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RUMOR - Wii U To Have Full App Store
It looks like the Wii U is going to have a full blown app store similar to the Apple App Store or Android Market.

The Daily said:

Nintendoís next game console, the Wii U, is months away from launch, but its touchscreen controller is already turning heads ó and The Daily has learned that Nintendo plans to implement a full-blown app store for the system.

Nintendo currently maintains repositories that act as ďlightĒ app stores: The DSi Shop for its portables, and the Wii Shop for its current console. Most of its apps are games and basic utilities like Mario Calculator. The Wii Uís as-yet-unnamed store will go far beyond this, proffering a wider variety of apps, said a person familiar with the matter.

Wii U owners will be able to use apps that operate on the Wii U itself, such as MLB.TV, and others that run independently on the Wii Uís controller. Given its tablet-like design and 6.2-inch screen, itís not hard to imagine being able to check email, browse the Web, post to social networks and even get some gaming in.

Itís unknown whether Nintendo plans to monetize its app store with a points system, which it currently uses for WiiWare and DSiWare, or with a more Apple-like pay-to-play system.


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Posted: 12/29/11, 20:40:31  - Edited by 
 on: 12/29/11, 20:41:01
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And Windows 8!
Posted: 12/29/11, 20:47:18
I don't really get this article. "Full app store" implies a lot but the article says little. I think "full app store", I think little control over the content. We're talking about Nintendo here. i.e. LOL! I don't see them giving up the ESRB rating requirements, or their strict control of the release schedule.

Do we expect them to allow publishers to change their prices whenever? To allow developers to patch their games and apps whenever.

I don't know about you, but I really don't.

The ONLY actual info (rumor) I'm getting from this is that the Wii U download service will offer apps that work on the TV, and apps that work on the tablet, ON THE SAME SERVICE. Okay... was anyone expecting something different?
Posted: 12/29/11, 20:53:43  - Edited by 
 on: 12/29/11, 20:55:51
It would be pretty lame if they didn't have this on the WiiU, especially with a tablet that lets you break away from the TV a little bit.

By "app store," I just imagine they'd have a place on the WiiU to download things like:

Hulu Plus?
Amazon Video?
Apps from Nintendo (redownload a Mii Maker, Nintendo Channel, etc)

That is, an APP store separate from any game marketplace. Apps that function more as utilities and content consumption systems. That's how the 360 handles it. There's a tab for Apps, and there's a tab for things like Video and Games.
Posted: 12/29/11, 20:53:59  - Edited by 
 on: 12/29/11, 20:57:31

As far as I know Wiiware and DSiware also have distinct sections for apps. And the article doesn't seem to imply what you're describing at all. It called the Wii and DS download services "light app stores".

Here they're saying "you get apps for both the Wii U and the tablet in the same store".

"App store" is just being used as a buzzword here.
Posted: 12/29/11, 21:02:56  - Edited by 
 on: 12/29/11, 21:03:34
I suppose you're right. And you're also right...isn't it kind of a given that they would have something like this? Some sort of game that can be played on the tablet like a board game? They even showed something like that in the initial WiiU teaser didn't they?
Posted: 12/29/11, 21:23:08

Yeah, I don't know if the Othello game they showed being played on the tablet will be playable on the TV. Well, it probably will, but I can't see the point if it's the case, haha.

I'm sure whatever online store the Wii U has will be an improvement over the Wii's, DSi's and 3DS's stores. It's just that "app store" conjures up an image that whatever the end result is simply won't match at all. It can't. It's not Nintendo's way of doing things. It's not even Sony's or MS's.
Posted: 12/29/11, 21:31:37
Considering the tablet is PART of the Wii U, I wouldn't expect separate apps. What a weird article.
Posted: 12/29/11, 21:36:26  - Edited by 
 on: 12/29/11, 21:36:51
Posted: 12/29/11, 22:13:02
Definitely the right move, the controller is perfect for this sort of thing. I hope Nintendo add a back facing camera to the controller too, even if it's a cheap lo-rez one. It just opens up even more opportunities for apps and games.

Even something as simple as Netflix, where you can potentially scroll through the movies on the TV and have more information about the movies on the controller will be awesome.
Posted: 12/29/11, 22:25:44
If apps that we see on apple and androids market place get on it would sell like crazy. Angry birds will be the big unveiling at e3 this year lol.
Posted: 12/30/11, 06:04:33
@Simbabbad Haha, I didn't even realize I said that. I rewrote a couple things while posting that, haha.
Posted: 12/30/11, 07:43:19
Whatever this 'store' ends up being, I hope that all games, esp. newer games will include playable demos.
Posted: 12/30/11, 08:18:42
Nintendo... Please do this. Cuz this is what people want (mainstream at least, I think). I know I'd be all over it, and I think it'd do well.

Doooooooo ittttttttt.

As much as I think Angry Birds is an overrated crock of shit, I think they'd do good to get home versions of these games, all with two player, big screen, small screen, etc functionality. These games are the COD and Halo for a certain crowd, it'd be in their best interest to embrace it, and make it a worthwhile home/multiplayer experience. Asymmetrical gameplay would be great with popular games like Angry Birds.

Why ignore a huge market? Why not be the first to the market with experiences like this?
Posted: 12/30/11, 12:31:29  - Edited by 
 on: 12/30/11, 12:37:21
Makes sense, I guess, if it's what I'm thinking. If you build it, they will come...

It would be nice to have access to all of the best mobile games.
Posted: 12/30/11, 13:17:39
@carlosrox I still don't think Angry Birds is overrated, I think people get the wrong expectations. It's an absolutely splendid way to kill a 10-minute lunch break!

Half of my iPod games I'd laugh at if not for my short breaks at work!
Posted: 12/30/11, 14:05:38
Cut The Rope is soooo much better!

Also, go to sleep!
Posted: 12/30/11, 14:25:39  - Edited by 
 on: 12/30/11, 14:25:55
I like Angry Birds BECAUSE I'm not swiping the screen like a madman while I eat my sandwich with my other hand!

And sleep? SLEEP?!
Posted: 12/30/11, 14:30:24
Truth. And about a million other games are just as good if not better too.
Posted: 12/30/11, 16:37:52
See, this is what I was talking about. "App Store" conjures up an idea that Nintendo's download service won't be comparable to.

Yeah, Angry Birds is popular, but it's on a phone that follows people everywhere, and it's $1.

We KNOW Nintendo won't do $1 apps and games. They've told us.
And the Wii U tablet isn't portable.

What Nintendo will offer is NOT what people into iOS gaming want.
Posted: 12/30/11, 16:43:18  - Edited by 
 on: 12/30/11, 16:55:06
Isn't portable, you mean.

Do you have a quote about $1 games? What's the cheapest DSiWare stuff?
Posted: 12/30/11, 16:45:04
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