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Would you buy Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition on the 3DS? [poll]
Yes (2/17 votes)
No (13/17 votes)
Maybe (2/17 votes)
Would you buy it? Would you not buy it? Would it depend on price and/or new features?

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Posted: 11/05/11, 07:28:56
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I said "no" (I'm tired of rebuying games from Capcom), but I probably would end up buying it anyway just because. I don't know, maybe if the background was animated?
Posted: 11/05/11, 08:55:51
At this point, no. I like the original, but not so much that I would buy it a second time unless there was a lot of new content.
Posted: 11/05/11, 14:55:58

What if it were compatible with the new online features? (Invites, leagues, etc?)
Posted: 11/05/11, 15:48:10

If that were to happen (and I see no reason why it wouldn't) then absolutely. I'd probably buy it anyway, though. I'm a consumer whore for this franchise.

I'd want it to be $20 at retail though - or at least $30.
Posted: 11/05/11, 15:51:20
I'll buy this again, there's no use denying this. However, I would love to have these features: Animated backgrouds, Danger music, All characters, All costumes, Intros & Endings for all Street Fighter IV games, Game invites, missing sound effects, etc.
Posted: 11/05/11, 17:06:11
I voted maybe, because it would depend on new features added, especially those @sirmastersephiroth mentioned.
Posted: 11/05/11, 18:31:26
No, but then I didn't buy the original Super Street Fighter 3D Edition. Just not big on the series.
Posted: 11/05/11, 18:57:26
Do not care for series.
Posted: 11/05/11, 19:32:11
If I were to get Arcade Edition I would get it on 360.
Posted: 11/05/11, 21:17:39
I love this series to death! I'm not a big fan of 3, though. It was a bit too complicated for my tastes in fighting games and most of the new characters were kind of lame.
Posted: 11/05/11, 21:17:40

If you ever end up getting it, hit me up. I've got the Arcade Edition for 360!


Lame? What about Q? And Twelve?

.... oh wait. I see your point.
Posted: 11/06/11, 07:20:01
@GameDadGrant Too bad you don't have it for the PS3. And for those people who say that Seth is cheap, I dare you to fight against Gill from Street Fighter III. That guy is so cheap he even has a move that allows him to recovers his health.
Posted: 11/06/11, 08:48:04
No. I bought SFIV for the 3DS, thinking maybe I will giving fighting games a chance and that I might like them since I can play against others online. Its still just a genre I am not interested in playing that much. Just like FPS, no matter how much I would love to like these games, I never will.
Posted: 11/06/11, 20:41:49
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