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What do you think of Miiverse? [poll]
Excited (14/17 votes)
Meh (0/17 votes)
Disappointed (0/17 votes)
Have to see more (3/17 votes)
Are you excited for Miiverse? I'm pretty excited. It's looks to be a pretty cool mix of Twitter, Skype, Lost Souls, etc. I also love the smart phone integration. I have to admit, I'm not too wild about the "Mii Plaza" congregation when you turn on your system. It makes me think that you'd need to go some extra steps just to start playing your game. I think I'd rather have the Channel system like the original Wii, but with folders, like the 3DS. But these folders need to be better than the 3DS ones.

I really like that you can type or hand write you communications with friends. The Lost Souls message system is also a neat idea. I hope you can turn it on and off though. I't would be cool if Nintedo implemented a "Miibook" (Facebook clone) where you can have social interactions with your friends through your and their Miis, put up photos, etc.

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Posted: 06/10/12, 05:34:09
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I am excited! I'm not exactly but we'll get to see, but the little messages of other people sharing in your peril is going to be great. I think those little things can brighten a day and make a "bad" situation not-so-bad.

Do you think people will steer AWAY from Walkthroughs and GameFAQS type stuff if they're able to get little nibbly hints here and there on the Wii U?
Posted: 06/10/12, 06:12:14
I think it will make a big difference in a lot of small ways. I do hope they have a good system in place for regular multiplayer, but these little not-so-realtime interactions are a great way to make things more exciting while also avoiding the empty void on your friends list when you get on in the middle of the night on a weekday. I think it would help you feel populated with activity regardless of who's actually on at the moment.
Posted: 06/10/12, 06:15:57
Miiverse sounds incredible. Name sucks though.
Posted: 06/10/12, 08:07:30
Color me excited. Anything that gives Nintendo more of an online community is a GOOD thing.

- I think it's cool to be able to see which games are the most popular. This should really shine if we can get some online games to play (though we really haven't heard much about which games will be online at launch....I'm looking at you, Pikmin).
- I don't understand why people think there are going to be dick pictures everywhere. The messages that pop up will probably be hand picked or something similar. I have to imagine that messages won't pop up right away, but will probably be approved. There's no way Nintendo will let profanity take up this system.
- The fact that the Miiverse will be accessible through other mobile devices is kind of shocking. I'm surprised Nintendo did this, but in a good way. I'm sure Smartglass will essentially do the same thing, but it's awesome that such a feature going mobile should be standard. Up until now, all I've had is some shitty iPhone app to let me know if I have friends on XBL.
Posted: 06/10/12, 08:25:13
Parts of it are exciting and parts of it seem like features I'd use a couple of times but then turn off. The idea of Negative World all being connected via Wii U is very cool, though. I just don't want a bunch of video conferencing going on every time I can't beat some level on Metroid.

Watching the NSAF sketch again, it looks like a big part of the pitch for Miiverse is to provide unofficial game support to struggling players - something that smacks of getting non-gamers to become more engaged gamers by making things simpler for them. That's not what I need from the Wii U.

Actually, more than anything, I just need to see the Miiverse system in action. The 3DS software seems built to be used in a specific way that I don't use handhelds (Streetpasses, Nintendo Video, etc.) and I worry that the Wii U will be set up with some similar gimmicks that are irrelevant to the way I plan to use the system. So mark me down as skeptical.

Miiverse stands for Mii Universe.
Posted: 06/10/12, 08:27:03
@kriswright Haha, as if we didn't know. Oh Iwata.

Do you think we'll have a way to limit the Miiverse to a group of people? I didn't really have the patience to sit through Iwata's shpiel. It'd be cool if you could quickly toggle that. I don't want to just see who in the WORLD is playing a game - I want to see which games my friends are playing.
Posted: 06/10/12, 08:31:44
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