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Bayonetta Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
8.5/10 from 8 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Bayonetta on the Wii U!

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The original Bayonetta has been ported to Wii U and is included with retail copies of Bayonetta 2, or can be purchased separately on the eShop.

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Posted: 10/25/14, 20:43:53  - Edited by 
 on: 10/25/14, 20:44:51
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Welcome to four years ago.
Posted: 10/26/14, 01:27:29

I'm through chapter 6 or something. I'm enjoying the heck out if it. It's crazy and weird, but very fun. To be honest, I'm mostly button-mashing on very easy, but I'm cool with it. I'd love to take time to get good, but I won't.
Posted: 10/26/14, 03:20:03
I'm getting my ass kicked on normal... fat Italian guy statue awards every time. It's a lot of fun though. The only thing I really hate is dying when you fail a QuickTime event. C'mon!
Posted: 10/26/14, 03:56:33

The QTEs are the ONLY thing about Bayonetta 1 that I hate. I HATE them. They aren't frequent but they're instant deaths, which sucks.

Apparently, they're all but removed from the sequel. Yay!
Posted: 10/26/14, 04:38:05  - Edited by 
 on: 10/26/14, 04:38:50
Hey, did you guys manage to get a physical copy of this (Bayonetta 2 + 1)? I hear it's pretty hard to find in stores so I'm wondering exactly how scarce it currently is.

Jargon said:
Welcome to four years ago.

Posted: 10/26/14, 04:43:26

Got mine at target, and they had 2 more, I think.
Posted: 10/26/14, 04:56:15
How come when I get my Statue at the end of the stage, I have my Medals all lined out, and occasionally I don't even have one for the 3rd or 5th slot? Does that mean that a) I did so horribly with something, b) I MISSED a fight (or two) completely, or c) -- and I j ust thought of this now -- maybe there are two more things available on Hard mode?

Next question, on the stage with that train car (after it flies by you and you miss it In A Nick Of Time), if you backtrack there is a special thing for an Alfheim deal. How in the WORLD are you supposed to beat that big f'n dude with 6 punches and 7 kicks? Inconceivable, I tell you, INCONCEIVABLE.

But seriously, are we looking at "the right combo," maybe 2, or is this a "come back when you're stronger" thing? Help me to understand!

I DID manage to beat another one (in the fire bridge-just-got-broke-get-an-hourglass-to-fix-it stage) without too much trouble, so that makes me think "hey, it IS possible."


Are you using Items? I found out today (the hard way) that using items lowers your score. What the fudgies!


Reserved at GameStop, but I saw 'em just sitting in the case at Toys R Us prior. No mob.
Posted: 10/26/14, 05:08:56

I think the empty spaces at the end of the stage are for missed encounters. You have to explore the stage to find them all. I've missed a few so far.
Posted: 10/26/14, 05:28:10

I have NO IDEA how I missed those ones I talked about. I've combed the stage on a 2nd run, and I'm VERY THOROUGH on my first run as well. Not winning any speedrun awards here.

EDIT- I'll get some details later tonight.
Posted: 10/26/14, 05:31:00  - Edited by 
 on: 10/26/14, 05:31:31

I try to use as few items as possible. I imagine using them doesn't hurt your score as much as a death, yeah?

Anyway, after a 5 hour session and replaying previous missions, I can tell I'm getting better. Really like this game.

Also, I the whole sexuality factor isn't nearly as strong as I imagined to have people freak out so much. Maybe the sequel turned it up a bit? Stupid cheesy fun in any case... don't really care about the story.
Posted: 10/26/14, 05:40:28

Story creeps me out, kinda. Uber religious stuff (ie: stigmata, which isn't in this game yet? but yeah) has always given me the mega-willies.

And yeah, all that "in your face" sexuality I've been hearing about for years is relatively tame. Some crotch shots here and there, but thats generally how I get treated by wandering eyes on any given day in the mall / grocery store.
Posted: 10/26/14, 08:46:52
You have no idea how happy reading that made me. It's even better because someone reading the thread in a couple of months will probably have no recollection of the context that made this hilarious (Minecraft).
Posted: 10/26/14, 12:48:20

Best reply ever.

Glad to see new people experiencing this game for the first time. It's absolutely fantastic
Posted: 10/26/14, 13:55:35
Jargon said:
Welcome to four years ago.

