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"Why Stop Now?" Discussion Thread - Episode 4 - Rescheduled Due to Lack of Hustle
Hi guys. This thread will be updated regularly with the latest information about "Why Stop Now?", the Twitch livestream miniseries that I'm doing with my wife and brother in law. Learn more about the series in the announcement thread.


Thomas will be joining me tonight to play some Sega Dreamcast games. That's the plan anyway. Hope to see you there!


Episode 1 - Bad Dudes with Attitude (and a Pan Flute)
Episode 2 - Let's Make a Deal

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Posted: 08/31/17, 04:59:24  - Edited by 
 on: 09/09/17, 03:21:37
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By the way, I think we broke Twitch. Couldn't handle the runaway hit that is Why Stop Now?

Actually, looks like they're having server issues tonight. Don't know the deal, but I assume they'll get it sorted out. So if the links aren't working, don't blame me!
Posted: 08/31/17, 05:06:47
What is 8 pm central in centr... OH WAIT, someone else actually lives in central time?!
Posted: 08/31/17, 06:12:17
11 AM Saturday morning, Australian time?

You're quite wrong Kris, this is the BEST time for a livestream .
Posted: 08/31/17, 09:36:53
If Shadowlink is going to be there, I dunno if I can miss this!
Posted: 08/31/17, 19:13:25
Mop it up said:
If Shadowlink is going to be there, I dunno if I can miss this!

Funny. I had the opposite reaction. I don't know if I'll even turn up myself, now.

I hate Shadowlink.
Posted: 08/31/17, 20:03:23

On the plus side, we've now answered the title question to the series.

It's over everyone. Go home. Thanks for watching.

EDIT: I just realised, is that Roger Wilco in your title image? Awesome. I didn't even know I wanted this until just now- Kris doing a Let's Play of Space Quest. Or any of the early Sierra adventures. Comedy gold.

Although I suppose it'd be more organic had you not already played those games. I dunno.
Posted: 09/01/17, 01:10:32  - Edited by 
 on: 09/01/17, 01:13:05

Well, I haven't played a Space Quest game since the mid-90s, so it might still work. But it would probably just be hours of me walking around everywhere trying to get Roger to lick everything he sees.
Posted: 09/01/17, 03:14:59


Actually those games might make for an interesting experience along the lines of Twitch plays Pokémon.

Not on that kind of insane scale of course. We don't need a million people fighting over control inputs. But sort of like how me and my brother used to play these with my dad growing up. He'd be playing and we'd shout suggestions of what to do. Have a group of NW peoples who have never played these before sending their suggestions to the controlling player.

Hmm. Could be an interesting thing to try. Or as you say, it could just result in Zero and Anand demanding that everything in the game be licked.
Posted: 09/01/17, 03:54:06
I like it. I'd have to figure out how to stream a PC game, but it could be fun. I'll think about it.
Posted: 09/01/17, 06:44:49
Slight change of plans. My wife isn't feeling well tonight, so my sister Katie will join me. Same time, but we're going to change up the games a bit. Hopefully it'll still go well. I gotta say this reminds me a lot of doing live theater as a kid. There's a "Show Must Go On" aspect to it (even if the audience might just be a half asleep Shadowlink).

It'll be fun! See you in about 2 hours.
Posted: 09/02/17, 02:06:54  - Edited by 
 on: 09/02/17, 02:07:28
Hoo boy, it's happening! This is going to be one heck of an episode, let me tell you. Starting in just a few minutes.

Why Stop Now Episode II
Posted: 09/02/17, 03:58:39  - Edited by 
 on: 09/02/17, 04:02:48
Hey, I'm pulling off a rare quadruple post! Hooray!

Katie and I had a great time tonight (and, for those of you who watched live, we ended up talking to Anand about music for over an hour after the show!)

I hope everyone had a good time. It was kind of a last minute gameplan, but I feel like it went pretty well. I had a lot of fun and I thought Katie did great.

A quick question for you guys - do you prefer to see gameplay from weird oddball games like the one we did tonight, or do you prefer to see more actual good games. I kinda prefer goofing off with oddball games, but I don't want it to become tedious watching bad games over and over again.

Here's the episode. Be sure to watch the chat log, too, as Nate, Shadowlink, Zero, Anand and Mop It Up all make great contributions!

Posted: 09/02/17, 08:01:16  - Edited by 
 on: 09/02/17, 08:09:29
Good times! Twitch is a interesting medium.

Also, I'd probably prefer better games. Cool, obscure stuff, ideally. Although it's true that this was my only exposure to Anubis 2. So maybe just shorter sessions of the shitty stuff, mixed with longer sessions of actually decent games?
Posted: 09/02/17, 17:01:30  - Edited by 
 on: 09/02/17, 23:19:40
@kriswright I prefer the oddball stuff myself. Anyone can (and do) stream Super Mario Maker, but where else can I find Anubis II? I also liked the rapid-fire games last time too though.

Of course, the important thing is for you to have fun, so go with what you like.
Posted: 09/02/17, 19:50:05
Gonna play some Sega Dreamcast games tonight. Stop on by. I'll be hanging out in Discord, as usual, so consider hopping on and talking to everybody!

@Mop it up

Cool. I think I definitely prefer the weird games, but Thomas, Katie and some of the people in chat seem to think we need better games. So I'm probably going to try to mix it up a bit.
Posted: 09/04/17, 22:16:30
Glad only a couple of people showed up because I was really unhappy with how things went tonight. I probably should have just cancelled it before we even got started. The original plan was to do some Dreamcast games, but I had problems with the connectors and we couldn't stream it. Then the backup plan involved a particular GBA game that wouldn't load. I had good ideas for how to handle both of those, but they weren't meant to be, I suppose.

So it ended up just being a grab-bag of Genesis games, with Shaq Fu as the headliner. I thought it was really weak to be perfectly honest.

Thomas and I talked about it some and we've got some plans for what to do next time. Steph and I will do something later in the week, which we've had planned for a while, now. I think that one will be pretty fun. Then, next time, Thomas and I have a good game picked out that I think we'll all find a little more engaging.

So I guess I can say the show's evolving. We're trying to figure out how to get the right energy, particularly with games we don't know much about.

Special thanks to Mop It Up for hanging in there. I owe you one.

I may hop on again, in a bit, for a solo hang out session and play a few games, if anyone wants to chat.
Posted: 09/05/17, 04:53:40  - Edited by 
 on: 09/05/17, 04:54:37
@kriswright I missed Shaq Fu?!

Oh man.

Wisdom of the ages.
Posted: 09/05/17, 06:37:41  - Edited by 
 on: 09/05/17, 06:41:23
Sorry, Shadowlink. Steph and I both had rough days at work and Evie doesn't look like she's going to go to bed in time to do the stream at the regularly scheduled time. We'll reschedule soon.
Posted: 09/09/17, 03:22:35
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