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How would you feel about exclusive Wii U Zapper controls for Metroid Prime 4? [poll]
Mind Blown (2/32 votes)
Ehhh...I can dig it (6/32 votes)
*shrugs* (6/32 votes)
Just...no (16/32 votes)
You'd have to pay me to play it (2/32 votes)

This is one game where I feel that both the Wii Remote and Wii U tablet controller would significantly benefit the gameplay (pointer controls, streamlined visor combat/interaction). You could also use the touch screen for mode/item selections and the map. I'd rather have this option than be forced to choose between the two.

What do you guys think? Yea? Nay? WTF?

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Posted: 08/30/11, 02:50:16
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Sounds cool, but I'd have to try it out first to see. If they're going to make another Prime game, they are really going to need some fresh ideas for it not to feel a little worn.
Posted: 08/30/11, 02:58:00
Looks dorky, though. I'm not usually someone who gets hung up on stuff like that but, I mean... it just does.
Posted: 08/30/11, 02:59:56
Powersuit peripheral or nothing.
Posted: 08/30/11, 03:00:39
I'd be concerned about the weight of that when pointing at the screen.
Posted: 08/30/11, 03:02:13

Mmmm, I don't feel that the formula needs to change drastically. I mean, we've only had 3 Prime games (only counting the console versions). I just want more varied worlds, more awesome music, and a greater sense of scale. The gameplay can remain relatively unchanged, and I think I'd prefer it.

I really want an epic Prime game where you have this truly expansive universe to traverse. I'd also like Retro to take a stab at putting in fully fleshed out space combat sequences in the game.
Posted: 08/30/11, 03:03:53
I'm not saying completely change the formula, just fresh ideas. Lots of them.
Posted: 08/30/11, 03:06:41
I never really got comfortable with the Zapper, prefer mote/chuck separate. I can dig it, though.
Posted: 08/30/11, 03:06:53

I think it looks awesome. And even if it didn't, it's the functionality that counts. I think the potential gameplay concepts it could harvest far outweighs the problems some my have with the aesthetics of the controller, or feeling goofy while playing it. I mean, Face Raiders looks kind of dorky to onlookers, but I couldn't give two shits because the game is fun to play.


I'd kill for that. Embed the U tablet into the helmet's visor for full immersion. Actually that would be an interesting concept; having a U tablet helmet peripheral for 360 degree camera control, and then aim with the wiimote and move with the nunchuck. Hmmm...


The U tablet is surprisingly light. Deceptively so. You would never think it was as light as it is without holding it.


I'm not a fan of the Wii zapper either, but somehow putting a screen on it makes it a lot more appealing and I would definitely learn to get used to it.
Posted: 08/30/11, 03:12:02  - Edited by 
 on: 08/30/11, 03:14:01

And honestly, all 3 Primes feel quite different from each other, which is why I love them all for separate reasons.
Posted: 08/30/11, 03:15:38

The tablet at E3 didn't contain the battery, though.
Posted: 08/30/11, 03:15:59

I don't think that adding a lithium-ion battery is going to make it weigh significantly more than it already does. Besides, it had a tether to it anyway, so it's pretty much a wash.

My point though is that the bulk of the tablet in general makes it look kind of heavy, but it's not.
Posted: 08/30/11, 03:19:32
casper884 said:

And honestly, all 3 Primes feel quite different from each other, which is why I love them all for separate reasons.
Yeah I'd agree. I just don't want Metroid to fall into the same boat as Zelda did with Twilight Princess. Great game, but it didn't bring too much new to the table. And honestly, I think Metroid needs a little break. We got three Metroid games on Wii. I still haven't played Other M.
Posted: 08/30/11, 03:20:40

We got our break with Other M. I'm ready for a real 3D Metroid game now (read: another Prime).
Posted: 08/30/11, 03:22:39

There were hands-on impressions from a few sites saying that, behind closed doors, the controller with its battery is just as light as the one on the show floor.

Anyway, count me out for the Zapper. Metroid Prime is about immersion, and the Zapper feels too stiff and artificial to naturally immerse me.
Posted: 08/30/11, 04:24:18  - Edited by 
 on: 08/30/11, 06:39:31
It would probably control like Other M so just no.
Posted: 08/30/11, 04:31:03
Tranquilo said:
It would probably control like Other M so just no.

The zapper uses the nunchuk, so no, it wouldn't control like Other M.
Posted: 08/30/11, 04:33:39
An Aliens game where the tablet was a motion sensor would be cool. Don't know about Prime 4... seems it'd be a little stiff. I like how Corruption controlled so something closer to that, or even the original prime. I really wouldn't want the tablet and the zapper.
Posted: 08/30/11, 04:38:44
Depends on how it'd work in the end but my initial reaction would be intense rage/annoyance.

Edit: I voted Just no
Posted: 08/30/11, 06:55:01  - Edited by 
 on: 08/30/11, 07:14:07
Why not just offer a dual analog setup? It would also make sense in the event that you want to play without the TV.

I might not be alone in this as well, but I don't want a Metroid that's more expansive...I want one that's more intimate. I want to go deep underground in a world that has caverns that twist and turn. I want to keep going down and down until it gets darker and creepier, making me want to return to the surface for air. I want to go through dark caverns that are lit up by some sort of powerup that Samus acquires, only to reveal nasty monsters lurking below the surface.

I don't want the game to be a bunch of planets that have nothing to do with each other, or have some sort of hub world that provides easy access to a few areas. I want a big main area that branches off into another big area, that branches off into another area, with shortcuts between them and goodies under every stone.

Super Metroid and to an extent, Metroid Prime, were able to do a lot of that, and I think they need to take it to the next level. Like, remember how Super Metroid makes you feel when you're in Maridia, and you're not ready for it? You just spend forever down there figuring out where to go, and when you finally do return to a familiar area (lower Brinstar), it's like, ooooh whaaaa??? It's like coming home or something.

I think they need to go back to basics and focus on what, at least to me, made Metroid so great - world design.

Also, I voted Just...No. I don't want to hold a gun with a screen on it for 13-20 hours. I want to melt into my chair and get absorbed into the game. I can't imagine this being comfortable at all. Do you really want to do that for a few hours at a time?
Posted: 08/30/11, 07:05:54

Dual analog controls are ABSOLUTE SHIT and I refuse to even think of them as an option. Pointer controls or bust.

Anyway, I think you misunderstood me when I said that I want a great sense of scale. I don't mean a bunch of disjointed environments or huge spaces, but lots planets that are designed with the intricate detail and integration of the previous Prime games. I also want the planets to be bigger in general. Not necessarily more expansive spaces within the planets themselves, but more rooms and caverns to be integrated into the overall game.

So not just bigger, but more in terms of quantity and variety.

I do however want outerspace to be expansive. Travelling light years into the dark abyss really gives off a sense of isolation, which is perfect for the atmosphere of the game.
Posted: 08/30/11, 07:33:51  - Edited by 
 on: 08/30/11, 07:51:48
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