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ROUND ONE: Negative World March Madness (Zebes Region) RESULTS
March 14, 2014, 23:30

Closest matchup: Donkey Kong '94 ended in a tie with Metroid: Zero Mission, thanks to Pokefreak's failure to vote on the matchup (Please vote on ALL matchups if you are voting). I had to refer to overall site rating, where DK '94 slightly edged out the Metroid remake.

Biggest Blowout: Super Mario 3D World blew The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass out of the building, with the DS title capturing only one vote.

Biggest Upset Already in the first round we have an 8 seed toppling a 1 seed, with Mega Man 3 easily defeating Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

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03/14/14, 23:30   Edited:  03/14/14, 23:30
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I'm pretty stunned that RE4 got eliminated this early. SF64 is great, but I kinda feel that RE4 is on another level.

Outside of that and Tetris (I prefer the GB one), every game I voted for moved on. These next match ups should be interesting.

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 on: 03/13/14, 14:30
I'll never forget you Phantom Hourglass.

Also note to self: Kill Pokefreak.

Posted by 
 on: 03/13/14, 14:32
Every single game I voted for won. I guess my opinion on games isn't very unique.

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 on: 03/13/14, 14:45
I'm disappointed by Pokémon, such an innovative game, losing to such a blatant (and bland) Mario 64 clone. I have no strong feelings for Star Fox 64 but if it knocks off RE 4 and BK back to back, it will gain some love from me.

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 on: 03/13/14, 14:51
RE4 is eliminated? wat

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 on: 03/13/14, 15:02
I wouldn't call Mega Man 3 an upset...I was wondering why Phoenix Wright was a 1 seed myself. The bigger upset (to me) was RE4 going out this early. Wow!

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 on: 03/13/14, 15:38

Hey now, B-K is anything but bland. In fact, I might even say it has the most personality of any N64 game, barring Conker and Paper Mario. That's probably one of the first video games I've played where it actually felt like a cartoon through its animations, world, and characters/dialogue. If Mario 64 was the Mickey/Steamboat Willie of 3D platformers, B-K was definitely the Looney Tunes.

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 on: 03/13/14, 15:49

Ace Attorney is the highest rated DS game with at least 25 votes on Negative World. That's how I did seeding.


A bland cartoon.

Posted by 
 on: 03/13/14, 15:51

Ah gotcha.

Your icon is bland.

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 on: 03/13/14, 15:52
Yeah, I'm pretty stunned RE4 went out so early. It lost to a good game, at least. But that's still not something I'd have predicted, even from a pack of Nintendo fans like us.

Tetris vs. 3D World will be interesting.

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 on: 03/13/14, 16:20   Edited:  03/13/14, 16:21
Every single game I voted for moved on, except for Wario Ware. That was my third favorite game in this region. I think it's going to end up being 3D World vs Chrono trigger. I can't say about the other side of the bracket. It's too close.

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 on: 03/13/14, 16:42
Shadowlink said:
I'll never forget you Phantom Hourglass.

I was wondering who would be crazy enough to vote for that abomination.

Jargon said:
I'm disappointed by Pokémon, such an innovative game, losing to such a blatant Improvement on the 3d platformer genre over mario 64


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 on: 03/13/14, 20:15   Edited:  03/13/14, 20:16
I'm a bit surprised to see Tetris pass WarioWare, but I don't really care either way. The one I cared about was Perfect Dark, but oh well, I had a feeling that would happen. The rest are the ones I voted.

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 on: 03/13/14, 20:38
@Jargon Wait now I'm a bit confused... you only took games with 25 ratings? I suppose that makes sense, for some reason I thought you took X games per platform though, and there wouldn't be enough games on certain platforms if they needed 25 ratings.

Maybe that is for the best though, we don't need 5 Virtual Boy games on here...

@Mop it up You're a bit surprised that Tetris won?! That's a game that everyone in the world has at least played, and many loved. I imagine it got a fair amount of votes from people who never even played WarioWare.

Posted by 
 on: 03/13/14, 21:08
@Zero It isn't Tetris as a whole though, it's Tetris for NES. Countless better versions have been released since then, and even the "original" version that everyone was obsessed with was the Game Boy version. That's why. Though, I suspect that some people who voted for it probably based said vote on a different version that they played (such as the Game Boy or PC version).

Posted by 
 on: 03/13/14, 21:23
@Mop it up Yeah I'm sure some people are just thinking "Tetris" and not necessarily the specific version. Or thinking "I loved it on X, so it wouldn't be that different on Y would it?"

Interestingly enough though Tetris on the NES has more ratings (35) than Tetris on the GB (19) does here. I always thought of Tetris as a GB game first and foremost, and assumed that is where most people played it (among other places), but maybe the NES game was bigger for a lot of people here?

Posted by 
 on: 03/13/14, 21:27   Edited:  03/13/14, 21:29
Yeah, I can attest to that--I would've voted Tetris GB, but I didn't vote Tetris NES.

Posted by 
 on: 03/13/14, 21:38
I hear what you guys are saying (and mentioned it before) but I sort of see Tetris as Tetris. It's not like the game is radically different from port to port.

Posted by 
 on: 03/13/14, 21:44
Did the Game Boy version have any sort of input lag? If so, then NES Tetris is probably way better.

If you just want to play Tetris on the go, then yeah, the GB version is probably a lot better.

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 on: 03/13/14, 21:47
I can only speak for myself, but I have especially fond memories of Tetris on NES. The game itself was addictive and a lot of fun, but stuff surrounding the game was even better. I'm a lot younger than my other siblings, and the generational differences between me and my relatively old dad were extra noticeable growing up. We've never really had much to talk about since we've had different values and interests, and back then I must have been a pretty big mystery to him in many ways, since I could be a bit of a handful at times. Nevertheless, he made attempts at trying to understand the things I liked, and sometimes asked me to teach him how to do stuff, like play videogames. Those sessions tended to end up with Mario finding himself in every bottomless pit known to the NES, and the two of us doing separate activities in different rooms, but things changed when I borrowed Tetris from a friend. For a couple of weeks my dad and I spent the evenings after school in front of the TV, trying to beat each others' high scores and exchanging tips. Since I had barely played Tetris before then, there was a sense of discovery that I could share with my dad, and that was truly special.

More on-topic: The result seems to be identical to my votes, so I'm happy so far. I would probably have voted Pokemon instead of Banjo-Kazooie if I had played it more, but since I'd spent more time with Banjo and loved every minute of it, I couldn't vote against that. There's no denying Pokemon is the more important game out of the two, though.

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 on: 03/13/14, 21:48
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