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Games within Games: What to expect in NW Communities - 2012
Hey gang,
I'm using this as a means to keep track of my own promises/intents, but I invite everyone to join in, and those more inclined. In the past, you've no doubt been a part of, joined in, heard about, or ran some sort of game-specific Club or event. But thats all in the past now; what does January 2012 (and beyond!) hold for us? Lets take a quick look (and please, post anything I missed, or what you plan to do yourself)..

[color=red]BACKLAUGUST 2012[/color]
Negative World's newest attraction affecting every videogame player you know (unless they're extremely fortunate and don't buy a new game until completing what they own...but its not about them!). Backlogs are an epidemic, and the purging of them is necessary for the enjoyment of most gamers. Join the cause and eradicate those games clinging to your psyche. Cut the fat this August, with Backlaugust. (See the Backlaugust thread for more info!)

The success of Backlaugust has brought other Backlog-specific months into question, and there is almost a 100% certainty that we'll see another one quite soon. If you missed or enjoyed Backlaugust...Stay tuned!

[url=url=http://www.negativeworld.org/boardreplies.php?id=1761&pagenumber=1][color=teal]The Return of Monster Hunter Tri: Nights[/color][/url]:
Negative World's [url=http://www.negativeworld.org/gamesdetail.php?id=593]one time Most Played Game[/url] gets its very own night back, returning after a long hiatus. With Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursdays that were never the same again, members took up arms alongside one another, slaying a bounty of beasts together. Wii Speak and Tasty Meat peppered the nights, and the time is ripe for a return. The number of folks who haven't yet played it is staggering, and the endless aspect of the game leaves room to play with your friends forever.

{UPDATE - Started again Wednesday Night, 01/11. HR0 encouraged, Offline do your own thing. Mustache up through 1Star.}
{UPDATE - This kinda fell off a bit..}

[url=http://www.negativeworld.org/boardreplies.php?id=3777&pagenumber=1][color=deeppink]OKAMI CLUB: Winter Chill[/color][/url]:
With only one graduate, Okami Club returns to finish what it started. Claiming a wake of dropouts, and at least [url=http://www.negativeworld.org/boardreplies.php?id=4811&pagenumber=1]one broken Wii[/url], the popular epic from Capcom remains unfinished in many a gaming cabinet. [url=http://www.negativeworld.org/gamesdetail.php?id=277]With 2 wanting it, 3 who have given up, 4 yet to do it, and 5 claiming to be currently playing it[/url], this is as good a time as any to put it away. 2012: The Year of the Snowy Wolf.

{UPDATE - Confirmed, resuming this weekend, 1/1. Pick up where you left off, and report!}
{UPDATE - DrFink just bought this, may be joining soon!}

[url=http://www.negativeworld.org/boardreplies.php?id=7357&pagenumber=1][color=orangered]FIRE EMBLEM CLUB: Radiant Dawn[/color][/url]:
In Okami Club fashion, Negative World gets a Strategy-RPG on their plates with one of the greatest Gamecube games out there. We're starting this puppy up on February 19th (Week 1 running through 25th), so if you don't have it yet and want to play, do it, do it now!!

With Path of Radiance finished up, Radiant Dawn is next! Currently looking a mid-September start, somewhere around the 16th. Playing in the Path of Radiance Club wasn't mandatory, but it may enhance your enjoyment of both games (just like playing Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn, woo).

[url=http://www.negativeworld.org/boardreplies.php?id=6410&pagenumber=1]Mario Kart Wii: Spring League (Complete)[/url]:
This fall, Negative World was treated to an awesome League focused on [url=http://www.negativeworld.org/gamesdetail.php?id=2]Mario Kart Wii[/url]. Aiming for a February return, the Spring Sessions will get under way, and we can only hope for a turnout as good as last time. Anon_Mastermind hoisted the trophy, and we hope he'll be back to defend his title. Until then, wet your whistle with [url=http://www.negativeworld.org/boardreplies.php?id=6970&pagenumber=1]Mario Kart 7[/url]; and official league hasn't been fully planned yet, but there were murmurs of it a little while ago, and there are organized nights-- in fact, a [url=http://www.negativeworld.org/boardreplies.php?id=7027&pagenumber=1]Balloon Battle is going on RIGHT NOW![/url]

Mario Kart League looks to resume sometime in early 2013. There is no Fall Mario Kart Wii League this year.

