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OlliOlli Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
6.88/10 from 5 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for OlliOlli on the Wii U!

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Anyone else check this game out? I used to skateboard for YEARS, yet somehow I missed the Tony Hawk / Skate / etc. craze and haven't really put much time into a skateboarding game in a long time. I decided to check this one out on a whim.

It's pretty interesting. Definitely not a "sim", it's a fast-paced 2D action game. Kind of like a runner, but uh... with a skater, so... a skater. That's a new genre I'm coining here, the "Skater".

I feel like I'm already running into the issue I tend to have with all skateboarding / snowboarding / "trick" games, which is that I don't have the best sense of why I should do any one trick over another. You do all of the tricks the same basic way too, so they all kind of blur together to me. I'm not sure what I lose by just doing the same trick over and over and over? Maybe there is some kind of "variety" score? Either way, none of the tricks feel particularly unique.

But yeah, not a sim so... guess I shouldn't have expected that anyway.

Looking at it more like a runner though, it becomes an interesting game. Just getting through some of the stages is tough, and I'm still pretty early on.

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Posted: 03/10/15, 17:59:01  - Edited by 
 on: 03/10/15, 18:03:46
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Only skating I've liked in games have been the Super Adventure Island games :)
Posted: 03/10/15, 18:14:53
I didn't really expect to enjoy this game as much as I do. Basically, I was hoping for something arcadey to keep me interested a couple of minutes at a time, but I keep finding myself struggling to put my 3DS down once I start playing. Like you say, it can be hard to choose one trick over another, but generally I just try to do the one requiring the most complicated input, and then switch things up with other random tricks as follow-ups, and that seems to work out quite well. I'd bet that your combo score increases a bit more the more variety you've got in your moves, but I need to experiment a bit with that before I can say for certain.

My biggest problem with the game so far is that I just can't go from playing the 3DS version to playing the Wii U game, since the timing is slightly different in the two. From what I hear, the PS4 and Wii U versions suffer from a frame or so of input lag, which isn't really a problem if you focus on that particular iteration, but is pretty damn annoying when going back and forth between games.
Posted: 03/10/15, 18:17:59
How does the cross-buy work for this game? It's not a code like MvsDK, right?
Posted: 03/10/15, 18:24:23
I played this game on Vita and it was a lot of fun, the most fun I've had with a skating game since Tony Hawk's American Sk8tland and the DS.
Posted: 03/10/15, 18:58:28
No, it's all done via the NNID. I started off downolading one version, and once that was done I just went onto the other eShop and could download that version for free.

I've been thinking about writing a review of OlliOlli, btw. Is anyone else interested in doing one, or just doesn't want me to write one?
Posted: 03/10/15, 18:59:13
I bought this for $3 on a recent PSN Flash Sale (the only way to shop!). It seems decent, but the controls really don't aren't intuitive to me. And trick-based games kind of annoy me. But I'll put some more time into it.

... is what I would LIKE to say, but I finally hooked up my PS TV and resubbed to PS+ last week, just in time for OlliOlli 2 to be offered in the Instant Game Collection. I am filled with regret.

(About both the OlliOlli purchase AND the PS TV purchase. What a piece of shit.)

Skating in Adventure Island is way too stressful. One hit and you're a pedestrian again!

I hereby grant you exclusive NW OlliOlli review rights*.

* We reserve the right to revoke exclusivity at our discretion.
Posted: 03/10/15, 19:13:49  - Edited by 
 on: 03/10/15, 20:47:53
That's great, no hassle for the consumer and prevents sharing of codes which would take sales away from the developer.

Yeah the PS TV thing is so weird!

Is OlliOlli 2 free this month? Damn I had no idea... but I did download Valiant Hearts which is awesome, and some Odd World game I have yet to try.
Posted: 03/10/15, 19:14:52  - Edited by 
 on: 03/10/15, 19:19:05
Well now that you mention it, I'd have to say OxenFree.
Posted: 03/10/15, 19:50:32
You do get fewer points for doing the same trick over and over again.

OlliOlli is weird. It's suuuper satisfying to finally beat a level, but failing gives me a feeling a frustration that I never get from similar hard games like Super Meat Boy or Hotline Miami. I think the controls in OlliOlli make it harder to intuitively understand why you messed up, so it kinda comes as a surprise whenever you bail.
Posted: 03/10/15, 20:09:49
That's a remake of the first Oddworld. I don't have a PS4, but the Valiant Hearts demo on 360 was actually surprisingly good. Say, how many PS4 games have demos these days? Having a demo for every downloadable game was great for consumers. Developers, maybe not so much.

Posted: 03/10/15, 20:50:34
@Secret_Tunnel Really? I thought you only bail when you hit an obstacle / land in the middle of stairs / etc.? Otherwise you just get a bad landing?
Posted: 03/10/15, 21:33:27
Sweet! I expect to be given a percentage of the sales from NW OlliOlli review merchandise and licenses.
Posted: 03/10/15, 22:18:36

If I'm remembering right, I always knew why I bailed--hit and obstacle, didn't time my landing right, etc.--but I never got a good grasp on the exact timing for stuff like knowing when to stop rotating in order to land a grind, or knowing exactly what time to press X to get a perfect landing. Game definitely gets more rewarding the better you get at it, though.
Posted: 03/10/15, 22:58:36
The PS4 has very view demos, they seem to have really gone out of style. The only one I've played was for Thief, and it was pretty fun, but then I read some reviews that trashed it so I'm sort of on the fence about it.

Concerning Valiant Hearts it's really beautiful and the subject matter is super interesting but the gameplay is pretty boring and simplistic. I beat the first chapter in about 2 hours and there are 4 total, so assuming the game is 8 hours long I'm not sure I want to invest that much time into it. The dog is insanely cute though. if the dog dies... well then I don't want to know.

the dog probably dies
Posted: 03/11/15, 03:21:56
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