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Star Fox Zero Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
7.54/10 from 9 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Star Fox Zero on the Wii U!

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Star Fox Zero is out! And apparently we had a thread about it for like a year now!

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Posted: 06/18/15, 13:08:25  - Edited by 
 on: 04/23/16, 05:58:56
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So I guess Stephen made a discussion thread for the game like a year ago?
Posted: 04/23/16, 06:00:24
Well I suppose we missed it because everyone ended up using Carlosrox's pre-release thread. Well alright. This came in today but I have been busy playing Splatoon or doing other stuff. I'll try it tomorrow in between Splatfest moments!
Posted: 04/23/16, 06:06:36
Nah we missed it because Stephen made it like a year ago for some reason, lol.
Posted: 04/23/16, 06:07:14
I am a huge StarFox fan. Ever since the SNES game, I have enjoyed every game that has released (to different degrees).

I have played through one path of the game and beaten the final boss (I definitely didn't get the best path!), and I loved what I played! Well, minus a few things.

The controls take some getting used to! They do, they do, they do! BUT, now that I have played for a few hours, I like what this game offers! The level designs (that I've seen so far) are great, and the added challenges (defeat a number of enemies before a certain event and then fight an optional enemy, for example) keep the game fresh. Plus, the trademark branching paths are alive and kicking!
I played one Gyrocopter stage, and it was quite enjoyable! It played slowly, but it was a nice change of pace from the craziness that is the rest of the game.

My nitpicks are as follows:

1. The final boss sort of sucks. BLAH. I found it frustrating and had to try a few too many times. Now that I know it like the back of my hand I'm sure I can run through it like butter, but that doesn't excuse the strange camera angles and such. Actually, I have this complaint about some of the other bosses as well. Ah well.

2. We've seen this story before. I feel it is WAY too close to StarFox 64 in that regard. There are twists here and there, but a lot of the script is taken word-for-word (or paraphrased) from StarFox 64. It's funny because StarFox 64 was a reimagining of the SNES StarFox. Here we are again.

Anyhoo, I am going to try Uncle Grippy's game now! I'm on a StarFox high!
Posted: 04/23/16, 06:54:37
Posted: 04/23/16, 06:59:22  - Edited by 
 on: 04/25/16, 07:04:59
Omfg this game. The intro, the controls, the immersion. LOVE IT TWO LEVELS IN!!
Posted: 04/23/16, 10:20:30

Dell delivered this game today (along with a $15 coupon, to be used towards Planet Robobot or *gasp*... Federation Force), and I gave it a go.

Naturally, I dove right into Starfox Guard. No, seriously.

It's pretty fun! Every stage is kind of like a small, bite-sized heart attack. The Mr. Driller of tower defense games. The Dark Souls of Starfox games. (Not really.)

Starfox Guard is exactly what you would imagine it to be, solidly executed and surprisingly expansive. (Maybe it shouldn't be surprising, though, since they're charging $15 for the standalone eShop game.) I played through the first World, which comprised maybe... 10 or 12 levels? It's a classically Nintendo experience, in terms of being a fundamentally simple and intuitive concept which maintains freshness due to clever enemy and level design. Will that last until the end of the game? I dunno. Probably?

Like I said, it definitely keeps you on your toes. I only actually died once, on the boss, but it was certainly challenging. At least for solo play. Maybe it would get easier with a group. Each new bot type added a clever new wrinkle to the gameplay. New gadgets also unlocked as you 'leveled up', and mastery is encouraged through extra points for combos and perfect level clears. It's a very elegant little title. It has lots of cute little touches, as well. (Although the frog shaped robot that picks up your harvested metal at the end of each level was named Re:bot, when it actually SHOULD have been named Ri:bot. Like ribbit. To be honest, it's a huge missed opportunity.)

