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Power, Wisdom, or Courage: Choose your part of theTriforce [poll]
Power (3/22 votes)
Wisdom (10/22 votes)
Courage (9/22 votes)

Triforce of Power: The Triforce of Power embodies the essence of the Goddess of Power, Din, the creator of Hyrule. Whoever holds the Triforce of Power is granted "true power". This power is absolute, making the recipient of Din's blessing a god-like entity, vastly more powerful than any mortal, affording its wielder invulnerability, vast strength and an unlimited source of mystical power.

Triforce of Wisdom: The Triforce of Wisdom embodies the essence of the Goddess of Wisdom, Nayru, the author of law. It imparts divine wisdom upon its holder, and grants the holder untold mystical abilities, including the ability to heal others and, presumably, the ability to communicate telepathically. The Triforce of Wisdom leads its holder to make the right decisions, making them wiser than any mortal.

Triforce of Courage: The Triforce of Courage embodies the essence of the Goddess of Courage, Farore, the source of all life. The Triforce of Courage is more than a mere symbol of Link's exemplary courage, who is usually its bearer. Though Link is not a skilled sorcerer like Ganondorf or Zelda, the Triforce of Courage, like the other sacred triangles, grants him untold mystical abilities, one of them being some extent of protection against evil magic. Speculation exists that states that the Triforce also grants its bearer the ability to master any weapon they touch.

Which part of the Triforce are you most interested in or best represents you?

Triforce info from Zelda Wiki.
Credit to iceannet from Deviantart for the Triforce GIF.

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Posted: 11/10/11, 03:37:05
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I chose courage. You can get through life without the other wisdom or power more easily than you can without courage.
Posted: 11/10/11, 03:42:13
Courage, because Link always wins.
Posted: 11/10/11, 03:42:20
I didn't read the descriptions, but Wisdom all the way. Wisdom is probably my favorite part of livin'. It's awesome and I get more every day. I can't wait until I'm 90 and sit around being wise and stroking my long white beard all day while people ask me stupid questions.
Posted: 11/10/11, 03:42:25
Well now I have to take power to balance all you brainy wusses and brave idiots out.
Posted: 11/10/11, 03:57:22
Based on the (likely non-canon) descriptions, I'm torn between Power and Wisdom. I suppose if I stuck to my morals though, Wisdom would have more practical uses.

But if I was to choose based on actual in-game information, I'd have to go with Courage since it's supposed to be so dangerous in the wrong hands (more so than the other two pieces), there must be something special about it that we just haven't quite seen yet.
Posted: 11/10/11, 04:07:07  - Edited by 
 on: 11/10/11, 04:08:11
Ganondorf said:
Well now I have to take power to balance all you brainy wusses and brave idiots out.

Posted: 11/10/11, 04:08:23
X-pert74 said:
Courage, because Link always wins.

This. Also, power corrupts (what's the point of being all powerful when you look like a pigman?), and Zelda's wisdom doesn't stop her from doing stupid things and getting caught constantly now, does it?

The Triforce of Courage is the only one that seems to do it's wielder any good.


Posted: 11/10/11, 04:11:10  - Edited by 
 on: 11/10/11, 04:13:06

Link might always win, but Zelda always gets some poor schmuck to do her bidding and fight dangerous dudes.. so I think Wisdom is wisest... haha.
Posted: 11/10/11, 04:17:14

You need people like me. You know why? You need people like me so you can point your fingers and say, "That's the bad guy." So say good night to the bad guy!
Posted: 11/10/11, 04:27:29  - Edited by 
 on: 11/10/11, 04:28:16
Wisdom yo.
Posted: 11/10/11, 04:44:10
I'll take courage. There's something to be said about being brave in the face of the unknown.
Posted: 11/10/11, 04:47:34
Posted: 11/10/11, 05:02:10
The courage to deny the extremes of both the latter and achieve happiness on my own
Posted: 11/10/11, 05:08:16  - Edited by 
 on: 11/10/11, 05:08:39
I'm taking Power, all the way. In Hyrule, I would have taken courage, but in the real world power is what really gets you ahead. Just look at the Kardashians; no courage or wisdom there.
Posted: 11/10/11, 05:10:42

"You WANT me on that wall, you NEED me on that wall."

Posted: 11/10/11, 05:11:53
Well, I voted Wisdom, but I should have gone for Power, because that one is obviously the shit.
Posted: 11/10/11, 05:25:46
I'm going with Power.

When I can wield an almighty force, I don't think courage is something I will be at a loss for.

No need for Wisdom when you have Power. Wisdom doesn't get you very far in this world.

Having said that, the speculation aspect of the Triforce of Courage is intriguing. The ability to master any weapon I touch - instantly - sounds pretty enticing. I'm not sure how practical that would be in the real world, but... hey. It'd be cool.
Posted: 11/10/11, 05:52:48
Power. Courage is stupid--you can achieve that on your own. Good luck sending lightning bolts out of your hands without a triforce of power, though! And some of the telepathic and magic parts of Wisdom are cool, but screw that! Power is where its at!
Posted: 11/10/11, 06:03:26
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