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Kris Wright's "Why Stop Now?" Initial Announcement Thread
Let me start by saying, on your behalf as the reader, "What the hell does a 38 year old guy need a Twitch stream for? Freakin' weird-ass way to handle your mid-life crisis, bro. Go out and by a nice car or something, you frickin' dumbass."

Now that that's out of the way, let me announce "Why Stop Now?", my new Twitch stream / gaming show / eBay sales bonanza series of infomercials.

Here's the logo, which you may remember from 2012:

Yeah, that still looks pretty dope. I'm going to have to print up some t-shirts and stickers at some point in the near future. That'd look boss on a mug. Just sayin'.

There's a lot of history with this series, so strap in. I'm a-gonna talk for a while, in the patented Kris style.

The History: (skip to 'Cut the Crap, Already' section below if you'd rather just cut the crap, already.)

"Why Stop Now?" was originally going to be a scripted web series about video games. I started kicking the idea around in 2011-2012 or so. The idea back then was to do a video series that captured some of the feel of my Negative World reviews and editorials. I got pretty deep into working on it, including coming up with the logo above (before those other guys started using a similar visual idea) and writing and producing the intro theme music and video.

Oh, you never saw that? Well, here it is:

Key consideration: It had to be short.

I used a video capture card to grab video from a few different games over the years. My initial intention was to launch with "Jerry Rice and Nitus' Dog Football". If you remember when I couldn't stop talking about that silly game, well that's how far back the idea of doing a video series goes. I captured a lot of footage for Episode 1, but I stalled out on the script. I wrote dozens of good jokes (or good enough to pass my low standards, anyway) but I was never happy with the completed scripts. They felt eternally bogged down in a second draft phase.

I hit some other snags, too. Here, I'll even list some of 'em for you in helpful bullet-point format:

Bullet Bill said:
* Got a job with some accountability, which meant I couldn't just cut off work in the middle of the day to write a review of Boogerman, like I used to be able to do. That's crucial, because a big part of being a successful writer is the freedom to write when you're feeling inspired.
* As anyone who's heard me on the podcast can tell you, I'm a better writer of jokes than a performer of jokes. I honestly kinda suck when I'm on camera.
* Had a baby, and who has time to do anything they want to do after having a baby?
* I was basically doing this alone, so it was easy to become discouraged and second guess myself
* I was simultaneously working on a music album, so I had to split my creative energy.
* Look, sometimes you just want to come home from a bad day at work, eat a whole bag of Cheetos, yell at a bird, and go to bed. You can't do that if you're obligated to sit at a computer and come up with 14 jokes about frickin' Ninjabread Man.

They say the jokes write themselves, but nope. Turns out you actually have to write the jokes.

On top of all that, playing video games for the purpose of a review is surprisingly arduous. If you want to talk about something late in the game - and if you're reviewing it, you probably should - then you gotta play the game to completion. So that's hours of gameplay, right there. (Hours I didn't have to spare, by the way). On top of that, you have to then go back through hour after hour and gigabyte after gigabyte of video footage to locate the clips you want.

For some people I think this could be a labor of love. If you just love playing video games, the first part is basically no problem. If you have a secondary itch to work in video production, maybe the second part is fun for you too. But, for me, the whole process just turned into work, real fast.

So the series kind of percolated for a while. I made a second major attempt at launching "Why Stop Now?" when Super Mario Maker came out. I got a newer capture card and worked even harder to come up with a good script. That time I got a final draft that was... ok. It wasn't my best writing for Negative World, but if I steadily improved from there, then it would have been a reasonable soft launch.

But it stalled out again when I had to compile the footage. It was just a total bore to put together.

Beyond that, I wasn't happy with my performance. I shot some test footage of a scene where I was wearing a gorilla mask (don't ask why that nugget of comedic gold never made it to air) and when I looked back at it, I just thought, "This guy just looks like an a-hole." So I shelved it.

(Rest In Peace, photo of some gorilla masks that, for whatever reason, screws up Negative World's formatting.)

Look, I've come to the conclusion I'm more of a writer than anything else. And I'm a writer who has found himself having less and less time to even play games, much less do a bunch of production work around it.

