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XBLA (and PSN?) is on a good roll...
Awesome thread is back!!

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Posted: 11/18/10, 23:13:48  - Edited by 
 on: 04/12/12, 06:15:53
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I really like XBLA (and Indie games too). There are so many games there that have my interest. I've only purchased a handful of them, but there are a bunch more I plan on getting at some point.
Posted: 11/18/10, 23:18:39
I told you Miner Dig Deep was fun! You were just prejudiced because of the ugliness. I found out that it's actually a clone of an old-ass computer game that I've never played. Still fun, though.

I've only played the demo of Pac-Man CE DX, but it was INCREDIBLE. Really just an amazingly satisfying game, aesthetically and gameplay-wise.
Posted: 11/19/10, 00:17:27  - Edited by 
 on: 11/19/10, 01:34:16
I'll have to check out that Miner game.
Posted: 11/19/10, 00:23:46
Am I sure? No. But I am pretty sure that I read that somewhere. It was copied from a super-old design, I think.

Yeah, all of the features in the new Pac-Man seem to coalesce nicely. It clicked with me right away, for some reason. I didn't die a single time in the demo, and I was cleaning up. Bombs in Pac-Man. Crazy.

It's kind of weird how it activates bullet time, even when an enemy isn't fast enough to hit your path, though. Still, I love the insanity of eating, like, 100 ghosts.

Oh, and fuck that 360 D-Pad.

Secret_Tunnel and his Mining...
Posted: 11/19/10, 01:37:58  - Edited by 
 on: 11/19/10, 01:38:18
I guess it's called Miner VGA.

Gravitron was pretty well-executed, but it didn't speak to me. It actually reminds me of an old 2600 game that I can't remember the name of. But those Lunar Lander-type things just piss me off after a while.
Posted: 11/19/10, 02:08:28
Anyone checking out Dead Nation on PSN? It looks like a pretty interesting take on the twin stick shooter, and it is getting great reviews. In fact, it only sort of seems like a twin stick shooter.

Posted: 11/30/10, 23:43:59
I'm buying Dead Nation as soon as the store updates. Been waiting for this one for a while since I thought Super Stardust HD was a great game and I didn't buy too much into the undead infestations so I can't say I'm tired of it. Online co-op is also a VERY nice plus, looking forward to hopefully play some games with my brother!
Posted: 11/30/10, 23:46:50
I've seen the reviews for Dead Nation, and I'm not really seeing the draw, here. It's just yet another twin-stick shooter to me, except with some level design/light exploration. But the whole "find cash to upgrade your character!" thing feels played out to me at this point. I would need more than that to fork over $15.
Posted: 12/01/10, 00:03:54

The only twin stick shooters I've played were more spaceship in tiny area types, this looks more akin to Smash TV or something like that. Plus it has co-op, both offline and online...
Posted: 12/01/10, 00:06:16  - Edited by 
 on: 12/01/10, 00:06:56
I Made a Game With Zombies In It on XBL Indie Games is a really fun twin-stick shooter zombie game, but it's only like 15 minutes long.

Posted: 12/01/10, 00:44:07
I need to check out that new Pac-Man game. I really dug Championship Edition.
Posted: 12/01/10, 01:19:02

Looks more like the new Alien Breed games with zombies to me.
Posted: 12/01/10, 01:44:09
@Simbabbad Hey don't get jealous that PSN finally got another decent exclusive downloadable.
Posted: 12/01/10, 02:28:57
There are so many zombie games and avatar games (and zombie+avatar games) on XBLI that it isn't even funny. Actually, it IS kind of funny.

Get sick of this trend, America! Zombies are like the new gangsters.

Hey, didn't you buy BOTH Alien Breeds on 360? (Actually, you might be the only one in the universe...)

I never played the original, but I thought the XBLA version was boring as hell.
Posted: 12/01/10, 18:00:13
I dunno. I thought I remembered seeing you playing it one day. Maybe you were just playing the demo, though.
Posted: 12/01/10, 18:16:28
Oh, there are THREE? Holy shit. I bet the third one sold, like, five copies. Or maybe it's a big nostalgia franchise in Europe, I dunno.

I'm pretty sure you can see what demos people are playing. But it doesn't seem to work all the time. Maybe some devs don't code it in?
Posted: 12/01/10, 18:39:32
I probably won't convince anyone here on their opinions of Dead Nation but after playing and beating it, it is NOT just another twin stick zombie shooter. Not that I've played many to begin with (Burn Zombie Burn, that's it) but the game has a lengthy single player campaign with 10 huge levels for you to explore, collect loot, use various weapons to kill zombies and holy shit the game is just absolutely horrifying. It really creates a sense of unease within the player as the game goes on on. The zombies are relentless and out to get you, that much is clear I still have chills as I type this from beating the game about 15 minutes ago.
Posted: 12/04/10, 02:53:21
I've gotta admit, XBLA games are now my primary reason to own a X360. On PSN, Dead Nation seems pretty enticing.
Posted: 12/04/10, 05:51:33  - Edited by 
 on: 12/04/10, 05:52:44

I followed your posts on the PS3GB... it really didn't look like you were enjoying yourself that much.
Posted: 12/04/10, 07:24:05

Haha yeah... I hit a few rough spots. It has some issues but overall, it's a very fun and enjoyable game. That one level that was hard, well, that's just it, it's hard. It wasn't due to some of the cheap parts I was complaining about such as the lighting and zoomed out camera but just that you really had to manage your weapons and shift around your tactics VERY quickly, otherwise you'd find yourself swarmed by hundreds of zombies in a split second. I've never run into anything like that in a game that really got me going... crazy stuff

I'm expecting the second run to be more enjoyable because now I know how to efficiently use melee attacks, know how to dash to avoid certain enemy attacks, know which weapons I should upgrade and which are not that important to max out right away and all equipment found carries over too so that means more defense, more speed and more strength. I already beat the first level on the new difficulty I unlocked and I got a MUCH better score than I did the first time around... although I'm still not looking forward to that graveyard level which really got me pissed
Posted: 12/04/10, 16:10:27
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