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How often do you turn off your 3DS? [poll]
Whenever I'm not playing it, it's off. (8/39 votes)
I turn it off quite often. (8/39 votes)
I've turned it off a few times. (14/39 votes)
My 3DS has been on since I got it. (9/39 votes)
Ignoring battery drainages and mandatory system restarts, that is. I've never actually turned my 3DS off.

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Posted: 01/17/12, 01:50:56
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I leave mine on in StreetPass mode if I'm out and about, but otherwise it's off.
Posted: 01/17/12, 01:58:02
It turns off?
Posted: 01/17/12, 01:59:59
Always on. If I'm out, I want to get streetpasses, and when I'm at home it's on the charging cradle.
Posted: 01/17/12, 02:04:51
The flashing light annoys me when I'm trying to sleep, so I pretty much always turn it off.
Posted: 01/17/12, 02:08:33
Always off
Posted: 01/17/12, 02:08:58
It's on 90% of the time. But every once in awhile when I realize it hasn't been off in some time I shut it down.
Posted: 01/17/12, 02:11:59
I don't turn mine off very often...usually I just slap it on the charger at night.
Posted: 01/17/12, 02:18:53
I always turn mine off when I'm done with it.

The only time I'd put it in Sleep Mode is when I go out somewhere.
Posted: 01/17/12, 02:26:21
I never turn it off.
Posted: 01/17/12, 03:45:10
I'll turn it off at night, that's it. I never really considered constantly leaving it on but I'm not sure why I'd want to at night. I would never get a StreetPass anyway... then again considering my lack of success with StreetPass, I probably would
Posted: 01/17/12, 03:54:23

You can leave it on at night just in case you get a late-night Swapnote from your fellow Negative Worlders!

EDIT: Plus, I heard that if you leave your 3DS on at all times, Lufia II shows up in your Virtual Console library.
Posted: 01/17/12, 04:02:47  - Edited by 
 on: 01/17/12, 04:04:02

I turned off the blue light notification though. It was always on... I'd rather have it be exclusive for Nintendo's updates.
Posted: 01/17/12, 04:05:45
Why do you leave it on all the time? Isn't that a waste of battery/energy?
Posted: 01/17/12, 04:22:20
I leave it in Sleep mode when I'm out and about, cruising for Streetpass hits.

But if I'm at home or something and I'm not playing, it goes off. No point in leaving it on.
Posted: 01/17/12, 05:06:25
Turn it off pretty often, usually as I'm going to sleep. Although ever since I got the Mario alarm clock (yes, I bought it--using my 3DS as an alarm and waking up to Mario music was worth the 2 bucks for me), it's been on for multiple days at a time.
Posted: 01/17/12, 05:08:29
I think I've turned it off about 5 times since launch day.
Posted: 01/17/12, 05:24:39
I usually fall asleep watching Netflix and it turns off by itself.
Posted: 01/17/12, 05:26:14
Whenever I'm not playing, it's off. Considering it's poor battery life, I would have to keep the thing plugged in most of the day if I decided to never turn it off.
Posted: 01/17/12, 05:59:14  - Edited by 
 on: 01/17/12, 21:49:08
I often whisper sweet nothings into its mic so its always turned on.
Posted: 01/17/12, 06:10:08
Sometimes I leave it on for a while to see if I get anything, but it's off most of the time.
Posted: 01/17/12, 06:21:55
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