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How do you like your new Tanooki Mario Keychain? [poll]
Love it! (4/8 votes)
Meh (4/8 votes)
Hate it! (0/8 votes)
I personally love it. It's better that it's flat so that it's not too bulky in your pockets, and it seems like it's made from quality material.

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Posted: 11/13/11, 21:16:41
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I say Meh ONLY because I just bought a keychain of Wario from the Nintendo World Store and it's a bit higher quality than Tanooki Mario that we got now. However, this keychain is still pretty nice and pretty good and I'm definitely gonna use it along with my keys and Wario Keychain. I just wish it had more definition like the Wario Keychain does. Instead they chose to go with the iconic art of the game and not a higher quality representation.
Posted: 11/13/11, 21:36:54
Is it just me or does Mario look like he's trying to take a dump?

Meh because we're not getting it here, and I don't really care.
Posted: 11/13/11, 21:42:27

I can't help but think that every time I see it. Still, I wouldn't mind having one! I'll have to settle with that pin set we get here in Canada for buying both Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7
Posted: 11/13/11, 22:46:54
I actually forgot all about the keychain. Went in to pick up my game and Ron, the store manager, said, "Do you want your keychain in the bag or do you want to use it now. At first, I was like, what are you talking about. I was kindof tired and out of it, and then I remembered.

I actually love it! Its alot higher quality than I thought it would be. I figured it would be plastic. But nope. Nice shiny gold metal. I can't believe people only think its 'meh'. Plus comparting it to something you paid for doesn't make any sense. I would hope that an item I actually paid for would be of higher quality.

Well, I just made it home from picking up my game and a few other errands. I still need to wash clothes. I will start those and then start this game! I need to complete it before the podcast next weekend, so I can talk about the game in full, ect, ect.


Really? Do you have Gamestops in Australia? I think its kindof bullshit that different regions do not get all the same goodies. I think all the bundles, games, ect should be offered to everyone in the world, no matter which country, region they live in.
Posted: 11/13/11, 23:02:22  - Edited by 
 on: 11/13/11, 23:06:30

Don't think so. I've never seen one anyway. But we do have EB, and EB are owned by Gamestop.

Generally I avoid them like the plague (apart from sales), but sometimes the preorder bundles are too sweet to resist.

My only regret is that since I moved two years ago, it's harder for me to visit the indy store I used to visit all the time. I try to drop in there and give the owner some business when I get the chance, but it's too far out of my way to do it regularly anymore. Almost the only reason I have to go there now is for import DS titles .
Posted: 11/13/11, 23:18:05

Really, the stores still go by the EB name? Thats kindof weird since Gamestop did buy them out. I really don't have any issues with Gamestops, plus I comlplete those online surveys from E-rewards and I get a $25 gift card for GS every 3 months, so I definely like taking advantage of that.

Only thing I hate about GS is the pittance amount of money they give for trade-ins. Unless the game is only like 1 or 2 months old, they really drop the price alot. So, I try to sell my used games on ebay. But like today, I had my $25 gift card and I was low on cash, so I traded my copy of Streetfighter IV 3D, cause I never play it. And I only got like $10 for the game, but between that and what I had left over on another gift card, I didn't have to pay anything for the Mario 3D game. If it wasn't for SS coming out next weekend, I would have just paid out the cash and kept my SFIV game to sell online, but there isn't enough time for all of that. Also, I only paid like $15 for SF IV, so I didn't feel too bad for only getting $10 out of it. But still, I thought I would at least get around $15-$20 for the game. Oh well.
Posted: 11/13/11, 23:27:03  - Edited by 
 on: 11/13/11, 23:27:54

It makes sense when Nintendo already makes gold metal keychains and they have a really nice aesthetic to them. Nintendo could have chosen (even for free) to go the same route but they chose not to so that they could have the literal promo art on a keychain.

It's definitely really nice compared to what it could have been... we could have had a shitty plastic or easy-tear rubbery keychain, but I just wish there was more to the design. It's not the quality of the materials I'm bummed with.
Posted: 11/13/11, 23:33:52
It's cool, I guess. I doubt I'll ever use it. It's probably going in a box with my DKCR remote holder, Phantom Hourglass stylus, Mario Galaxy coin, and other preorder nicknacks.
Posted: 11/14/11, 00:11:44  - Edited by 
 on: 11/14/11, 00:11:55

Well EB has the brand recognition here, not Gamestop. So after the buyout, it makes sense to keep the name that everyone was familiar with.

My issue with EB is just the general lack of personal service. Back in the day when I asked for a Wind Waker preorder, they told me they were sold out and not to bother going anywhere else because it'd be the same everywhere (Nintendo already allocated pre-order stock or something). That's when my friend put me onto the aforementioned indy store. I went there the night before the official release, plonked down $5 less than EB were charging, and got a copy with the bonus OoT/Master Quest disc.

Then when I pre-ordered Metroid Prime from EB, I just got attitude. 'Really? Metroid Prime? Alright. You know we haven't taken many preorders for this title.' Yeah fuck you, stuck up EB employee.

To be fair that was probably just the Bankstown store, not EB as a whole. But I got to know the indy retailer, and started buying all my stuff there. I'd always get games before the streetdate, a few bucks cheaper, and sometimes if I was really lucky, copies of free games that just weren't selling. If I ever wanted a popular title (or console at launch), I'd just ring her and let her know, and there'd always be a copy waiting for me behind the counter when I walked in. Plus all the import titles I was able to get my hands on.

I've mellowed a little bit towards EB over the years, but like I said, I generally don't give them any money unless they've got a really sweet deal going on. These days I usually go to one of the bigger general electronic retailers. Prices are generally cheaper, and you don't get any asshattery from dick employees.
Posted: 11/14/11, 00:20:43
I put it on my keyring. Glad it's not bulky.
Posted: 11/14/11, 01:00:18
I love it! I like the art style. I thought it would look cheap since it's not a full figure but turns out to be a nice one.

Mario is now at peace with my keys.
Posted: 11/14/11, 02:46:24
Posted: 11/14/11, 03:13:23  - Edited by 
 on: 11/14/11, 03:14:43
I didn't even know the game was out! Nice keychain ring, but I'm a little glad to not have yet another bit of swag to store.
Posted: 11/15/11, 20:32:53
Oh yeah. I forgot about it and Gamestop apparently didn't care to remind me.
Posted: 11/15/11, 21:06:00
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