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Steel Diver: Sub Wars Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]
8/10 from one rating

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Steel Diver: Sub Wars on the 3DS!

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This game is pretty fun, the submarine concept works better from the first person perspective, compared to the side scrolling 3DS launch game. Online is methodical and rewarding, and you'd be surprised how hectic submarine battles can get. Chatting via morse code is one of those cool quirky things in Nintendo games. I'm pretty sure I'll plunk down the 10 bones for the full version, but I'm quite enjoying the F2P version so far.

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Posted: 02/15/14, 07:37:10  - Edited by 
 on: 02/15/14, 07:39:54
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I was disappointed that they ditched the sidescrolling mode from the original, 'cause I thought it was interesting to play what was essentially an action game with such tactical instruments and delayed response, but on the flipside they did a good job with what's there in the 3D mode.

The free version has been fun so far, with more content and depth than I expected, but I think I want to hear more about the premium missions before I pay for the full game, even if the price isn't all that steep. If anyone has tried level 3 and onwards, please let me know how it is.
Posted: 02/15/14, 12:16:33
I played the first two missions on Level 1 and one online game. It's pretty fun, but I doubt I'll buy the full game. The morse code chatroom is strangely addictive and fun...I probably spent a good 10 minutes in there.

Also, is there really no way to play with friends online? Typical Nintendo.
Posted: 02/15/14, 16:57:54  - Edited by 
 on: 02/15/14, 17:13:06
You may have to pay for the full game to get the full suite of online options. I guess?
Posted: 02/15/14, 17:43:04
Wait you can't play with friends? I was hoping we could get a NW game going...

I'm going to buy the full game, it's not as wonderful as I'd hoped, but it's still pretty cool. I'm a big fan of the first game, submarines are cool.
Posted: 02/17/14, 01:31:32
Played a bit of the free version today. Not too shabby. Nothing ZOMG amazing...but more fun than I anticipated.
Posted: 02/17/14, 01:35:30
Played for a few hours today, good stuff. I somehow didn't realize the circle pad moves your sub up and down, now I'm playing a lot better. I unlocked the 2nd sub, so that's it for the free version. I'll pick up the full game next time I get am eShop card.

Maybe we can get into the same game if we connect online at the same time? I hope Nintendo adds friend matches in an update or something, but given the nature of the communication methods on 3DS it would be hard to organize a game anyway...
Posted: 02/17/14, 01:36:53
Are Friend Battles not an option for the "premium" version? I'd understand if that wasn't enabled for the free version, but those that cough up the cash should be able to connect with each other.
Posted: 02/17/14, 02:40:54
I have the "premium" version and as far as I can tell there is no way to arrange a game with friends, lame and bizarre! Why is Nintendo sill so bad at the internets, it's 2014 for crying out loud, is it going to be 2020, 2030, 2050, 3000 and Nintendo still can't get online right? Sheesh!

Man It would have been so hilarious to morse-code chat with you guys (that's such a smart and funny feature).

One cool thing I discovered was that it supports CPP, neat.
Posted: 02/17/14, 09:07:00  - Edited by 
 on: 02/17/14, 09:09:40

Yeesh, no way to battle with just Friends? Yeah, totally weird. What's up with that?

It wasn't acceptable back in 2009 when Sony did that with Motorstorm: Arctic Edge on PSP, and it sure as hell isn't acceptable now, nearly 5 years later. WTF....
Posted: 02/17/14, 18:32:42
Holy cow! Motorstorm Acrtic Edge? Deep cuts man, deep cuts. I had that game, didn't really love it, the first Motorstorm on the PS3 was pretty cool, but I never got into the PSP game. I played it for like an hour and then went back to Mario Kart DS.

Anyhoo, SUB WARS. So yeah, I've been playing more, and... this game is rough around the edges, it's unbalanced, and weird, and it takes too long to unlock stuff, it's just... bizarre. I mean to unlock all the subs and crew members etc. would take hundreds of hours, the gameplay is just not compelling enough to sustain that kind of dedication.

I know not everyone loved Steel Diver, but I did. The problem with that game was that it was too short. There were like 9 levels and there should have been 90. That's what I was hoping for with Steel Diver 2, similar mechanics to the first game, but just way more content. Oh well.
Posted: 02/19/14, 17:11:40
Hey - I just played 8 or 9 battles, back to back. This is flippin' great!

anon_mastermind said:
but given the nature of the communication methods on 3DS it would be hard to organize a game anyway...

Can you explain this a little more please? This is so close to what I'm looking for, if it's too complicated for the 3DS to handle buddy-battles I'll be quite disheartened.
Posted: 03/01/14, 22:55:14
Well on Mario Kart 7 you can play with friends, but on this game I don't see the option, unless it's buried in the menus somewhere?
Posted: 03/01/14, 23:18:44
Heard good things about this game from the guest on RFN this week so I gave it a download. Haven't tried it yet, but I'm excited to see how it plays. The Morse code thing sounds amazing.
Posted: 03/01/14, 23:43:30
@deathly_hallows Yeah MK7 was wicked cool but it was a flagship title... maybe it's just too much hassle for little fish like this. Come on Ninty, surprise me with an update.
Posted: 03/02/14, 00:06:46  - Edited by 
 on: 03/02/14, 00:07:32
I believe there is a way to "favourite" other users, after you've battled them. I have no idea what that accomplishes, and there is noway to organize a friend match.

Regardless, this game is pretty cool. How come there's so little interest here? It's probably one of the best Nintendo-developed multiplayer modes to come along in a while, friend battles or not. And it's free to play!
Posted: 03/02/14, 18:55:36
The morse code chat is amazing, such a cool idea.
Posted: 03/02/14, 22:31:36  - Edited by 
 on: 03/02/14, 22:32:16

They better patch that shit in. No friend matches? I think we're playing a beta.
Posted: 03/03/14, 22:24:13
Played some today. Didn't win a single match My first game I killed two enemy subs though so I blame my teammates for not coming through. Other times I just steam rolled though. Gonna need to improve my skillz
Posted: 03/04/14, 05:08:45
Vaguely-worded update announced.

We are also planning to implement a number of requests we have received from players in this update.

This HAS to spell buddy-battles, right?
Posted: 03/13/14, 16:15:13  - Edited by 
 on: 03/13/14, 16:16:42
Hopefully they will also balance the teams better in random mode.
Posted: 03/14/14, 05:34:24
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