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OT: Merry Christmas Negative World!!!
Merry Christmas Everyone from your pal DrFinkelstein!

Just wanted to wish you all a great day today (and a wonderful holiday in general). Use this thread to post any funny/embarrassing family stories if you'd like, or share what stash/haul you made out with this Christmas whether gaming related or not. Just talk about the holiday in general if you'd like!

If you're a Pushmo gamer, please enjoy this new level I made!

And feel free to visit the Secret Santa thread to see how it all turned out! Again, Merry Christmas everyone!

-- DrFinkelstein

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Posted: 12/25/11, 15:38:14  - Edited by 
 on: 12/25/11, 20:15:16
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Merry Christmas!

I don't have any embarrassing stories to share unfortunately As for gifts, I ended up getting the entire series of Harry Potter on blu ray I also got a shirt and a couple of Toblerone bars, one dark chocolate
Posted: 12/25/11, 15:40:54
Merry Christmas, guys!

I haven't received anything, because Christmas was cancelled here, lol.

I'll have to wait until the 30th to see the whole family together and open the presents.
Posted: 12/25/11, 16:18:46
Merry Christmas!
Posted: 12/25/11, 17:02:12
Merry Christmas all!
Posted: 12/25/11, 17:20:22
Merry Christmas everyone! Typing from my new tablet
Posted: 12/25/11, 18:05:04
Merry Christmas!

I just sent off my secret santa gift on the VC.

My dad's still not awake and my aunt and uncle aren't here yet. They were up later than they should have been. That's what they get for trying to be like me!
Posted: 12/25/11, 18:07:37
Merry Christmas to my favorite little community!

Cool Pushmo level Dr. Fink. If I had the game I'd be playing it!

I had a wonderful little Christmas Eve last night with plenty of brandy and food, and one of my gifts is a little Mario Kart car from Snorlax (adorable).

@Guillaume Delayed because the family is not all together yet?
Posted: 12/25/11, 18:24:43
Posted: 12/25/11, 18:27:23
Merry Christmas NW... and many more.

Take care this holiday...

Posted: 12/25/11, 18:40:53

Had a great time at my family's place. Trish is here too.
We sort of spoiled each other for our first Christmas as a married couple. Good times. We're off to my sister's in a couple hours!

HO HO HO!!!!

Edit - Aww, the Pushmo levels is "too advanced for me." At what level can I get it? Ho ho ho.
Posted: 12/25/11, 18:45:37  - Edited by 
 on: 12/25/11, 18:50:46
I received a surprised gift I never expected... and it looks great!


I'm not sure which level... hmm... I've beaten the main campaign but I dunno why these levels are locked so late. They do involve some later things but I don't think those gameplay elements come in THAT late. Arg!
Posted: 12/25/11, 18:54:16  - Edited by 
 on: 12/25/11, 18:55:36
That's pretty cool! Too bad it doesn't charge in there.
Posted: 12/25/11, 18:55:32

Yeah, but I can understand why cause it's made to work with any DS system (sans DSXL). But it's charging in picture two, and the cord hangs nicely over his arm and doesn't fall behind my desk, so it looks great anyway IMO.
Posted: 12/25/11, 18:56:35
Merry Christmas gang!

My favorite Christmas memory comes from holiday 1977.

Star Wars (org.) was all the rage that year and as a young 8-year-old lad, I fell hook, line and sinker for the requisite merchandising.

A couple weeks before Christmas my dad, older brother and I were at Lechmere's Department store where we spied a couple of fine looking light saber toys. Back then it was basically a flashlight handle (with colored film over the lens) and a milky white plastic sword attachment. Not knowing any better I fell in love on the spot.

My dad realized that since we were there and the item was actually in stock, it was prudent to just buy it on the spot. He told us that we would obviously have to wait 'till Christmas to open them.

Yeah, right.

For two weeks, my brother would steal my dad's car keys, sneak out our bedroom window, retrieve the light sabers so we could toy around with them after lights-out, and then deftly put them and the keys back. It didn't help that I was living in Boston and we had record snows that season. My poor brother tromped out there in the snow wearing nothing but PJs and maybe reg. shoes.

But he was industrious about it. So much so, that he charged me $1 for each trip. Hey, he was doing all the work, right? Not sure where my 8-year-old self came up with all the dollar bills for late night Star Wars saber battles, but I scraped the money together to make it happen.

Some of my most cherished memories are of my brother and I facing off in the dark, him on his bed and me on mine, reenacting light saber battles from our favorite movie of all time.

These days I get more mileage in the memory department of him sneaking out into the snow under the cover of darkness to nab those damn things. To this day I'm still amazed he didn't catch pneumonia!
Posted: 12/25/11, 19:24:12
Merry Christmas! I got food and gas money from my dad so I could live while still looking for work. I also got a 3ds eshop card and picked up pushmo!
Posted: 12/25/11, 19:39:53
Merry Christmas guys. ^__^

Hope you're having a good one wherever you are!
Posted: 12/25/11, 20:34:26
Merry Christmas! I got a 3DS!!! I'll be requesting most of you soon.

Dr. Fink - does that 3DS holder actually recharge it??
Posted: 12/25/11, 20:37:40  - Edited by 
 on: 12/25/11, 20:38:42
Merry Christmas NW.

I got some new socks! I bought my kids a 3DS each, now I am completely jealous. I'm going to have to pick up my own now!
Posted: 12/25/11, 21:19:49

Nope but there's nothing obstructing the power cord from being plugged in on the 3DS so it works just fine. It's not a dock but it's close to it and totally worth the trouble of unplugging the cord from time to time.
Posted: 12/25/11, 21:24:47
Merry Christmas to all! I still haven't opened my gifts yet. We're all waiting on my sister and her husband who will be arriving later tonight. I do have one Christmas present opened, though. I just got a 40" Samsung 6420 LED TV! Super sweet! Also, my mom likes crafts so she designed a Zelda hat with the Triforce logo. I'll take pictures of everything later and post them as soon as I am able.
Posted: 12/25/11, 21:31:40
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