[color=indigo]Retro Game Club[/color]:
Word on the streets is that the Retro Game Club is going to come screaming back with [url=http://www.negativeworld.org/boardreplies.php?id=7136&pagenumber=1]Metroid II: Return of Samus[/url]. Just releasing on the 3DS deal recently, people are foaming at the mouth to play this game. If you haven't been a part of an RGC in the past, please check out their [url=http://www.negativeworld.org/boardreplies.php?id=6940&pagenumber=1]December: Retro Game Club Redux[/url].

{UPDATE - Retro Game Club selection is currently Donkey Kong Country 3!}

[color=orange]Illusion of Gaia: No longer an illusion?[/color]:
[url=http://www.negativeworld.org/boardreplies.php?id=6912&pagenumber=1]Early polls were conducted[/url] to see if this would even be doable, and it appears that at least 30 Negative World members still have a working SNES, and a good number of them have their very own copies of [url=http://www.negativeworld.org/gamesdetail.php?id=358]Illusion of Gaia[/url]. This is a game that has teased me personally for years and years, avoiding my rental every single time, but is referenced without fail all over the internet. Also, this game managed to sidestep a Virtual Console birth, so for now the only way to play it is on a good old cartridge. Christmas hopes withholding, I'd very much like to get started on this thing in the 1st Quarter of 2012, you know..depending on what Santa brings...

{UPDATE - eBay order placed, purchased today for $11, free shipping. Good deals on Amazon, eBay - 01/30 start?}
{UPDATE - Received!}
{UPDATE - Still waiting to start..cartridge works fine.}
{UPDATE - Nobody wants to play, I'll probably play alone, woo}

[color=green]Animal Crossing Wii[/color]:
I'm playing Animal Crossing again, starting January 1st. I lost everything (thanks, Okami!), and I haven't really built stuff up again. Fruit is..well. I don't have "anything." Come on over, come on over, babyyyy! (WOW, times were so different....memorieees...)

{UPDATE - started 1/1. Come on over!}
{UPDATE - Daily play has commenced. "Doover" (Do Over) is open for business. Friend code forthcoming.}
{UPDATE - Kinda fell off a bit..}

Thats about it for me (as far as "games we can play together" goes); what else do you guys got?!

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Posted: 12/13/11, 04:29:31  - Edited by 
 on: 08/23/12, 00:43:17
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Did you really just link to a Christina Aguilera music video?

Um, I would be interested in a Negative World Fight Club. Get online, play some Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Tatsunoko vs Capcom, SUPER Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition and maybe even some Dead or Alive Dimensions. These are all games we could play together! In tournaments, perhaps?

I can't commit to any big, time-consuming games like Monster Hunter or Animal Crossing and such, but these quick, pick-up-and-play games like fighters or racers would work perfectly with my schedule. Another Mario Kart Wii league is very interesting. Maybe we can raise the stakes a bit and offer a prize to the winner? A VC or WiiWare game gifted to the champion, something like that?

Anyway... Christina Aguilera. She looked good back then.
Posted: 12/13/11, 04:57:02
I'd be interested in a Brawl. I haven't played that game in a minute but I think it'll be fun. I might get back to Monster Hunter occasionally even though I still don't like the system, I guess it's worth it to play it with friends and create your own fun besides forging new materials.
Posted: 12/13/11, 05:09:28
No mention of the Diplomacy Corps?

I suppose its not a Nintendo game. Nor even a video game. But 'tis a game nonetheless.
Posted: 12/13/11, 05:19:00

Ooh, you found my Easter Egg! *scoff*, you're WELCOME!

I like your idea. And I LOVE rankings. While I couldn't participate in everything/anything, I think it would be interesting if you had ONE giant league, and each week you had a DIFFERENT game with a mini-tourney, and you kept track of everything. I know that Jargon is a huge Smash Bros. guy and would leap at it, and I remember there being a lot of TvC stuff around here, too. Something to think about; I think you should expand upon it! The seeds are there, brother, they just need some of that good 'ol GDG Water.

The problems with prizes is that often near the end people are like "huh? I didn't know we were really doing that!" Our Fantasy Football league pooped out a bit, and our winner got NOTHING. Pretty rotten. I personally love gifts for the winner, and "playing for something," not that gamesmanship and interpersonal relationships isn't prize enough, haha! Its just hard getting EVERYONE on baord for it ("I wouldn't be interested in that, but you guys can," and then you've got 3 people willing to do prize stuff in a 8-12-20 person league. It stinks.)

