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Scram Kitty and his Buddy on Rails Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
7.73/10 from 4 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Scram Kitty and his Buddy on Rails on the Wii U!

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Scram Kitty is definitely one of those "hard to pick up, hard to master" games, a shooter/platformer hybrid that I haven't been able to stop playing after downloading it.

You control some weird vehicle that sticks to wall, with the action seen from overhead. You can only shoot straight in front of you, which at first feels very limiting and frustrating, especially with some tougher enemies that like to hug the wall you're on and attacking you from where you can't fight back. But eventually, you get the knack of jumping over them to reach an opposite wall, and blast them away. It's pretty satisfying.

Another move you'll have to master is the fire wheel: hold down the jump button after jumping once, and you'll bounce off the wall 3-4 times higher than you can with a normal jump, and you'll destroy most enemies on contact. It is essential to master this skill for a lot of the tougher platforming sections, and to stand a chance against barrages of tiny enemies.

The game has a surprising variety to it. You'd think being stuck to walls would be limiting, but the stages all feel very different. You have open areas where you'll need to fire wheel your way from one "island" to the next. You have levels that are just narrow corridors, where you have to zigzag between the walls to avoid streams of enemies. You have mazes full of switches to shoot, to open the way. You have "icy" frictionless surfaces to navigate. You have walls that automatically carry you one way. You seldom do the same thing twice. It's impressive as heck.

You just need to get over the initial learning curve. At first you'll probably think that you're missing abilities, and that some of the kitties you need to rescue in each level are unreachable for now, until you get some upgrade. But you don't get permanent upgrades, in this game. You will find alternate weapons in some levels, but they don't carry over. The abilities you start with are the abilities you'll use until the end of the game.

And it will be intensely satisfying when you go back to challenges you skipped and end up very easily getting through a platforming section you previously thought impossible.

Anyone else playing this? I highly recommend it.

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Posted: 05/20/14, 17:18:27  - Edited by 
 on: 05/20/14, 17:18:42
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Yeah, I picked it up last night and played for an hour or so. Sometimes killing that last enemy almost feels like a puzzle. Like, "he's right next to me so I need to get to THAT wall in order to shoot him, but by then he'll be over HERE, so blah blah blah" distilled into a few seconds of semi-panic.

But yeah, I've never played anything like it and it's pretty fun. I've rescued like 28 kitties so far.
Posted: 05/20/14, 17:55:47
Oh wow, you're blazing through this game! Getting all four kitties is taking me a lot of time in the latter levels, probably just under an hour each.
Posted: 05/20/14, 18:05:00
@Guillaume The most time-consuming one for me is easily the one that you have to tag like 3 times (Scaredy Cat?). I have a hard time remembering how to get to it each time, and the time limit seems pretty strict. I'm sure there's some slick advanced moves to figure out, too.
Posted: 05/20/14, 18:13:18
I'd love to buy this game, but I have to resist. I downloaded Estrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl last week after being sucked into the demo. I really love the game, the characters & story. I really want to focus and complete that game, esp. before MK8 is released. I'm sure I'll end up buying it, eventually.
Posted: 05/20/14, 20:32:33
It looks pretty cool, although slower than I expected. I like games that have their own idiosyncratic movement scheme, as long as it's consistent.
Posted: 05/22/14, 03:42:37
Huh...rewatching the debut trailer from E3 last year, it looks like a LOT changed between then and launch.

And then the second next trailer shows a number of differences as well.

The enemies look different, the weapons look different, the jumping is different, the colors and backgrounds are different...in both videos it shows the player shooting diagonally and sideways, too. Can't do that in the full game. I wonder what made the developers switch things up so much.
Posted: 05/25/14, 01:41:24  - Edited by 
 on: 05/25/14, 01:41:36
Finished the game and got all the kitties! Took about 9 hours. Cool concept, good level variety, but the enemies were a bit dull. Pretty solid for $10.
Posted: 05/26/14, 21:08:47
Oh wow, good job!

I've only gotten the bare minimum of 70 kitties. I'll get back to it and finish it off, but man, some of those challenges really piss me off. Can't remember what it's called, The Vents 2 I think, but the scaredy cat in that level pisses me off. I don't know how to safely get out of that bottleneck at the beginning, where enemies pop out from under the only passage.
Posted: 05/26/14, 21:14:58
Yeah, I hate when they put those bottlenecks in and have an endless line of enemies streaming through. I think most of the time there's another way around or some trick to it, but once or twice I just double jumped as far in as I could and then took the damage going through.
Posted: 05/26/14, 21:48:35
Bought the game today, it's half off so I figured I'd give it a whirl. Will post impressions later.
Posted: 08/17/14, 21:01:23
Heyyyy - I defo did a search for this discussion thread before I posted in the community one. Ah well. I'm settling into it a bit more and I finally got that 1st scaredy cat. Although the subsequent one just made me (passively) rage-quit.
Posted: 08/17/14, 23:25:15
I bought this yesterday as well since it was on sale, but I'm not sure when I'll get around to playing it.
Posted: 08/18/14, 01:00:10

The scaredy cats are definitely the most annoying ones to get. I would ignore them for now and come back later (post patch?) if I were you.
Posted: 08/18/14, 05:16:44
This game is pretty fun. I can see it getting crazy later on.
Posted: 08/21/14, 07:26:18
Hey, remember this game? It's coming to PS4/Vita with an extra challenge mode. It would be cool if the devs brought those to Wii U, but I'm not counting on it. I hope it was successful for them on Wii U and doesn't get lost in the PS4/Vita library either.

Posted: 01/21/15, 00:32:28
I'm playing through this right now. I've finished about half the levels with all kittens rescued. It's a bit different than I imagined, but I'm enjoying it so far.
Posted: 01/21/15, 01:42:13
So this game is getting an "Anniversary Update" with some new features that should make it easier.

- You can now aim your shots in with the right analog stick. Where before you could only shoot straight ahead, now you can shoot diagonally.
- Your guns are buffed in general, and the main machine gun has a burst at the beginning that is very powerful.
- You can now shoot and jump at the same time without the recoil pushing you backwards.

So yeah, basically they made it a lot easier, it seems. I'm not sure it was necessary, I thought the difficulty was just right as it was, now I can see it being a bit too easy. But I doubt they would have done this update unless people were having trouble with it.
Posted: 05/25/15, 02:56:15
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