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Should Mario Kart open itself up to other Nintendo franchises? [poll]
No I want my Mario Kart pure Mario! (13/34 votes)
Some that fit, but keep it mostly Mario Kart! (4/34 votes)
Sure, bring on Nintendo Kart! (17/34 votes)
We talked about this a bit in the last podcast. Smash Brothers is awesome in part because it has so many Nintendo franchises represented, but Mario Kart has always been Mario Kart. Would you want to see Nintendo open up Mario Kart to other Nintendo franchises? Or should Mario Kart stay pure Mario Kart? Or maybe something in between, where it mainly stays Mario Kart but brings in a few other franchises that fit (say, Kirby, etc.?)

Imagine this, except on Brinster and Samus in a little kart...

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Posted: 03/02/13, 05:41:25  - Edited by 
 on: 03/02/13, 06:04:12
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Well, like I said in the other thread, I'm cool with them keeping the franchises separate... but I definitely want a Super Smash Kart!
Posted: 03/02/13, 05:45:51
Something about Link driving a go-kart seems much stupider to me than him fighting even in the silliest Smash Bros. locales and situations.
Posted: 03/02/13, 05:51:14
@Hinph Hmm, I should have included that as an option I guess. Do we really need two different kart franchises from Nintendo though!? I'd prefer Nintendo go back to some of its other racing franchises instead of doubling up on kart games. F-Zero and Waverace are both overdue.

Or they could come up with a brand new racing game! Maybe.
Posted: 03/02/13, 05:53:18
I'd play it and love it, but I don't think it's necessary. Mario Kart needs a formula shake up more than it needs a nostalgia injection.

Then again, any excuse to get Pit in another game.
Posted: 03/02/13, 05:54:32
I just think that the opportunity for a mash-up of Nintendo franchises (and even third party franchises) is always a welcome thing. Hell, I like racing games more than fighting games, so Super Smash Kart could surpass Smash Bros in my book.
Posted: 03/02/13, 05:59:05
IF they did it.... no karts.... Link would ride Epona or use pegasus boots, Mario would be a powerup or a Yoshi, Captain Falcon in a mini version of his ship, Samus could be using her ship or speed booster, Bowser and Bowser Jr in his clown ship. Each character would have customized power ups that would do the same thing for each character.....like Samus could get the screw attack but for Mario it'd be a star or Link maybe the Bombos Medallion or a Koopa Trooper it'd be a yellow turtle shell that'd make him invincible temporarily
Posted: 03/02/13, 08:40:50  - Edited by 
 on: 03/02/13, 08:45:53
Yes. I've been wanting this for a long time now.
Posted: 03/02/13, 10:41:12
Nintendo should really do this; Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing is enough of a threat for them to take this route.

A Nintendo Kart game would be totally cool to see.
Posted: 03/02/13, 11:22:17
It doesn't even have to be a Kart racer as such. Go back to the roots of Mario Kart where you just picked a character and that set your stats. So like Wellsy said you can have:

So you can have:

Mario- In his Kart
Link on Epona
C.Falcon in the Blue Falcon
Samus in her gunship
Fox in an Arwing

Etc etc etc. And All the characters bring something different to the table ala Smash.

Super Smash Kart?
Posted: 03/02/13, 11:46:32
I am against this because it doesn't need to happen. It is called Mario Kart for a reason and should stay that way. I also see no point in SSK. Not needed when Nintendo already has F-Zero and Mario Kart.
Posted: 03/02/13, 14:19:55
I like it with Mario franchise characters. The game definitely needs a formula change but I don't think the roster is the change needed.
Posted: 03/02/13, 15:26:31
No, NintendoLand already did enough damage tampering Link and Samus' image. Not more than Metroid Prime Pinball though
Posted: 03/02/13, 15:48:28
Hell no.

GelatinousEncore said:
No, NintendoLand already did enough damage tampering Link and Samus' image. Not more than Metroid Prime Pinball though
Tampering their image? What, by having Miis dress up as them? Nintendo Land promoted these franchises in a good way.
Posted: 03/02/13, 17:36:39
I voted the middle option, I'd like to see maybe a Metroid or Zelda themed track or cup, and maybe a couple of unlockable characters... A chibi Samus in a sweet little Gunship kart, or something like that.
Posted: 03/02/13, 20:53:56
I'm honestly a bit surprised that there are so many purists. After playing Sonic & All-Stars I'm like yeah, it's way more fun having all kinds of franchises in a single kart game.
Posted: 03/02/13, 21:16:27
I'm just saying Link or Samus riding in a kart would look fucking dumb haha. If it was each characters way of travel then I'd prolly like that more. Maybe as you go along you can update how they race.... like Link it might be pegasus boots->epona-> Large bird/Spirit Tracks Train
Posted: 03/02/13, 21:30:02  - Edited by 
 on: 03/02/13, 21:32:03
Well, there are different ways to make "karts" beyond just the normal ones. Sonic has all kinds of things people race in but they're still "karts" of a sort.

Whatever the case it seems kind of odd to me to worry about making sense too much in a franchise where, apparently, Mario and Bowser have put aside all differences to have go-kart races for some reason.
Posted: 03/02/13, 21:39:06
It would be awesome of MK8 & SSB shared the same roster.
Posted: 03/02/13, 21:55:33
@anon_mastermind Not Miis specifically, I don't like the more serious franchises participating in mini games, it takes some of the magic out of them. I am more attached to these characters emotionally than to Mario and crew. With Mario I am attached to its gameplay, not to the character himself, so as long as the gameplay is good he can do whatever he wants. I wouldn't like to see Leon Kennedy ride a kart either
Posted: 03/02/13, 22:15:29  - Edited by 
 on: 03/02/13, 22:16:08
@GelatinousEncore Close enough...

Posted: 03/02/13, 22:21:53
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