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Posted: 01/15/23, 03:51:56  - Edited by 
 on: 01/31/23, 07:20:14
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Bump when you vote!
Posted: 01/15/23, 06:49:18
Posted: 01/15/23, 14:33:56
Posted: 01/15/23, 17:00:11
Posted: 01/15/23, 22:49:26
I voted!

Has there ever been a year where someone didn't ask why a certain game wasn't nominated? Maybe this will be the first!
Posted: 01/16/23, 01:22:29
Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos.
Posted: 01/16/23, 09:43:25
I voted!
Posted: 01/16/23, 16:08:46
My votes have been cast.
Posted: 01/16/23, 17:39:43
Voting done ! :)
Posted: 01/16/23, 23:22:07
Posted: 01/18/23, 05:45:17
Posted: 01/20/23, 14:56:18
Voted. Sorta.
Posted: 01/20/23, 21:19:38
Voted, but barely because I didn't play most of the games listed, lol.
Posted: 01/21/23, 03:51:16
@J.K. Riki

Finally someone who understands
Posted: 01/21/23, 20:34:57
I voted.

I wish I had been around when it was submissions time. No Live A Live anywhere!?
Posted: 01/24/23, 18:04:09
Going to be shutting this down soon! Probably tomorrow! Get your votes in quick!
Posted: 01/27/23, 21:34:21
Ok it's closed, several days later than I stated it would be. And it'll probably be several more days until I post the results!
Posted: 01/31/23, 07:19:54
@Guillaume I was mildly curious about Live a Live, but I'm not so sure it's something I'd like. I don't think it's been on a good discount yet.
Posted: 02/02/23, 22:09:09
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