This is probably going to be my NewGameBer game since I'm not finished with ZombiU just yet. I'm looking forward to trying it out...I had it on PS3 (technically still do, but it's not on my HDD), but I never bothered to play it once I heard it was coming to Wii U.
Posted: 10/27/14, 17:07:41
I received this in the mail today and promptly popped it in the Wii U.

I have Bayonetta 1 for my 360, but I only got about half way through it before stopping (I assume something newer and shinier came out).
Restarting the game, I'm already fighting better than I was originally. Something seems to have "clicked" with me this time through.

I assume it's all about hitting the proper combo, yeah. Just need to get that magic meter up so you can kill it with a torture attack.
Posted: 10/28/14, 04:36:13
Received the game last night, at last. I played up to chapter 3.

My initial impression wasn't very good. The first fight the game puts you in is exceedingly confusing: the camera is too far away, Bayonetta seemed to have spawned behind enemies, the graphics don't look nearly as good as in the B2 demo. Thankfully, none of the subsequent enemy encouters have been like that.

I also can't say I'm enjoying the dialog and characters. Bayo herself is fine, I guess, though I struggle to understand how some people can love that character. But mainly, everyone around her is insufferable. That little Italian guy who won't shut up? Rodin? I'm constantly cringing.

Some people on twitter have told me that it's just a silly story, don't treat it seriously and you'll find it funny. And I understand that's partly the point, but the fact is that the cutscenes are too drawn out, too boring to be effectively funny. If we were talking about corny one-liners in 20 second long cutscenes, sure. But these conversations that don't go anywhere seem to last upward of 5 minutes. I've just taken to skipping them after the first minute or so, when I see the scene is not going anywhere.

All that said, I'm still enjoying the game. I really enjoy action games that leverage dodging/blocking mechanics in this way. And the fights look spectacular, which makes you look bad-ass, even if you suck. And I guess that's the important part. It's what I bought the game for, really.
Posted: 10/28/14, 16:01:46
So, some of you might remember in that previous thread where we talked about Bayonetta, sexuality and reviews, I briefly mentioned something about (as a Christian) not being able to potentially enjoy some games with dubious religious-type content. It was purely hypothetical at the time, but in a twist of irony (or at the very least, the watered-down Alanis Morissette version of irony), I'm finding my enjoyment of Bayonetta hampered by that very thing!

To get the first point out the way, like some others have mentioned, I don't find the sexuality too gross; it's done in a really campy, over-the-top way that's actually given me some chuckles, and Bayonetta herself feels like the only competent character in the game so far.

But, I gotta say that the religious aspect of the game so far has made me admittedly uncomfortable. It's fun in Castlevania where you're fighting the demons of Hell with holy artifacts, or even something like Tales of Symphonia where the angels you're battling aren't really angels at all, but in Bayonetta (at least from what I understand of the story so far), our main character is pretty much an assassin hired by Hell and is tearing apart angels left and right to avoid eternal punishment. And while the angels aren't terribly "Biblical" in the traditional sense (in terms of designs), they're still clearly modeled after them with the wings, halos, and name schemes (Thrones, Archangels, etc).

I just beat Chapter 1 and the combat is fast and good fun. While I have trouble doing some of the moves that require a "pause" in the punch or kick (I'm a little overwhelmed by the number of combos so far), it's still very intuitive to string attacks together and dodge enemy advances. Solid fun! It's just kind of hard to shake this uncomfortable feeling throughout that I'm literally playing as a pawn of Satan and destroying soldiers of Heaven. It feels wrong to me.

That said, there've been hints so far that everything's not as cut-and-dry as it seems, so I'm hoping there's more to it than that. Any other Christians (or even non-Christians) on here feel the same way? Any people here who've beaten Bayonetta and can clarify this premise for me?
Posted: 10/28/14, 17:55:56

I'm not further than you in the game, but the "angels are dicks, and are not looking after humans' best interests" theme is actually a pretty common trope at this point. Off the top of my head, I can think of Hellblazer (Constantine) in comics, Supernatural on TVů
Posted: 10/28/14, 17:59:31  - Edited by 
 on: 10/28/14, 17:59:59

You're right in that it may be not as cut and dry as you think
Posted: 10/29/14, 09:28:55
I've mostly been playing Bayonetta 2, but I decided to play a bit of B1 to check out the new Nintendo outfits. I used the Samus outfit and played the Prologue. It's a little weird seeing sexy shots of the power suit, but that thing does look good in HD.
Posted: 10/30/14, 02:20:48
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