So that should've killed "Why Stop Now?" stone dead. Right?

And maybe it would have except... I played Breath of the Wild and decided to retire from video games.

I've got a half-written review of that game that I'll probably finish one of these days. It goes into depth about the pseudo-religious experience I had while playing BotW. Suffice to say, I think it's the greatest video game I've ever played. And, moreover, it changed my life. It made me realize that my life has to be about more than just living vicariously in imaginary worlds. Being able to inhabit Link while he went on his grand adventure encouraged me to start looking for actual adventures in my own life. It was time to stop looking for those kind of experiences in 1's and 0's. It was time to start finding them in the real world. And if I could find ways to help other people while doing it, well that's a part of the responsibility of life, too.

That's the short version. Stay tuned for that review, coming 2023. I'll lay it all out then.

Anyway, that experience resulted in some major changes. For one, I have probably around 500 game cartridges and disks that I gotta do something about. I don't see any reason for me to hang on to most of them at this point.

So, that's where "Why Stop Now" got resurrected.

Cut the Crap, Already

So I've gone through my video game collection and pulled out 150 games, earmarked to sell on eBay. This is the first round of "cuts" from my collection, so as you can imagine, we're not talking about the very best games that I own. In fact, I'll level with you, most of these games are dog biscuits.

If I could turn these into actual dog biscuits and feed a dog, I'd probably do that right now.

So these will be going up on eBay real soon.

But then something occurred to me - I'm going to have to actually test every single one of these games before I sell them on eBay. I know for a fact that a few of these games probably don't work. And some of them I haven't loaded into an NES in a decade. So who knows? I can't sell a broken game.

That's where the idea for the Twitch stream came to me. Maybe I could livestream the testing of these games. I could throw in the game, prove that it works, play it for a bit, make some jokes about it, and when I run out of things to say... move on to the next one.

And you know what would be a good title for that livestream? The one I already have. "Why Stop Now?" already says it all. The theme song already says, "We wasted our youth on video games. Why stop now?" It's perfect, because I am stopping now. It's like it was planned that way. (I assure you it wasn't.)

So, starting Monday, August 28th at 8pm Eastern / 7pm Central, the cartridge testing begins on Twitch at this URL: twitch.tv/wewastedouryouth

I'm going to be joined on the first episode by my brother-in-law, who's a good friend of mine and a pretty funny guy. You'll like him. He'll probably appear in many future episodes, too. My wife, who has appeared on the Negative World podcast before and knows most of these games, will also make some appearances. She's shockingly funny. (Interpret the word "shocking" as you will.)

I've also got a few comedy features planned as we go along. There may be some more beatnik tone poems in the near future. I might play you a song on the accordion. Who knows where this could go? 150 is a lot of cartridges to get through.

One thing I'd love to do is get Negative World involved in the actual show itself. For one, since it's live (with a short delay) I'd like to leverage our Discord server to do a "call-in" portion on some shows. So, if you're around and I'm talking about some old game you have a story about - or if there's something you just want to make fun of - I'd love to include you via Discord. I've tested this with Shadowlink and Miss TNT (my sister) and I think I've worked the kinks out. I think it could be a lot of fun.

The list of games I'm going to test is long, and I'm going to post it below. If there's a particular game you want to see from the list, call it out and I'll be happy to play it right then (so long as the console is something I can set up easily. And if I like you. So some limitations apply.)

Serious Talk Time

I want to mention something from the heart that I think is important: Negative World doesn't owe me anything. Not a shred. You guys have always been good to me, supported my projects in the past, spoken well of me when I didn't deserve it, and put up with a lot of my half-baked ideas (Kristopher Wright Tests Your Patience, anyone?). You don't owe me your time. You don't owe me a dime.

A cynical person might say I'm trying to sell you something, since the end goal is to get rid of the games on eBay. I want to cut that one off at the head - I'm certain I can find a buyer somewhere on eBay for most of these games. So I'm not bringing Negative World into this because I'm looking for a market to sell my dusty copy of Maximum Carnage for the Sega Genesis. That market already exists on eBay. Someone already wants that stuff.

To the tune of 5 US dollars, baby!

