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An AI learning to play videogames
I thought this was a fun watch. Guy writes a paper on programming a computer to learn how to play Super Mario Bros., and by extension other videogames, by focusing on increasing certain data values in the game. In other words, it's a singleminded, score chasing machine.

It's funny when it doesn't work and pretty interesting when it starts to exploit bugs in the games. It also seems to have a little existential moment at the end while playing Tetris badly.



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Posted: 04/26/13, 02:14:39
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Thanks for posting. I laughed out loud at the end of Tetris.
Posted: 04/26/13, 03:04:38
"I just like this graph, doesn't matter what it means."

That was the best part.
Posted: 04/26/13, 03:27:27
This was funny and fascinating. Great post.
Posted: 04/26/13, 06:16:04
I second the Tetris part being hilarious. Makes perfect sense though!
Posted: 04/26/13, 07:23:46
You know, with some tweaks this type of program could help play test games. The human tester could then take notes on problems or glitches.
Posted: 04/26/13, 11:47:38
This program has redefined how to play Tetris. I will now stack blocks whenever possible to get points.
Posted: 04/26/13, 13:37:14
Must. Obtain. Points!

Uh. Oh.

::pauses forever::
Posted: 04/26/13, 14:54:39  - Edited by 
 on: 04/26/13, 14:56:04
That ending was fascinating, really. One envisions the AI wanting to go outside and smell daffodils after that.
Posted: 04/26/13, 21:08:50
Very interesting and impressive. It might be better than I am at Adventure Island...
Posted: 04/26/13, 22:16:56
That NES Tetris counts each piece used was also probably throwing it off, making seven more scores to increase. I don't think it can learn the precision necessary to make lines in that game.

I'd like to see this thing play Balloon Trip, I'd bet it could get far in that game.
Posted: 04/26/13, 23:46:58
@Mop it up He could've just had it ignore +3 or whatever point increases of block drops.
Posted: 04/26/13, 23:51:49
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