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Apparently Jay-Z is producing video games now
Executive producing. Whatever that means. NBA 2K13. From wikipedia:

Jay-Z is also credited as the executive producer of the basketball video game NBA 2K13, where he worked on the look and feel of the game along with its soundtrack.

I saw this ad at a bus stop on the way to work today...

I'm not sure what to think about this. Tell me what to think.

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Posted: 10/23/12, 18:53:19  - Edited by 
 on: 10/23/12, 18:54:34
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I'm not usually one to post if I have nothing to add, but I truly care so little about this that I have to announce it.
Posted: 10/23/12, 18:56:45
Probably just a form of advertising. Kind of like Jay-Z is an "owner" of the Brooklyn Nets but actually owns less than 1% of the company.
Posted: 10/23/12, 19:00:41
Supposedly he was the one responsible for getting the 1992 dream team in the game too, even calling a couple members of the team to get them to agree to be in the game. I guess it's fine if he wants to do that, but I do find it odd that they had to put that on the front cover. It gets worse than that though. Justin Bieber is a playable character in the game.
Posted: 10/23/12, 19:25:01
He's probably a big basketball game fan and probably actually contributed in a positive way.
Posted: 10/23/12, 19:25:59
I guess his connections might actually make for some advantages, since basketball is so connected to hip-hop culture these days.

Wait, I think I just played the demo of this game the other day! Coming off of FIFA, it was kind of unimpressive, in terms of character control and animation. Too stiff.
Posted: 10/23/12, 19:36:17  - Edited by 
 on: 10/23/12, 19:37:26
I wonder if the actual producers are pissed.

Probably not. Using his name to advertise the game was probably their idea.
Posted: 10/23/12, 19:42:01
I seem to recall being more excited that Snoop Dogg made an original song for Need for Speed: Underground 2 last generation. Maybe because that's because I enjoy racing games more than I do basketball games.
Posted: 10/23/12, 23:28:56
Fuck that illuminati piece of shit.

Why doesn't he produce Bravely Default or Ni No Kuni?

Wake me up if he goes beyond shitty sports games.

And I'm sure he did alllll the work on that game lol.

Fuck that guy, his music's overrated too, yet he thinks he's the greatest rapper ever cuz he sells (out) a lot. I really like like 3 songs of his tops.
Posted: 10/24/12, 03:34:50

The NBA2K games are generally some of the best reviewed, AAA sports games released every year.

Secondly Jay Z producing a basketball game isn't really a stretch. He has a shitload of money and is the part owner of an NBA team. Bravely Default? That doesn't even make sense.

Thirdly this type of business is why he is one of the wealthiest celebrities on earth, regardless of how you feel about his music he is one hell of a good businessman.

Fourthly if you think the producers of most major games are "doing all the work" in the making of it, I think you need to look up what producers usually do. They oversee projects in a broad sense. I'm sure he gave some input, not unlike all of these movies that Tarantino supposedly co-produced when in reality he filmed like half of one scene and gave some pointers, said what he liked and didn't like and financially was vested in the project somehow.

In short I see no problem with this. It makes about as much sense as him selling vodka or owning exclusive clubs.
Posted: 10/24/12, 04:08:04
@carlosrox Yeah, the fuck was that, man? This dude rape your cat or something?
Posted: 10/24/12, 07:41:30
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