And I'm not trying to leverage my friendships here to go onto Twitch eFame, either. I'm 38, not all that funny, and I've fallen out of love with video games. I'm under no illusion that anyone, outside of my immediate peer group, is gonna give much of a rip about "Why Stop Now?". That's not me wallowing in self-pity. It's just a fact. A happy fact.

It's happy because what I do see is an opportunity to have one last hurrah with some of my friends here at Negative World before I head off into the sunset. Some of you guys I've known for over a decade at this point (can you believe it, rhjort?) and I think it'd be fun for us to laugh at Shaq Fu together, one last time. I hope you see why that might be fun, too.

Ok, let's lower our expectations a little though.

I've never been all that into Let's Plays or Twitch streams in the past, so I don't know what other people do. I kind of don't even care. They may have already cracked the code on how to do these things and I'll never know, because I'm not going to start watching other people's Twitch streams just to get ideas.

The show will probably be full of amateur mistakes, dumb technical issues, webcam shots that look right up my nose for minutes on end, and possibly my brother in law loudly passing gas for the entire world to hear. Who knows? Who cares? It'll be Amateur Hour but it'll still be fun.

That said, if I sucked on camera reading a script, chances are I'm still going to suck on camera making up jokes live. I'm more of a writer than an improv comedian, so I'll probably come off a bit "try hard" a lot of the time. I mention this because I don't want anyone to think I'm promising the video equivalent of my best work at Negative World. It's not going to be as good as that. But it's going to be something. And, according to my watch, something is better than nothing. (I have a very philosophical watch.)

Stole this. You gotta admit it's perfect, though.

So it starts tomorrow at 8pm. I hope you'll be able to show up. Give me a shout in the Twitch chat if you want to participate in the call-in portion. Or just ping me on Discord. I'll have my phone on me.

If you can't make it for the live broadcast, episodes will be archived on my channel for up to 14 days, and I'll probably tag some highlights if you just want to check those out. I intend to do new episodes pretty regularly for the next couple of weeks, until I burn out my 150. I'll update Negative World with the schedule as it becomes clear. It might be nightly for the first week.


Last thing to mention. I've had multiple people on Negative World ask me about which games I'm going to sell and whether they could have a first look at them, in case there's something they want. I'm cool with that, so below is the list of the games I'm selling in the first round. Keep in mind, this is my first round of cuts. Everybody with a sizable game collection has a lot of cruft, and that's what I'm mostly getting rid of this time around. If it goes well, I'll put together a second round of games and those will mostly be better games.

I don't have set prices for these, but if you want to make an offer (before shipping) for some of these, go for it. I won't accept just any offer, but I'm also not looking to make a big profit, here. If you offer something that's reasonable (not, like, 1 dollar for Mario RPG) then there's a good chance I'll go for it, even if I think I might be able to sell it for more on eBay. I'd rather take a 10 dollar loss and have one of you guys get a game you want, rather than hold out just to sell it to some buyback store.


So that's my gameplan. Let me know what you think of the idea below. I hope I'll see you there tomorrow night and in the weeks ahead.

URL to share (right click and copy)
08/28/17, 06:29    Edited: 08/31/17, 04:39
Splinter Cell 3D (With Case, in Original Wrapping)
Pinball Hall of Fame (in case)

FC Twin

Sega Sports NFL 2k2
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six
Generator Vol 2
Sega Sports NCAA 2k2 College Football Road to the Rose Bowl
Sega Sports NHL 2k
F1 World Grand Prix
Daytona USA
Crazy Taxi 2
Quake 3 Arena
ECW Revolution
WWF Royal Rumble
Alienfront Online (in box)
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater
Zombie Revenge
Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram

Glory of Heracles
Spectrobes (Blue)
Spectrobes (Pink)
Lock’s Quest
Quantum of Solace
Trauma Center Under the Knife (With Case)
My Spanish Coach (With Case)
Jam Sessions (with case)
Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney (with case)
Elite Beat Agents (with case)
Advance Wars Dual Strike
Atari Greatest Hits Vol 1
Kirby Canvas Curse
Final Fantasy III

Game Boy Advance
Lego Star Wars III The Original Trilogy
Sitting Ducks

Game Boy Color
Marble Madness

Universal Studios Theme Park Adventure
Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer
Bust a Move 3000 (with case)
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3
Luigi’s Mansion

