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For NA Wii owners: If Xenoblade Chronicles releases in NA I will... [poll]
Definitely buy it right away (35/58 votes)
Definitely buy it eventually (7/58 votes)
Maybe buy it eventually (7/58 votes)
Definitely not buy it because I imported it (2/58 votes)
Definitely not buy it because I'm not interested (4/58 votes)
I'm not from NA, WTF am I doing voting?! (3/58 votes)
In case you don't know, it is reviewing very, very well. I've read many reviews calling it the best JRPG of the generation, and one even called it the best JRPG since the 16-bit era.

Just curious to know how badly people here want it.

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Posted: 08/23/11, 01:42:39
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I get games that I want on Day 1. This is a game that I want. If it releases here.
Posted: 08/23/11, 01:43:23
NA. No longer the centre of the gaming world .
Posted: 08/23/11, 01:46:12
Day 1 purchase without a doubt.
Posted: 08/23/11, 01:47:00
If I have money, I'll buy it right away, but I put buy it eventually just in case I don't have the money at the time.
Posted: 08/23/11, 01:47:36

I'm going to STAB your FACE.

--Have N.A. people EVER rubbed anything in the face of other territories for getting a game they didn't?
I've never seen it, I've most certainly never done it, and I don't recall hearing it.

I know it happens (games going one place over another), sure, but I've never gloated about getting Chrono Trigger or anything like that. Why do you keep doing that? What are you going to say if/when we do get it? You'll have nothing left to talk about but giant spiders. *sigh*
Posted: 08/23/11, 01:48:12
@Shadowlink Yeah but on the plus side...

I don't live in Australia.
Posted: 08/23/11, 01:55:45

Ow, not the face!

I will congratulate you guys if you do get it . I hope you do, really. This is just a big thing for the PAL regions, given that it's usually the other way around. And I'm just happy to see that the decisions are being made independently of NOA these days. Too often if stuff didn't come from Japan to NA, we sure as hell didn't see it here.The change is good.


And as a consequence you suffer from a lack of Vegemite. How is your life even worth living?
Posted: 08/23/11, 01:56:29  - Edited by 
 on: 08/23/11, 01:59:40
Prior to all the Game of the Year type reviews I would have said buy it eventually. Now I think if it comes I'll buy it day one and drop whatever I'm playing till I beat it. The game sounds legitimately great.
Posted: 08/23/11, 02:00:18
Definitely buy it right away

Day one, no questions asked, guaranteed purchase. I mean, I already have it preordered! (Or rather, I have Monado preordered. )
Posted: 08/23/11, 02:01:15
I'm maybe buy but leaning more towards probably not gonna buy ever. There shoulda been that option too. Game just doesn't really look like my cup of tea.

Edit: I'd have to really look into the game. Read reviews, impressions, tons of videos, etc. I find it hard to believe it's as good as people are saying it is. Hate to sound cynical but I get the feeling it's reviewing better since the game is taboo, like some sick point to make to Nintendo or something. Probably a lil far-fetched but I also wouldn't put it past some people.
Posted: 08/23/11, 02:04:09  - Edited by 
 on: 08/23/11, 02:06:33
@carlosrox But it got awesome reviews in Japan before the whole Rainfall thing even blew up. I think it is just a legitimately great game. (And I bet that The Last Story and Pandora's Tower won't review as well either...)
Posted: 08/23/11, 02:09:09

I agree with you. I don't think its far-fetched.


You mentioned "before the whole Rainfall thing" because we know that stuff DID blow up there after it was getting a lot of attention here. I'm not saying the game isn't as good as it is, because I'm sure it is, but like Carlos said, I'd be surprised if it isn't getting a little extra shine because of the hubbub.
Posted: 08/23/11, 02:11:47
I don't know if I'll get it on release day, but I'll definitely be picking it up, as with the other Op. Rainfall games.

There was 'best RPG of this generation' talk surrounding Xenoblade way before this Op. Rainfall thing blew up. Months ago, a user on GAF did a big review on the Japanese version of Xenoblade and said it's the best RPG to be on a Nintendo console since Chrono Trigger. That's pretty high praise.
Posted: 08/23/11, 02:16:00  - Edited by 
 on: 08/23/11, 02:19:17

Yeah, but I think that Tales of Symphonia is the best RPG on Gamecube/Wii since Chrono Trigger.

I'm but one man, just like Mr. GAF Guy.
Posted: 08/23/11, 02:24:08

Hmm. Crackpot theory time. The prevailing wisdom here is that this game would perform better in NA than Europe/Aus. So what's a good way to maximise the sales in those territories?

Deny the games to the NA audience, thus generating massive controversy and publicity. I know for a fact I barely knew *anything* about this game until Operation Rainfall hit. How many sales have been generated in PAL from NOA's move?

Then after a time, NOA can go back on it's 'decision', and also benefit from the increased hype in it's own market.
Posted: 08/23/11, 02:28:13
Yeah but what I'm saying is that the reviews coming out now are all saying the same thing as what the reviews were saying before Op. Rainfall started.
Posted: 08/23/11, 02:30:32
Day 1 purchase. 3 years down the road I'll play it.
Posted: 08/23/11, 02:33:40
But wasn't the games fate unsure for years? I mean, the fact it hit Japan so long ago sorta proves there was always question of it possibly not releasing here.

Zero predicted it. I refused to believe but that was back when I had more faith in Nintendo's decisions.

Is this a shallow reason to dislike/lose interest in the game? Cuz there's tons of shit all over the screen? I'm sorry, I just hate games like that to death. That's a cardinal sin for me. Giant text, giant numbers popping up with every hit, lame particle effects on screen at all time...ugh. I just hate that look in games. Do people actually enjoy that cluttered shit? It's rape on your eyes.

Quite honestly it's like the only thing I have against the game. The rest of it looks absolutely awesome. THAT'S how much that text and bars and clutter pisses me off. It can ruin an amazing game for me. Maybe I'd give the game a chance and try to ignore the clutter. But...you sorta can't cuz it's part of the game and I'm sure it's there cuz you need to see it... Ugh...
Posted: 08/23/11, 02:38:10  - Edited by 
 on: 08/23/11, 02:45:21
@Shadowlink That is a crackpot theory, and I doubt it was anything Nintendo has planned. However, Operation Rainfall has brought these games to light and basically worked as free advertising for Nintendo, so it is like doubly silly that they are still ignoring the games.

Although I kind of have a small ray of hope for Xenoblade after Reggie talked about watching European sales and the European sales have been great so far. And the massively high review scores can't hurt. I still doubt it is coming, but I have a small ray of hope.

Whatever the case, I have decided that I am playing the game either way. If I have to import/hack, so be it. But I won't have time to play an RPG until next year anyway, so I can wait a bit and hope that NOA gets their ass in gear.

@Mr_Mustache Yeah but it's not just one guy, every review so far has been great. Also, isn't Tales sort of generally considered one of the best RPGs on a Nintendo console since the SNES? I didn't get super into it personally, but I can't think of many others that top it (besides Skies, duh...) I'm not counting Nintendo handhelds mind you.

@carlosrox Well, I'm with you in that I prefer less clutter for sure and I don't get why in this day and age a screen has to be cluttered. But it doesn't stop me from playing games I want to play either.
Posted: 08/23/11, 02:44:02  - Edited by 
 on: 08/23/11, 02:49:30
I'll buy it immediately, despite already preordering the European version.
Posted: 08/23/11, 02:49:08
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