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Help Show Support for Timesplitters 4!!!
The head of Crytek or something is apparently looking to garner support for the production of this game... the chances are hard as it is... so why not like a silly facebook page and show support for a game we all know would be pretty awesome!! Come on!! Get your friends, monkeys, and floating snowmen on top of this!

Petition Page

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Posted: 06/18/12, 05:23:46  - Edited by 
 on: 06/18/12, 05:24:05
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Is this just a fan petition?

Aw heck, LIKED! I would love a TS4.
Posted: 06/18/12, 05:27:56
Just tweeted him! Great idea.
Posted: 06/18/12, 05:28:14

There are already too many FPS games out there in the world!

I'd rather resources be spent on making RPGs awesome again. Like, with World Maps and all that jazz. How cool would that be? Is anyone starting a kickstarter for that? Because that's something I could totally get behind.

Or a NiGHTS: Into Dreams... HD remake.
Posted: 06/18/12, 05:30:01

No, you go away!

Seriously, they should just make the damn game. Don't start stringing people along if you aren't going to make it.
Posted: 06/18/12, 05:51:56
But Timesplitters is always the correct answer to "What do we do? There are too many FPS games out there in the world." Because Timesplitters would be one of the few that isn't exactly the same as the others.
Posted: 06/18/12, 06:01:05


Timesplitters is awesome, whereas most modern FPS...Are not.

I must echo Missypissy here: Go away Grant .

But why does this have to be done via Facebook??? I'm not joining Facebook to support one petition. Guh.
Posted: 06/18/12, 06:06:28  - Edited by 
 on: 06/18/12, 06:07:16
Posted: 06/18/12, 06:52:20
I'm in the camp of people that never really understood the Timesplitters love. It was a fine game, however it was pretty thoroughly average, imo. Certainly there were much better fps games on the market by the time it came out.
Posted: 06/18/12, 08:01:00

I loved TS2 on the GameCube.
Posted: 06/18/12, 08:03:39
I have no idea if this petition will matter in the end, but considering how long we've all wanted this game, we gotta try eh?
Posted: 06/18/12, 13:16:00
Posted: 06/18/12, 14:26:21
Dude. Monkeys.
Posted: 06/18/12, 14:41:54
I used to play with three buddies. It was always us and a really low level Gargoyle, against a bunch of high level zombies. We would do the ice tower level with Capture the Bag, and we'd do the military fort level where you advance your position. SO much fun.

And it was always hilarious because Gargoyle would always get in the way, haha. I think its head could fall off which was funny, though that may have been the zombies.
Posted: 06/18/12, 17:50:36
Does using the Amazon gift card you got for Father's Day to buy Timesplitters 2 count?
Posted: 06/18/12, 19:12:44
We always played 4 player monkey brick only deathmatch. Awesome when drunk.
Posted: 06/18/12, 20:08:12
I don't have a Facebook, but I'd like to see the game eventually... or used to. I'm not sure I'd trust them to do it right. How many of the original staff would actually work on it?
Posted: 06/19/12, 03:14:19

I used to play four player splitscreen on a 13 inch TV. We wasted an entire summer on TS2 for Gamecube. Such great times. Never did beat all the Challenges on Gold like I wanted to. The Ice Tower was my favorite level. Would play 1 against the world. You'd start with a Sniper Rifle and see how long you could last against the mob.

That military level in the canyon was another favorite of mine. That progression system is something I wish more games did in their multiplayer. You start out just trying to get out of your own base, you take the waterfall, you take their outside defenses and then make that last push.

The customization in the series was awesome. Really enjoyed it. Future Perfect was pretty good too.
Posted: 06/19/12, 03:32:49
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