Sega Genesis
The Incredible Hulk
Double Dragon 3: The Arcade Game
Maximum Carnage
NHL 96
Nickelodeon Aaah!! Real Monsters
Spider-Man Xmen: Arcade’s Revenge (in case)
Normy’s Beach Babe-O-Rama
Sports Talk Football ’93 Starring Joe Montana
Xmen (with case)

4 Quatro Adventure: (Boomerang Kid, Super Robin Hood, Treasure Island Dizzy, Linus Spacehead) With Box
Bart vs. the Space Mutants
King’s Knight
Blaster Master
Bad Dudes
Guardian Legend
Starship Hector
Skate or Die
Disney Adventures
Little Nemo the Dream Master (may not work)
Mach Rider
Dick Tracy
Big Nose the Caveman
Star Trek 25th Anniversary
Blades of Steel
To The Earth
Road Runner
Dudes with Attitude
Double Dragon II
Totally Rad
Maniac Mansion
Caveman Games

Power Drome
Twisted Metal
Deception III: Dark Delusion

Playstation 2
Final Fantasy XII: Collector’s Edition
Trivial Pursuit Unhinged
Justice League Heroes

Playstation 3
Ace Combat Assault Horizon
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
MX vs ATV Alive
Dragon Age Inquisition (in wrapper)
My Sims Sky Heroes (in wrapper)
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (in wrapper)
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 (in wrapper)
Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2013 (in wrapper)
De Blob 2
Madden 08

Sega Saturn
Minnesota Fats Pool Legend
World Series Baseball
College Slam
Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball
Worldwide Soccer Sega International Victory Goal Edition
Virtua Fighter 2
Sega Rally Championship

Extertainment Mountain Bike Rally (in box)
Super Mario RPG

Back to the Future: The Game
Anubis II
No More Heroes
Tamagotchi: Party On
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07
James Cameron’s Avatar the Game
Let’s Tap
Monster Hunter Tri
Animal Crossing City Folk

Wii U
The Wonderful 101
Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge
Epic Mickey 2: The Power of 2
Assassin’s Creed III (in original Shrinkwrap)
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist

Xbox 360
Rocksmith (no USB cable included)
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Tomb Raider Underground
Lego Indiana Jones / Kung Fu Panda
Hitman (in wrapper)
Remember Me
Dead Rising
NBA Live 07
Lost Planet: Extreme Condition
Halo 3 (in tin)
Rocksmith 2014 (cable not included)
08/28/17, 06:30   
Edited: 08/28/17, 06:38
I want to mention - a few of these say (with case) but there are a few that have the case where it's not listed - particularly newer games. So that may be a little bonus. If anyone asks about 'em, I'll let you know.
08/28/17, 06:41   
Edited: 08/28/17, 07:12
Best of luck, Kris!
08/28/17, 07:14   
Good luck Kris! I won't be able to watch the stream as I have plans this evening but I'll try to pop in on future nights. There are some games in that list that intrigue me but I probably should save my money the best I can. I'm planning a wedding now and Mario + Rabbids already shipped, lol.

This is a fun way to unload a collection!
08/28/17, 13:04   
Did you say you need a new car?!

08/28/17, 15:45   
I can't help but feel sad about this whole thing. I know it's a good thing for you, and that there's no reason to be sad about it, but I still am. A little bit.
08/28/17, 15:50   
I followed you on Twitch. Best of luck Kris. Looking forward to some streams.
08/28/17, 18:06   

Lets do this!
08/28/17, 18:57   
Actually, some of the games you listed are pretty awesome.
08/28/17, 19:56   
I don't know if I could ever sell games anymore. This feeling even after I've had twins and have had way less time to play games now then I have ever had (maybe 12hrs of BOTW playtime so far ) is probably due to the fact I haven't fallen out of love with Gaming yet. Hopefully the twins will enjoy some of my games when they get older so perhaps that's another reason I don't want to sell yet.

