEGO mug pop up everywhere when I can't do something. BLAH.

Took down a squad of Compy's earlier, and the game zoomed over as if I was supposed to see something / I unlocked something..and nothing was there! I was totally confused, and the only thing I can imagine is that I got the prize without triggering the initial attack the first time. Quite vexing.

I plan on starting JP2 tonight (I think I just have to hop on a chopper at the helipad, and away we go..?). I took a quick monorail to the JW side of things last night, and I was curing my own name the whole time. I did "exit" and "everything will be lost? YES" so hopefully it'll be fresh as a newborn deer when I get back in there at the appropriate time.

Anyone else going to get it?
Posted: 07/16/15, 00:29:41
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