And didn't she? Yum.


"Creation of Fun" is the "Ultimate Fun."


Thats where you come in! Way to advertise it, mannnn!
Diplomacy is a community thing. its fine. Link us up, get some new blood!
Posted: 12/13/11, 10:41:33
I'll definitely be participating in the Metroid II RGC. I've beaten the game before, but I bought it on 3DS too, and I'm looking forward to playing it again. Hell, the only reason I'm holding off is because of the RGC.

Illusion of Gaia also sounds good. I picked up a copy a couple of months ago for like $6 and haven't popped it in yet, so that would be a good reason for me to do so.
Posted: 12/13/11, 16:00:37
I'd do an Illusion of Gaia RGC if they released it on the VC...
Posted: 12/13/11, 16:02:44
Did you get Mario Kart 7, Robbo?

Everyone get Blur! It's soooo good!
Posted: 12/13/11, 16:27:05

Nikki has it. I don't have a 3DS!

Preliminary complaints: "Argh, why are there so many blue shells?"
Posted: 12/13/11, 23:31:59
Mon Hun nights YEAH! Can't wait
Posted: 12/13/11, 23:42:27
If it weren't for my college hiatus from gaming, I'd be really pumped for Monster Hunter Nights. I could join early in January over break. I'd also have to agree with Tranquilo on normal fights with random people have become quite dull, but with a group of people it could be fun. I've always wanted to play Monster Protector Tri, but only found a group willing to once. That was definitely a fun night.
Posted: 12/13/11, 23:49:25  - Edited by 
 on: 12/13/11, 23:50:23
That sounds like a lot of fun actually.
Posted: 12/13/11, 23:51:59

Haha!: FLASH BOMB to burn the real-world eyes of the ATTACKERS.

Thats a little too advanced for me now. I think you "we've got nothing left to do" guys could benefit from it though.

My visions for Monster Hunter Nights; I'm not sure how many people are around HR0, or willing to restart, but I'd like to see groups shuffle from time to time (but you'd know who you'd be with before set out, not "first come first serve" which has been a problem SO many times with one or two guys left alone). Like, if there were 8 people total, it'd be neat to see them break off into two groups, and then as time (in the night) moves on, people will drop out, and then we're left with 4, and they combine up until they get too tired, or something. Just a thought.

MPtri is a friend to all Monsters. Except Jho.
Posted: 12/14/11, 00:05:33

I'm pretty much at that level. I tried to get back into MH3 again a few months back and failed.

I'd be up for any weekend MH sessions...
Posted: 12/14/11, 00:13:26

Just lemme get through a) my Rosters and b) Christmas and I'll be much more open to everything. I'll drop Skyward Sword in one week's time, and then I won't have any pressing games left on my schedule.
Posted: 12/14/11, 00:50:43
Posted: 12/27/11, 23:55:47  - Edited by 
 on: 12/27/11, 23:57:37
If you missed it (or you're not yet a Negative World member and seeing this as a 99 thread), the Retro Game Club has returned with Metroid II: Return of Samus as this month's selection. They're just starting up, so get in there if you're interested!
Posted: 01/03/12, 01:02:49
Going now:

01/01 Okami Club: Winter Chill (Finish this game!)

01/01 Animal Crossing: City Folk, 2012 (Come over!)

01/11 The Return of Monster Hunter Tri: Wednesday Nights are Monstrous Once More

Monster Hunter tonight, woo!

(And for you 99'ers out there, we've got another guy here starting over. 3 more HR0 / fresh players would give us 8, and that would be good.)
Posted: 01/12/12, 01:35:17  - Edited by 
 on: 01/12/12, 01:36:59
Why isn't there a Mario Kart 7 League?
Posted: 01/12/12, 02:03:58

Not my department. No idear, brother.
Posted: 01/12/12, 02:43:41
A little update for friends of Game Clubs:

Ogre Battle has had a little self-created buzz, and it sounds like there is some desire for a Fire Emblem Club as well. I personally won't play through Path of Radiance again, but I'd DEFINITELY do a Radiant Dawn Club. Perhaps I can DM the Path of Radiance Club in preparation of the RD Club?

There'll be an exploratory post soon..
Posted: 02/05/12, 02:45:07
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