Kris, I support your cause - I'll tune in once and awhile and probably laugh at your jokes. I echo r_hjort sentiments though. Good luck !
08/28/17, 20:15   
I'll have to make time to catch this after you archive the episodes. Stupid timezones.
08/29/17, 00:23   

No reason to be sad, guys.

But I get it. One of the big signs of depression is lack of interest in things you used to love to do. From the outside, this might look like a drastic move or something. I'm just going to have to ask everyone to trust me on this. Moving on from gaming is going to be a good thing for me, in the end. And I'm glad I'm getting a chance to revisit some of these games before I send them out the door.

And it's not like I'll never play a game again. That's partly why I've tried to characterize this as a retirement, rather than a full on stoppage. I've used this metaphor before, but an NBA player can retire from professional basketball and still shoot a few hoops in the driveway every now and then.

But I do feel that I'm growing out of the hobby to some degree. I don't mean that in a condemning way - some of you guys might be playing games until you're 100 and I don't want to sound like I'm judging that. But, for me, I just have other things I want to do and gaming has been a distraction from doing them - both in time and money.

Anand likes to talk about being the "Caligula of Gaming", in the respect that he has tons of games he never plays. I kinda feel like that's happened to me, too. So part of this is just trying to be more responsible with my time and money. Some of it is trying to demonstrate to Evie that life isn't about collecting a bunch of toys. There are a lot of angles to this, but they're all positive.


We're gonna start streaming in less than an hour. I hope you some of you guys can make it. Buzz me on Discord if you want to do a call in segment.
08/29/17, 02:08   
Thanks to everyone who showed up tonight to watch "Why Stop Now?". I honestly had a blast! I'm still figuring this Twitch thing out, so if you have any suggestions, let me know. I can handle criticism.

I think what I'm going to do is create a separate thread for "Why Stop Now?", going forward. I'd like to save this one as the announcement thread, which can sink off the main page soon enough. The second thread will be more schedule updates and highlights and the like. So I hope that's alright.

Thanks again. I thought we came off like a couple of bad dudes.
08/29/17, 05:03   
Edited: 08/29/17, 05:03
Sorry I couldn't make the Twitch stream, but I'm going to look at your list of games and perhaps make an offer on several of them. I'll PM them to ya, if that's cool.

Thanks Kris!
08/29/17, 07:16   
I missed it! I want to catch one of these, though. It seems like an interesting approach to selling off a collection. It'll be my first Twitch stream!

kriswright said:
Anand likes to talk about being the "Caligula of Gaming", in the respect that he has tons of games he never plays. I kinda feel like that's happened to me, too. So part of this is just trying to be more responsible with my time and money. Some of it is trying to demonstrate to Evie that life isn't about collecting a bunch of toys. There are a lot of angles to this, but they're all positive.

But at least my gaming orgies are filled with attractive candidates. You've got, like, a bunch of circus animals mixed in there.

That was the most PC version of the joke that I could come up with!

Hey, have you ever heard the Freedy Johnston song "Evie's Tears"?
08/29/17, 16:43   
I heartily endorse this event and/or product!

08/29/17, 17:08   
Edited: 08/29/17, 17:09
I think I'm reacting to this in two ways. The first is not quite the depression angle, but close. It's more along the lines of an old person saying that they feel they've lived their life and that they're ready to die without sadness or regret. It sounds good, and probably feels good to them, but it terrifies the living hell out of me. Obviously, this is not a life and death type of situation in that sense, but it operates on the same logic in my mind.

It's like when a swedish singer/songwriter disappeared from the public eye a while back. No one knew what he was up to, and there were rumours circulating about suicidal tendencies and alcoholism. It was heartbreaking. A couple of years back we discovered the rumours weren't true; he had at one point gotten the wrong medication for something or other and had collapsed in public, and people had just assumed he was dead drunk. So when people asked him why he didn't make music anymore if he was in fact happy and healthy he just bluntly stated that he was done with that. He just didn't feel like he needed to make music anymore. He had done the songs he wanted and now he just wanted to live for other things. I'm happy for him, but it does scare me. There's more to this and how I feel about it, but this thread isn't about me.

