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Diddy Kong Racing DS Discussion (Nintendo DS) [game]
7.38/10 from 5 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Diddy Kong Racing DS on the DS!

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I picked this game up used for $8.00 last Sunday at a Farmer's Market nearby my home. I'm about to dive in and see if it holds the same experience it did on the Nintendo 64. I see that some key differences are in the loss of Banjo and Conker, which is a bummer, but I always loved playing as the clock guy anyway... Tick Tock? What was his name?

I'm eager to meet my buddy Taj and see if I can end the reign of Wizpig!


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Posted: 05/02/15, 16:46:19  - Edited by 
 on: 05/02/15, 18:52:28
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The clock's name is T. T. He is the statistically best character in the N64 game, having the best speed, handling, and acceleration all in one. He can actually outpace Wiz Pig on straights, someone who you're only supposed to pass using the zippers. I believe he was nerfed in the DS game and no longer possess the best stats in all categories.

I have this game but I haven't played it yet. Without Wi-Fi now, there's less reason to.
Posted: 05/03/15, 03:34:19
A few months ago, my son picked this game off my DS collection shelf and asked to play it. It holds up surprisingly well. Some of the gimmicky touch-screen controls are a little janky, but the core gameplay stuff is still great. I still prefer Mario Kart over this, but it at least provides a decent distraction.

I should probably finish up the 'Adventure Mode' one day.
Posted: 05/04/15, 18:52:20

I remember that Battle Mode was a friggin staple in my house. God, the multiplayer was strong on the N64. Mario Party, DkR, Mario kart, goldeneye, perfect dark, and so much more.
Posted: 05/04/15, 20:51:01

Yeah, multiplayer was really where it was at for N64. My college buddies and I nearly melted the system and cartridge playing Super Smash Bros. over and over. The kind of "surprise" multiplayer hit in the dorms for me was F-Zero X. Not only did we like to race each other across the tracks, but we'd also challenge each other with Time Trial runs, taking turns and passing the controller around the room. Good times.

I played a bit of Diddy Kong Racing's Battle Mode online back when it first came out on DS. It was fun, but I'll admit I prefer racing over battling. I got that need for speed, man!
Posted: 05/04/15, 21:07:25

How the FUDGE did I not mention Smash Bros. Oh man.
Posted: 05/04/15, 21:24:27
@DrFinkelstein How about Bomberman 64? That was a hit here.
Posted: 05/04/15, 22:55:55
Bomberman 64 was pretty fun. So were Quake II and Duke Nukem: Zero Hour. Say, what was this topic about, again?

Oh, Diddy Kong. I haven't compared them directly, but the DS version seemed like somewhat of a downgrade. Balloon-tapping notwithstanding.

I've never really been able to get a good F-Zero or Blue Storm multiplayer match going. The learning curve is just too high for most people. X had better multi than GX, though. The slot machine added some zaniness.
Posted: 05/04/15, 23:21:47
@Mop it up

I almost mentioned it but I didn't only because I never really was into the franchise BUT I do remember loving it for the one time I can remember renting it. Yes, Bomberman 64 is up there and I'd buy it on the VC immediately if available.
Posted: 05/04/15, 23:35:48
It should definitely come to VC. Unfortunately, Hudson was bought by Konami, who is an ever-shittier shadow of their former self.

Another game that should hit VC is Micro Machines 64. Let me put my N64 away, already!
Posted: 05/04/15, 23:45:20
Micro Machines 64, eh? Wow. That game. Hrrm.

I never played Bomberman 64. Was it really that good? Hudson must've been on a roll that generation. I remember the Saturn and Dreamcast iterations were really amazing.
Posted: 05/05/15, 02:49:13
You didn't like Micro Machines 64? Have you played in multiplayer? Like, EIGHT-player multiplayer?

I dunno if Bomberman 64 was the best thing ever, but it was certainly different and interesting. The stages were 3D, and the bombs had a 3D range of effect.
Posted: 05/05/15, 04:40:31
@Anand But MM 64 wouldn't be the same without the wacky N64 controllers!
Posted: 05/05/15, 05:17:47
How about if you could control it with Wiimote + Nunchuk? For EIGHT separate (though connected) controllers?!
Posted: 05/05/15, 07:05:44

No, never played 8-player Micro Machines 64....wait. What? How is that even possible?
Posted: 05/05/15, 16:09:35
Two people per controller. It's called Party Play, or something.
Posted: 05/05/15, 19:48:06

Two people holding a single controller? What madness is this.


So, um...how are you enjoying Diddy Kong Racing DS? If you enjoy it, maybe we can play some multiplayer next time we meet up.
Posted: 05/05/15, 23:37:06
I felt the DS version was strong in some respects (the framerate was more solid, which made racing more enjoyable) and weaker in others (mostly the music...changing some tracks completely). This is not even including the secondary boss challenges, which I didn't enjoy remotely.

It was a bold attempt at a port/remake that wasn't awful, but it just wasn't as good as the original to me either.
Posted: 05/06/15, 01:04:47

Still getting used to the controls to be honest but we should totally play next time we hang!
Posted: 05/08/15, 06:52:48

Cool, I'll be sure to bring it along next time.

Hmm. Maybe I should put in some practice. It's been a while since I've played it...!
Posted: 05/09/15, 00:05:42
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