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What's your favorite Nintendo console? [poll]
NES (5/47 votes)
SNES (23/47 votes)
N64 (7/47 votes)
GameCube (6/47 votes)
Wii/ WiiWare (no VC or GCN) (6/47 votes)

(Note: When considering Wii and WiiWare, I am not taking into account Virtual Console or Wii's GCN backward compatibility.)

I suppose I'm asking the question from the point of view of: which one has the games you enjoyed most? and why is that system your favorite?

I... am having a tough time with this. But I vote SNES. It was a golden era in gaming history when you had the very best developers from first party AND third party, all creating high quality games on a single platform. I would argue Nintendo has not been able to recover that third-party support to the fullest degree since that era.

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Posted: 05/04/11, 21:50:41  - Edited by 
 on: 05/06/11, 06:57:55
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It was a tough decision but I had to go with the Wii over the SNES.
Posted: 05/04/11, 21:54:54
I went with the console that provided the most memorable moments. That would have to be the NES.
Posted: 05/04/11, 21:59:22
We had one of these before, and I voted N64. I still vote N64. No other console comes close in terms of the amount of time I had fun with that console. So many amazing multiplayer games that I would play almost daily with my friends. Then you add in the one player classics of Mario 64 and OOT and the choice becomes fairly clear.
Posted: 05/04/11, 22:03:57
GCN > SNES > N64 > Wii > NES
Posted: 05/04/11, 22:07:39
@Jargon Was there a poll for this before? I searched through older polls and didn't see one, maybe I didn't go back far enough.
Posted: 05/04/11, 22:09:10
If we're doing lists, then Wii > SNES > N64 > NES > GCN
Posted: 05/04/11, 22:13:14
NES, followed closely by Wii.
Posted: 05/04/11, 22:17:50
My brain just spasmed. This is way too damn tough.


I will come back and edit in my thoughts later.

I kinda want to say: N64 > NES > SNES > Wii > GC

The Wii is pretty great though and even though it looks low on my ranking, it's just one of those things I guess. Man, this is one of those rankings that can change depending on the day and my mood.
Posted: 05/04/11, 22:47:41
SNES > NES > Cube > N64 > Wii
Posted: 05/04/11, 22:49:16
I have no loyalty whatsoever when it comes to companies' consoles. Of Nintendo consoles, I've only had the NES and Wii. My console of choice has gone chronologically from 2600 to NES to Genesis to PC to PS2 to Wii.

I've probably gamed more on the Wii than any of my previous consoles of choice. I probably gamed on the PS2 less than any of the others.

So, I guess my answer has to be the Wii.
Posted: 05/04/11, 22:59:32
Ye Holy NES

If I was a-rankin' them, it'd go a little something like this.


Though those middle three could really go in any order, depending on my mood.
Posted: 05/04/11, 23:11:32
Can't be the NES or N64, I never owned them and they suck.

I think I've played the Wii more than the Cube. But I believe that includes the VC. Man, I can't dissociate the VC from the Wii! It's one of the best features!

So including the VC, it would be the Wii, no question about it. Without the VC... I think I was floored by more retail GCN games than retail Wii games. I count games like F-Zero, Viewtiful Joe, SSX3, etc. amongst the best games I've ever played. The Wii doesn't have as many.

So... voting Cube.

The SNES was nice, but I didn't have that many games for it, ultimately.
Posted: 05/04/11, 23:13:44
SNES for me. Not only did I own it back when I was a kid and had free time to play it, it also had a great library of games. It ushered in my love for the Street Fighter series, as well as kicking off the Mega Man X series. I put so many hours into Starfox when I was in 8th grade, it wasn't even funny. And of course, the SNES is home to the greatest game ever made:

Chrono Trigger

SNES wins, with NES coming in at a close second!
Posted: 05/04/11, 23:21:02
I think the measure that a lot of people tend to ignore is how many BAD games are on a certain system. N64 has its number called A LOT as the best system because of games like Ocarina of Time or Perfect Dark (so you guys say) or the Mario/Star Fox 64 games, the classic THQ/AKI Wrestling games, and a few others..but what past that? A lot of garbage.

