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Mario or Luigi? [poll]
Mario (2/9 votes)
Luigi (7/9 votes)
This is a test poll, but I figured we might as well make it interesting. Who do you prefer?

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Posted: 12/08/09, 19:29:43  - Edited by 
 on: 04/08/13, 01:41:33
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I went with Luigi. As far as I can tell it's impossible to beat Super Mario 2 Japan without using Luigi.
Posted: 12/08/09, 20:24:25
Simbabbad said:
Oh, and they should have put Mario in the ghost mansion instead of another Luigi in SLG.

I love how not only did they put another Luigi in, but they simply offer NO explanation as to why two Luigis exist. At least some halfassed time paradox explanation could have helped.
Posted: 12/08/09, 20:46:42
Luigi for sure. Not only can he do all Mario does and more, but he can also jump higher and farther. That's right, he's a better jumper. Jumping. The thing Mario is "known" for. Luigi's better at it. Yeah.

Also, I've always preferred the color green over red. I like earth tones better, I suppose.

Finally, Luigi's starring role in the web-series "There Will Be Brawl" has made me a Luigi fan all the more so. Even if Mario is portrayed as a badass beserker. :-P
Posted: 12/10/09, 23:27:49
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