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Rusty's Real Deal Baseball Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]
7.46/10 from 9 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Rusty's Real Deal Baseball on the 3DS!

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First off: this game is really funny! A lot of thought was put into the dialogue. I want to purchase all the games just to see where the story goes with Rusty and his wife.

Second: the minigames are fun! There are a ton of challenges, with endless modes and streetpass high scores.

Third: Haggling is an enjoyable mechanic. It's rewarding, and fun to see how low you can bring Rusty on his prices. The choice of dialogue, use of items, etc, all impact your bottom line spending on the games.

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Posted: 04/04/14, 17:59:27  - Edited by 
 on: 04/04/14, 18:08:28
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This is game sounds so weird. Is it pretty easy to haggle down to the lowest price possible?
Posted: 04/04/14, 18:25:46
I wonder how low you can go.
Posted: 04/04/14, 18:47:26
Very funny game so far, although I'm not sure if I'm gonna dip into buying the mini games or not. But then I think of poor Rusty and his ten children (including the one I'm watching, Rusty III)…hmm….
Posted: 04/04/14, 19:22:18
Lowest possible prices according to one ChiefDamonGant on GameFAQs:

ChiefDamonGant said:
Haggling/Story-Unlocking Games
1st game: $2.00
2nd game: $1.90
3rd game: $1.80
4th game: $1.70
5th game: $1.60
6th game: $1.00

Discount Coupon Games
All four games: $1.50
Posted: 04/04/14, 19:23:26
It was pretty easy to haggle down to half price. Not sure how hard it will be to haggle down further than that.
Posted: 04/04/14, 19:28:06
I got it last night and bought the first game. Lovin' it so far. I've been playing a lot of Luftrausers lately, because I can just play for twenty minutes and stop, but this game... I could play this game for thirty SECONDS and stop. It's really great, and really funny.

Haggling is really easy. It's apart of the progression of the game. Don't fret too much about it, you're meant to buy the games at the lowest price possible. The high price is a red herring. It's the anchoring effect.
Posted: 04/04/14, 21:19:52
Man, I knew I would love this game, somehow. It's fucking hilarious! And the minis are pretty damned fun in a Rhythm Tengoku/Wario Ware-esque way.

Thanks! I admit to being slightly stressed about missing out on the best deal. Actually, does the game even ALLOW you to pay more than those prices? Who wants to be the guinea pig?
Posted: 04/05/14, 00:52:50

The game reminds me a lot of Rhythm Heaven and Wario Ware too. Especially the sound effects!
Posted: 04/05/14, 00:54:43
I purchased 2 games so far. It is fun so far, I am really enjoying the home plate umpire game. Not sure if I will invest in more, i but I do like the 2 that I got.
Posted: 04/05/14, 01:37:50
I only paid $1.50 for the third game and that is the lowest price for that game. You only use the discount tickets and I was at $2 and used the dollar off ticket and the price only went to $1.50. The tutorial mentions when using the tickets, you cannot go below the rock bottom price. So, I immediately turned the game off went back in and used a different discount ticket, so I didn't waste my dollar off ticket.
Posted: 04/05/14, 03:34:54
The minigames definitely have pop to them, thanks to that nice bat-cracking sound effect and all the small town sports decor. Not without sizzle, but a tad simple for my tastes. I've bought a couple (Cage Match and Quick Catch) and I'm happy with what I paid (minimum each) but I'm honestly more invested in seeing through Rusty's troubles. Still, I don't know if I'm $15 interested...

Man, between this, Advance Wars, Yumi's Odd Odyssey, and the upcoming Mega Man GB games, that $100 of eShop credit I bought at 20% off in January is burning through much faster than I'd planned! Should have bought more while it was still discounted. Surely Rusty would have approved.
Posted: 04/05/14, 04:22:56  - Edited by 
 on: 04/05/14, 04:24:11
Downloading this now! Excited!
Posted: 04/05/14, 19:13:07
Got my 2nd game for a buck 80. Agreeing with @Anand and @Secret_Tunnel there's a hint of Wario Ware and Rhythm Heaven in these minis.
Posted: 04/05/14, 20:13:56
Not knowing if I could go lower than $2 for the first game is what kept me from pulling the trigger. Thanks, @r_hjort!

I don't think I want all the games, for instance I can probably do without the motion control ones. But then I miss on story stuff. Hmm...

The game is super charming. I love the animation when Rusty gets excited, jumping and clapping his paws together.
Posted: 04/05/14, 20:36:58
I love this game, it's so charming and fun, I can't stop smiling. I want all the games, all of them!

I went ahead and added $20 to my eShop account, I hope that covers it... I think it should (I didn't look at the spoilers/prices).
Posted: 04/05/14, 20:52:39  - Edited by 
 on: 04/05/14, 20:53:08
I just purchased the umpire game and I'm loving it.
Rusty is awesome! I'll probably collect 'me all.
You'll be fine.
Posted: 04/05/14, 22:38:20
I do enjoy the haggling mini-game and the sort of light adventure-game/story mechanics that go along with it... but I also wish there was a way to just connect to the eShop once and be done with it. I'm about to take this game on the train and I'm assuming I won't be able to "download" any games unless I'm connected to the internet? Very odd for a portable title to force and internet connection.
Posted: 04/06/14, 00:29:15
Can you only demo the first game? I'm on a trip and I don't have access to a Wi-Fi connection.
Posted: 04/06/14, 07:13:58
@sirmastersephiroth Yeah, pretty sure it's just that first one that you can demo.
Posted: 04/06/14, 07:17:19
Haha, I also bought $120-ish off Nintendo Points during that crazy Best Buy online sale. And then I found a better deal in store, so I got the same amount. And took the ones that I had bought online to the Returns desk. Whereupon I was notified that THEY ARE UNRETURNABLE. WTF. So I was sitting on a cool $250-ish in Nintendo Points. It's actually kind of awesome. I can buy shit with impunity. It's like a shopping spree!

I still only buy stuff when it's on sale, though. A deal's a deal. (Thankfully, Rusty haggles. Which brings to mind: Will Rusty haggle even lower during sale events? Is Rusty self-aware?!
Posted: 04/06/14, 07:42:10
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