For starters, besides Ogre Battle 64, there was nothing even close to an RPG..unless you're talking about Quest 64, one of the worst games -- in any genre -- ever. War Gods? Body Harvest? WCW Nitro? Yuck.

Also, the graphics we saw were some of the worst. You're thinking "how can that be?" It was the first run in with 3D and polygon stuff so naturally they were just getting started. We never had problems in NES or SNES with you getting stuck in landscape, or seeing things you shouldn't see (like when you turn the camera and you can down/behind a wall..you know what I mean), and the N64 had PLENTY of this in nearly every game. Blocky guys (though nothing can compare to the PlayStation and their horrific boxfest) with club feet pepper the landscape. It was also the first time we had to deal with memory cards and saving them; I never met an N64 card that didn't innocently corrupt on me without remorse. No good, sir. AND the highest price point per game of ANY generation! $70-$80 for some games? C'mon!

As stated in another thread, I think the N64 stuff will cool off next Gen (or whatever we do past the next system) and it won't be in as much favor as it seemingly is now.

The top end tends to define a generation, but I think the gross underbelly should be thoroughly inspected as well (and each of these systems have their own).

I haven't voted yes. I need to think about it.
Posted: 05/05/11, 00:46:15

I'm pretty sure NES has the worst garbage in the history of consoles. 99.9% of the games released for it are terrible and can't bring a shred of enjoyment.
Posted: 05/05/11, 00:52:10  - Edited by 
 on: 05/05/11, 00:52:20
I really wasn't sure to vote for here but I think I had to go with the system that has brought me the most enjoyment, the Nintendo 64.

- San Francisco Rush
- Crusin' USA
- Mario 64
- WWF No Mercy
- WCW Revenge
- Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire
- Goldeneye
- Mario Kart
- Wave Race
- Mario Golf
- Mario Party

I played the HECK out of all of those games and those are the ones that just come to mind. I think the 64 was truly revolutionary with its controller and multiplayer elements. I've never had so much fun with a console before or after the 64. Love that system!
Posted: 05/05/11, 00:56:02  - Edited by 
 on: 05/05/11, 01:06:01
@Mr_Mustache I don't care how many bad games are on a platform though. Why should I? I play good games.

Although it seems more that your argument is... gaps in the lineup. But that's not really about the amount of bad games, it is about the lack of good games in key genres.
Posted: 05/05/11, 00:56:55

Well THATS a boldfaced lie.

I own 200+ NES games; that alone is roughly 30% (at least 25%) of the entire NES collection. I can ASSURE you that the majority of the games that I own bring more than a shred of enjoyment. By your math, there aren't 8 enjoyable games on the system. I THINK I can do this:

Legend of Zelda
Mega Man 2
Mega Man 3
Life Force
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!
Super Mario Bros. 3
Super Mario Bros. 2
Super Mario Bros.
Dragon Warrior
Tecmo Super Bowl
Tecmo Bowl

There, thats 12 right there; 1.5% of the total NES US-based releases.

By measure, I only have ~30 total N64 games (the least of any system). All of them aren't good.


So then you're just judging from "total good games?" Is that how you do it??
There are only 387 total releases, and a bunch of them were exclusive in Japan or Europe.
We only saw about 280 here in the States. I'm willing to bet they aren't all enjoyable.
I'm certain I can match you (especially so now learning that number), by any system, when you serve up a "good game" for N64.

--N64 is the worst! There, I said it!
Posted: 05/05/11, 01:00:32  - Edited by 
 on: 05/05/11, 01:05:08

You own 30 N64 games and they're all bad? You're buying the wrong games!
Posted: 05/05/11, 01:02:54

Opinions aren't lies.

And maybe 99.9% is hyperbole, but there is still a ridiculously bad ratio of good games to bad games on NES.
Posted: 05/05/11, 01:04:37
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