I also jumped "online" for a bit. I'm not sure if you guys know, but Starfox Guard actually features the ability to design stages (not actual stages, but enemy patterns in the existing stages) and challenge the stages of others. Not just friends, either (although that IS an option). There is actually a sort of persistent Mario Kart-esque online ranking system. It goes up when you beat other people's levels, and it goes down when people beat yours. I'm not sure if I like the implications of that, since it encourages the creation of crazy difficult levels, rather than fun challenges. But, honestly, who gives a fuck about their persistent Starfox Guard score? I'm kind of surprised that Nintendo even stuck that in there. But whatever.

The online mode actually has a nice, clean interface. Very simple to jump in and out, with a healthy amount of options. Good stuff! If one enjoyed the core experience, he could get a hell of a lot of time out of Starfox Guard.

I actually hate Tower Defence games, but I enjoyed Guard, due to the real-time shooting and switching aspect. I'm looking forward to trying it out with a group. (Specifically, I'm looking forward to watching other people fail at it while I beat their brows.)

Oh, yeah. Starfox Zero. I played some of that, too. I have to say, they really nailed all of the presentational elements. Music, graphics, the voice acting... the epic, bombastic, cartoon feel really put a grin on my face. It's hype! Starfox 64 really had a great, unique tone, and Starfox Zero hits it perfectly. I love all of the archetypal characters. The whole thing is just awesome space cheese.

Now, about those controls... the first thing that I did was jump into the tutorials, which I would recommend that you guys do, as well. Some of the vehicles do feel significantly different than others. The tutorials familiarized me with each vehicle and, honestly, they were just fun, since each one is somewhat of a score attack. I replayed a few just to beat my score. And to transform the vehicles back and forth, since it's SUPER-COOL. I also like how large the boost meter is now. It opens up your options and lets you play the game at your own pace.

I did feel like I got the hang of the controls just from going through the tutorials, but it wasn't quite that smooth when I started the game proper, with much more going on around me. On the other hand, it really wasn't that rough. I would never call it unplayable, or anything. I'm just not accustomed to the dual-screen thing, yet. Will I eventually prefer it? I dunno. I like some usages of it (like driveby-ing enemies), but it's definitely less intuitive. That said, you can actually ignore the second screen a lot of the time. I'm sure that, to maximize your score, you'll have to fully utilize the motion controls, but you can also hit some of those peripheral enemies by shooting from the hip (using motion control without actually looking at the screen), as well. It's tricky, though.

The level design seems pretty damned good so far. It seems like it'll be a great game to chase high scores in. Especially since you can jump around the completed levels as you like, instead of being forced to continue on the path to Venom. That's a nice change. There also seems to be a decent amount of depth to each level, with a (fairly reasonable) high score medal on each level, as well as hidden medals for completing other tasks. It's the kind of classic arcade design that we don't see much of these days.

It's freaking INTENSE, too. When I stopped playing, I felt battered and disoriented. In a good way. Kind of. I don't think anyone should still be worried about the game being sparse or lifeless.

As for the vehicles, they slowly become available (and even acquire new abilities) as you progress through the campaign. I was fine with the Walker was fine in the tutorial, but I did have a bit of trouble with it in the actual game. I probably just have to get used to switching vehicles, since the change in controls is a bit jarring. It's nice that most of the vehicles have a 'barrel roll'-type functionality, though. And I do think that the vehicle switching gives the mission design a nice amount of scope and variety.

From watching previews, I was most concerned about the Gyrocopter. It seemed like those stages might turn out to be very boring. After playing a few missions, I think they're... pretty neat. It's definitely the slowest vehicle, but it controls well, and the objectives in the Gyrocopter levels are quite different and unique. I mean, it's a helicopter. It feels exactly like a helicopter. But the levels are designed cleverly around its abilities and limitations. It feels like mastering those levels will be more about strategy than reflexes.

And that's all I got!! Overall, I'm enjoying the game, with all of its epic arcade thrills. Honestly, I don't understand the complaints about the overall structure and length of the game, since I feel that the arcadey design feels so refreshing in 2016. I've never even particularly thought of myself as a "Starfox fan", but I was so ready to play this game, and it has definitely delivered. I'm looking forward to slowly progressing though the title, mastering each level, and trying out co-op mode with my nephews.

