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YOU can help support my buddy Craig's Kickstarter for Telepath Tactics! (Fire Emblem-esque game)
Craig is a nice guy that I recently met, I got a chance to play his game a few weeks back, it's pretty darn solid. I actually sat and played about 2 hours in one go. One of the first things I said is "this feels a lot like Fire Emblem!" But it has its own thing going on too. And he is obviously super passionate about it and put a ton of himself into the game. Why not check out the video and see what you think?

Imagine that Fire Emblem and Disgaea had a baby, and that baby turned out to be a prodigy...



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Posted: 11/28/12, 20:39:51  - Edited by 
 on: 11/28/12, 20:42:23
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Looks cool enough...but..I don't think -I- would enjoy it. Hear me out.

I don't know if theres something wrong with me (shut up!), or whatever, but I LIKE to see the Battle Animations in games like this. I've heard of people complaining about Fire Emblem taking forever, and they're like "turned Animations off, much better," and I just can't do that. I don't get the same..excitement? out of my guys duking it out on the map as tiny sprites. I want to see the battle play out, I want to get excited when "Adept" pops up, or "CRITICAL" hits, and then you get to watch a huge awesome spell being cast, or an awesome dodge or something. (Especially Radiant Dawn; if you get a Critical Hit w/ a Myrmidon on a Sage or something, they get CRUSHED. I also took out a Bishop with a Wyvern Lord Critical and it was HA LARIOUS. Like spiking a football.) Ogre Battle has the Animations, too, after your guys meet on the battle field. I really need to see these, for some reason.

Thinking back, I remember that Louuu had Final Fantasy Tactics, or maybe even Ogre Battle Tactics, and I was like "eh." Also, Phantom Brave is almost set up exactly like this..and it is one my most disappointing Wii purchases.

I guess I really need those "zoom in" battles, eh?

Good luck to the guy though, I'm sure there are plenty of people out there (and in here) who would enjoy this game.
Posted: 11/29/12, 00:25:19
Fair enough, I guess. Although I think you especially would love this game!

I tend to like... try not to skip the close-up battles, because they do add a certain something, but then I get anxious and start skipping. Didn't Fire Emblem eventually allow you to have it set to view them, but at any given time during one you could press a button and it skipped? That is probably the ideal.

Still... it's not necessary!
Posted: 11/29/12, 01:42:36

You can turn them off outright. You can also adjust the battle speed. For me though, thats part of the game.
I wouldn't skip the fireworks in Mario Bros. either. Or the going down the pipe noise.
Posted: 11/29/12, 01:59:16
I know, you could always turn them off, but sometimes I wanted them on and sometimes I didn't want to bother! Getting to decide on the fly is a great feature.
Posted: 11/29/12, 02:00:20
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