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DJ Cutman Releases a NEW Nintendo-Remix Album that's rather slick

DJCutman, an up and coming (I'd say) musician and remixer released a new Album/EP with some pretty nice tracks. It's got a great range of classic Nintendo games, starting with Super Mario 2 and leading into Goldeneye. Personally, the Super Mario 2. Theme is one of my favorite gaming songs ever to be remixed. They're always so good!

The album is the Pay What You Will model. So if you wanna spend $10 bucks, go for it. $0? Go for it. Just download this and enjoy!

Mario 2 in 48 Hours 01:37
GoldenEye Epic Trap Remix 03:36
Underbelly MegaMan Beats 02:06
Trashy Metroid House Music 01:56
Little Green Gameboy 03:22
The Never-Ending Story 03:51
Goodbye Horses Chiptune Remix 06:06

Total Album Length: 22 minutes 34 seconds

Download The Album Here

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Posted: 04/15/13, 04:25:22
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'Little Green Gameboy' eh?

I'm intrigued.
Posted: 04/15/13, 05:13:46
Let me know what you think!
Posted: 04/15/13, 05:22:22
Love me some Goldeneye breakbeat!
But yeah - Mario 2 is instantly my ringtone.
Posted: 04/16/13, 20:52:09
Gotta love these tracks. Thanks for sharing!!!
Posted: 04/17/13, 13:13:50
Lol, Trashy Metroid House Music
Posted: 04/21/13, 01:11:12
Good to know there's an audience here for this stuff. If I see more of him or like this I sure will pass it along.
Posted: 04/21/13, 04:08:59
I like Mario and Metroid.
Posted: 04/21/13, 06:54:40
I'm really digging those last two songs. I've heard of DJ Cutman before, probably from this forum. Good stuff.
Posted: 04/21/13, 22:06:33
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