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Tokyo Mirage Session #FE Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
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Welcome to the official discussion thread for Tokyo Mirage Session #FE on the Wii U!

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I've never played a Persona or SMT game, and I've only ever played one Fire Emblem game (too scarce or expensive too soon after release!). So, when I saw the initial trailers for this game, I was perhaps even more confused than most people. However, I was a little intrigued. I loved that it had a bright, colorful world and a generally happy vibe. I liked that the "dark" elements seemed "dark" in the way that Kingdom Hearts handles evil. Still, it was very difficult to get a sense for what the game was about and how it played.

Yesterday I watched the Treehouse Live coverage of the game and I was blown away!! It looks so fun! I love the creativity. I love how different it is but also familiar if you have been a fan of anime or just Japanese pop culture in general. I love that there is a central theme surrounding "performa," the life energy that fuels artistic performances like singing, playing music, dancing and acting. So cool!

I love how the world looks complex but simple to navigate and understand. I love how the art style is outlandishly cute and colorful but doesn't feel the need to lean on chibi/SD styles to do it.

For a little while, Kingdom Hearts was my favorite game; this is giving me a similar vibe in all the best ways. After yesterday's treehouse demo, this game rose to my top game of E3. Other games will likely be better made and .... make more sense. =P But, in terms of something that is new (at least to me) and still looks like a deep, legitimate effort? I'm very excited! The pessimist in me feels like now that I'm so interested they are going to cancel the localization. Because frankly, I can't believe a game whose central theme is something so fun and non-threatening like becoming a JPOP idol or an actor is coming to the west. Add in the stylish battle segments and cool mystical transformations and the ability to increase affinity between characters (that's in FE too, right?) and I find it super, super enticing!

... how alone am I in my excitement for this simultaneously wacky yet grounded game?

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Posted: 06/18/15, 20:14:07  - Edited by 
 on: 06/18/15, 20:30:23
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I'm not going to watch a 45 minute video but anything SMT or FE gets interest from me.
Posted: 06/18/15, 20:29:03
I was really not feeling the first couple of trailers we got for this game. But after seeing the Treehouse footage, I'm interested again. It looks like Persona with (kinda ugly) Fire Emblem redesigns. And I enjoyed Persona 4 well enough, so I'll definitely keep my eye on this.
Posted: 06/18/15, 20:37:16
I, too, am now avoiding the video as I don't want anything spoiled. Something within the first 10 minutes already made me go "oh! Didn't expect that to happen!" Those are the kinds of things that I like to experience when I'm PLAYING it.

And I asked in the Fanservice thread: is this CONFIRMED for an NA release? Nintendo scares me now.
Posted: 06/18/15, 20:37:45
Which FE characters have we seen in the game so far and which games are they from?

The only one I recognize by name is Chrom which I believe is from Awakening.

Mr_Mustache said:
... is this CONFIRMED for an NA release? Nintendo scares me now.

ahhh, you're scaring me too! It is listed on that image which I assumed was made by Nintendo, but, maybe isn't? Lemme go find it...
Posted: 06/18/15, 20:38:35  - Edited by 
 on: 06/18/15, 20:41:29
NinSage said:
Which FE characters have we seen in the game so far and which games are they from?

The only one I recognize by name is Chrom which I believe is from Awakening.

I didnt' see anybody that I have personally played with, so it looks like they're post-Radiance. I thought somebody said there was a character from well before the Radiance line, too.
Posted: 06/18/15, 20:44:16
Yea, here it is.

See, right there in 2016. So official it doesn't even need a logo! But, I'm hoping that is only because it will likely get a name change before localization and thus a new logo at that time.
Posted: 06/18/15, 20:49:16

Caeda, Tiki, and Cain have been shown and they all date back to the NES days of the series. Gangrel and Chrom from Fire Emblem: Awakening also make an appearance, while the enigmatic Anna, who appears in many Fire Emblem games, makes a cameo in the Treehouse footage.
Posted: 06/18/15, 20:50:50  - Edited by 
 on: 06/18/15, 20:51:36

Sweet. Thanks, pal. You always come through for me.
Posted: 06/18/15, 20:58:36
I think even if not official it is pretty likely this is coming West considering how they keep showing it at E3.
Posted: 06/18/15, 21:22:56

I would hope so. =\ The closer I look the more things I find appealing about the game. I'm reminded of elements from the Macross series like the music and war overlap, plus "perfoma" instead of "spiritia." I'm even seeing some Dragon Quest flavor in terms of the tone and some of the funnier classes from that series.
Posted: 06/18/15, 21:34:00

You're welcome!

Your thoughts on this game mostly align with my own, and I think you did a good job explaining its appeal. I'm surprised and glad that crossing Fire Emblem with Shin Megami Tensei has led to an RPG that looks so imaginative. It gives off a vibe that isn't strongly Fire Emblem or Shin Megami Tensei, but instead something different and awesome that is only possible by blending the two.
Posted: 06/18/15, 22:42:05  - Edited by 
 on: 06/18/15, 23:34:57
Knowing that the two RPG houses with heavy emphasis on good writing in RPGs are working together, already made a good impression on me, even before any "real information" surfaced. Once bits of info started popping up, it was pretty much as I had guessed. They were making a traditional RPG, not a Devil Survivor, not a super-hardcore Fire Emblem, but the kind of game that gamers have been asking for for the Wii and Wii U for a long time. Turn-based, Japanese RPG, with the elements that make those genres widely acclaimed, with a focus on garnering interest in SMT and Fire Emblem.
Posted: 06/19/15, 12:46:22
@Dark Weres

Now I can just hold out for Ogre Battle X Fire Emblem. HO MAN.
Posted: 06/19/15, 19:40:30
I'm definitely looking forward to this game. Hopefully it comes out fairly early in 2016. Although I guess if doesn't then Xenoblade will keep me busy enough.
Posted: 06/19/15, 21:48:47
@Mr_Mustache Nintendo would have to find and hire up Yasumi Matsuno. Square Enix absorbed Quest and killed any chance the Ogre Battle Saga had of continuing, and the mind behind the franchise has gone his own ways.
Posted: 06/20/15, 08:19:25
Main story will be "around 30 hours". Side content will be about another 30 hours.

And it sounds like the Fire Emblem characters appearing in this game will all be from FE Shadow Dragon (the Marth game) or FE Awakening. Better luck next time, Ike.
Posted: 07/07/15, 16:28:34
No Sotheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?

Posted: 07/07/15, 20:16:04  - Edited by 
 on: 07/07/15, 20:16:18
nate38 said:
And it sounds like the Fire Emblem characters appearing in this game will all be from FE Shadow Dragon (the Marth game) or FE Awakening. Better luck next time, Ike.

He'll get no sympathy from me.
Posted: 07/07/15, 20:49:06
@Zero I like how Ike and Sothe look about ten years older in Radiant Dawn, while everyone else looks exactly the same as they did in Path of Radiance.
Posted: 07/07/15, 21:12:21
GameDadGrant said:

He'll get no sympathy from me.

LOLOLOLOL Well done, sir. Well done.
Posted: 07/08/15, 00:07:30
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