Oh, and I wish the barrel roll controls were a bit simpler, since doin' a barrel roll is a good way to avoid getting shot up while you're looking at the second screen (which kind of happens a lot).

BONUS CONTENT: I forgot to mention the weird 3D audio thing from the gamepad. It's pretty cool. Immersive. I also think that the dogfights are very well done. All-range mode seems better than 64's, in general, although Sector Gamma was a bit frustrating. I died enough times to trigger the Golden Tanooki suit (but beat the level without it).
Posted: 04/23/16, 15:32:23
This game is Virtual Star Fox.

Fucking yes please. Splatoon in Space.
Posted: 04/24/16, 00:51:06
I played the first stage after having a few drinks.

I hope I'm never entrusted with piloting an Arwing in real life.
Posted: 04/25/16, 13:20:10
My first play through was rough. I didn't take the time to do the vehicle tutorials, and I was just struggling with the controls, especially the landmaster level (Titania) and ESPECIALLY during the boss fight. That, plus the Andross fight, left a bitter taste in my mouth.

But then I did the tutorials, and unlocked some of the alternate routes, and after playing a bunch of really good levels in succession, I think it's the strongest entry in the franchise to date. Fortuna especially was very pretty and fun to play, and the boss was pretty great.

And then (alternate route spoiler) the boss moves to the asteroid field and becomes one of the best and most memorable boss fights in a Star Fox game. Having to draw it out in front of the Great Fox's lasers? Brilliant!

So yeah, I love the game.
Posted: 04/25/16, 17:24:29
I can't wrap my head around the controls, I'm struggling and it's not fun. Hoping that it clicks if I keep playing but after like 2 hours of feeling frustrated and annoyed I'm wondering if this game just isn't for me, I'm not even sure which screen to be looking at at any given time.

The co-op mode where one person flies and the other guns might be more my speed. Something abou my brain is just really bad at multitasking and trying to play the same game on two screens at once is just too much.
Posted: 04/25/16, 18:43:16

Some things that help:

- The training missions
- Changing the motion controls so they recenter when you're not shooting or holding down ZR
- If two screens is too much, perhaps try to get into the habit of switching your view with Select
Posted: 04/25/16, 18:47:06

I fumbled though the tutorials but didn't really master them, I should go back and play them again. I think it's just a matter of time, I'm waiting for that moment where the controls just click and I'm playing the game, not thinking about what my hands are doing. I also think I need to figure out the best way to hold the gamepad so that I can glance at it quickly without losing track of the top screen action, I'm used to it being flat on my lap and that's probably not the ideal position.
Posted: 04/25/16, 19:33:14  - Edited by 
 on: 04/25/16, 19:33:39
Just played a few of the missions up to the gyro copter and this is a ton of fun. I did the tutorials first but as soon as I understood how the controls work, it all felt great within a few minutes. No complaints so far Very satisfying to use I think! This is also my first Star Fox game so I don't have anything else to compare it to or feel like it's a rehash haha.
Posted: 04/25/16, 19:47:15  - Edited by 
 on: 04/25/16, 19:47:37
Wow first Star Fox!?!?!

I wonder if that would actually help me, part of the reason I'm having a hard time with the controls is that the right stick is mapped completely differently in Star Fox Assault, I keep pushing forward when I want to do a somersault or pull back to do a u-turn, which of course in this game controls the speed. For some reason steering with the left stick and braking/boosting with the right stick gives me a headache.
Posted: 04/25/16, 20:43:56  - Edited by 
 on: 04/25/16, 20:44:18
The controls are quite awesome and advanced, but it can get a little out of sync and hard to line up again when things get really hectic. That happens rarely though, and mainly only when you panic and get overwhelmed. It should be avoidable if you keep cool. I find certain parts really overwhelming, like when you first enter Corneria City off the water and there's already enemies everywhere. The first space level has a bit of that as well. Hard to choose who to shoot and how to get the +1 or +2 hits. It takes careful lock on to get better results. Gonna need to memorize the stages.