I guess it's also a bit about the time that has passed. I just can't believe it's been over ten years since the days of the lobby. Time passing is scary in of itself, but it's also sad to be reminded that we've changed over the course of this decade. This has more to do with being reminded of how I have changed (like becoming more and more of a dick) than how you have changed, but it makes me feel...stuff. Again, enough about me. I just wanted to try and explain why I said that I feel sad about this whole thing.
08/29/17, 18:18   
Sorry to see you go. :(

I've (very lightly) thought about doing the same as you before. Let's be honest. I mean, at least from my perspective, my life would be "better" without games. They are my biggest distraction but also my biggest passion.

I also wonder if/when I'd ever burn out on games. It's a tough thing to imagine though since I've been knee deep in gaming since I was 3, and it's just about my favorite thing to do. Still, there are definitely times when I just don't feel like playing games. I wonder if that could ever develop into something longlasting. I think for me it would be for the best to be honest. But...not today. Maybe some day.

I also made jokes about quitting gaming after BOTW since it was basically a dream game come true. Interesting to see it *actually* have that effect on you. When I heard BOTW was the catalyst, I thought maybe because the game had disappointed you, but it seems it was the opposite. I'd love to hear the story behind that and read your review. Get on that!

Ps. You also made my lovely avatar that I cherish on the daily!
08/29/17, 20:06   
By the way, I noticed that you're testing these games on a Retron 5, and I have a word of caution about that. In the case of the NES, a Retron 5 bypasses the ten pins of the security chip, which allows games to boot up more reliably. Because of this, games can still work even if those ten pins are extremely dirty or damaged. Therefore, you should make sure to test all your NES games on an actual NES system, and make it an original model, not a top-loader (the top-loader does the same thing as the Retron 5 and ignores the ten security pins). Otherwise, you may run into a problem of people with a regular NES returning a game because it doesn't work.

I'd imagine the reason you used a Retron 5 was to stream, but it might be a good idea to test all the games on their original systems if possible.
08/29/17, 20:37   

Never heard that Freedy Johnston song before. Checking out now.

...that's super sad, yo!


Dude, you were on fire. I couldn't read everything in the chat during the show, but I reviewed it afterwards and, I'm just going to say it - you were the funniest thing about the whole broadcast. If we actually had any money or budget or whatever, I'd hire you to crack jokes for us.

You gotta voice chat some of these jokes sometime. I'm serious. Next time we do this, call in via Discord like my sister did. I'd love to have you on there!


I follow you. And don't worry about speaking about your own experiences and feelings on the matter. I always have time to listen to your thoughts.

I get how it's kind of a sad reminder that season's change - things don't stay in one spot. I don't want this to feel like I'm renouncing all the good things about gaming or the gaming communities I've spent time in. If I had a ton of money and could just fly everyone to Texas for a big party, I'd do it. I'm never going to get over the Wii Lobby or Negative World. I'm carrying these friendships to my grave, whether you guys like it or not.


See, the part I can't relate to is where you say gaming is your biggest passion. Gaming has never been my number one passion. At best, it cracked the Top 5 back when I was writing consistently for the Wii Lobby and Negative World. Nowadays it's... well, it's fallen out of the Top 20. I do still like playing games, but playing games was never as important to me as has been for a lot of my online friends. It's not that big of a part of my identity. Heck, I'd say writing about games was always more interesting to me. The games were secondary - just grist for the mill. Maybe that's why weird games like Boogerman and Babysitting Mama and Dog Football were more attractive to me to write about than Mario or Zelda or Overwatch. They inspired more interesting reviews than just slobbering praise on great games.

I do promise that I'll finish that Breath of the Wild review one of these days. It's incredibly personal, though, and talks a whole lot about my life and values. So... I guess I'm saying don't anticipate it too hard. It'll probably be a total bore. But you'll at least get an idea where I'm coming from.

@Mop it up

My problem is that my NES is practically kaput at this point. You're giving me good advice, but I feel if it can play in the Retron, that's good enough for me to say it works. I'll just be sure to be clear that it was tested in a Retron rather than an actual NES.


I think Steph and I will do another episode later in the week. Can't do it tonight or tomorrow night, so maybe Thursday. I'll post the new thread, with some highlights from last night's show, when I have the timing worked out.
08/30/17, 03:57   
Edited: 08/30/17, 03:58
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