I actually love the Gyrocopter, not sure why so many people find it boring. It's super fun, and there are no control issues there ever.

I got to Titania at my bros place but had to start my game anew when I got home.

I got a Gold in Zoness on my second try at my place! My first Gold! I wonder if there's also a Platinum score later on?

It shouldn't be that difficult, the controls aren't too tough. You just need to figure out a few things that'll make it easier to understand.

You can fire from the hip pretty well, but know that on screen you're shooting from an angle and the sights don't line up directly. That's what the gamepad is for. It truly is your cockpit and is better for the more accurate shooting and flying. Know that your gamepad will always be "straight", and think of it as the default, most accurate viewpoint.

If you're ever in trouble, look to the gamepad and just play on there until you're ready to go back to the screen. It's useful to be aware of where your crosshair is pointed, even at an angle, cuz you know that your gamepad/cockpit will line it up perfectly straight for you.

If you find it difficult, try to focus on the gamepad for longer periods of time because that thing is straight forward. You can also press select so that viewpoint is on screen. Then you don't have to look at the gamepad and will still have the increased accuracy to work with.

When you get more accustomed to the controls and the stages, you should have no problem mixing it up better, or even being able to glance quickly at the gamepad when you need to.
Posted: 04/25/16, 20:52:08

I've played maybe a few minutes of it on SNES but not really enough to remember anything about it. I do own 64 on 3DS which I sort of want to play after this one and see how I feel to reverse the order. Should be funny to see how I feel about it!
Posted: 04/25/16, 20:55:18  - Edited by 
 on: 04/25/16, 20:55:42
Zero is very similar to 64 so far. Not exact, but close. The intro is essentially a remake of the N64 intro. Loved that intro. Very impressed, personally. Shit had me in tears.

I wish the voice acting was better. Feels lazy. Where's the FEELING behind most of these lines? They knocked it out of the park back in 1997 and never reached those heights again. It's especially obvious when the same lines are read, only in a much more sterile way. Oh well.

Oh and how do the gold medals work? Are they hidden in stages? Do we need to perform certain tasks? Is it a bit of both? Anyone know how they work? I remember I got a medal when I got a Gold on Zoness so I assume it's a mix of tasks and hidden stuff.
Posted: 04/25/16, 21:00:29  - Edited by 
 on: 04/25/16, 21:02:44
One thing I'll say is don't try too hard for gold trophies and alternate exits the first time around.

(Game completion spoiiler) Your vehicles upgrade later and that makes it easier to get high scores. And many alternate exits don't open until later in the game.

carlosrox said:
Oh and how do the gold medals work? Are they hidden in stages? Do we need to perform certain tasks? Is it a bit of both? Anyone know how they work? I remember I got a medal when I got a Gold on Zoness so I assume it's a mix of tasks and hidden stuff.

There are various conditions for each level. You get a medal when you get a gold trophy and when you find alternate exits, usually. In certain missions a medal might appear if you destroy all of a ship's turrets before entering it to blow it up, for instance, or if you manage to destroy the required number of enemies in all-range mode before Star Wolf arrives, etc. A lot of stages have three Gold rings with medal icons in them, and you need to get all three to make the medal appear.
Posted: 04/25/16, 21:03:06  - Edited by 
 on: 04/25/16, 21:06:52
carlosrox said:
Zero is very similar to 64 so far. Not exact, but close. The intro is essentially a remake of the N64 intro. Loved that intro. Very impressed, personally. Shit had me in tears.

I wish the voice acting was better. Feels lazy. Where's the FEELING behind most of these lines? They knocked it out of the park back in 1997 and never reached those heights again. It's especially obvious when the same lines are read, only in a much more sterile way. Oh well.

Oh and how do the gold medals work? Are they hidden in stages? Do we need to perform certain tasks? Is it a bit of both? Anyone know how they work? I remember I got a medal when I got a Gold on Zoness so I assume it's a mix of tasks and hidden stuff.

Correct, it's a combination of hidden, certain tasks completed, and a gold ranking.
Posted: 04/25/16, 21:04:58
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