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Would you rather have a Switch Virtual Console or the Mini Classic Nintendo Systems? [poll]
Switch Virtual Console (17/23 votes)
Mini Classic Nintendo Systems (6/23 votes)
Would you rather have a Switch Virtual Console or the Mini Classic Nintendo Systems such as the NES Classic and SNES Classic?

While those mini systems are adorable, I'd rather have the Switch Virtual Console. I'd prefer to be able to buy the games that I want, when I want to and not have to buy an extra system that has games I'm not interested in. And, that's without taking into account the extra space on my entertaintment center, the extra HDMI connections I need, and the fact that I have to fight to find a system in the wild.

What about you?

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Posted: 06/28/17, 20:30:48
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Posted: 06/28/17, 20:32:16
A virtual console. A virtual console service is easier for Nintendo (and interested third parties) to expand, and doesn't require extra hardware to play the emulated games.
Posted: 06/28/17, 20:35:07
Kidding aside, I think Virtual Console is more my speed. The Minis are cool collectibles, but not much beyond that.

THAT said, I have one request (since we're talking hypotheticals anyway): I'd really like if the Switch Virtual Console was like, it's own separate app on the Switch, and the GUI worked and looked the same way as the NES Classic's. With box art, music, etc. They'd need an extra "top" menu to allow you to choose which system you'd like to play a game from, but other than that just emulate what is on tiny console. I love the menu of the mini-Nintendo.
Posted: 06/28/17, 20:44:40  - Edited by 
 on: 06/28/17, 20:46:17
Considering that the Virtual Console feels like it's mostly been taking steps back since the Wii and how much I don't want to pay a scalper $800 apiece for some plug and play system instead of having everything in one place I'm probably going to just go for some less legal options for playing old games.

Just to be clear, Gamecube Virtual Console was not some sort of herculean task on the Wii U. You've been able to do it for years through homebrew and they even have support for the Gamecube adapter (I might actually try to track one down now.)
Posted: 06/28/17, 20:54:25  - Edited by 
 on: 06/28/17, 21:02:58
A Virtual console service done properly would be my choice but if it is like previous VC efforts I'd opt for the plug and play consoles.
Posted: 06/28/17, 21:18:37
I don't have a switch so I have to go with the second option.

Having said that, the VC for the Switch needs to be way better then the Wii and Wii U. More titles more often - and not the same ones repeating.
More system variety (GameCube for example ). I'm hoping that with this paid service next year, these things happen for you guys
Posted: 06/28/17, 21:28:36
Since I want most of the games in the SNES Classic, then I'd take it since it's cheaper. Of course, finding one is a different story... If I can't find one for MSRP, then I won't be getting one.
Posted: 06/28/17, 21:33:01
@Mop it up
Yeah my thoughts exactly. I paid more for the NES classic but I don't plan on doing that again
Posted: 06/28/17, 21:51:43  - Edited by 
 on: 06/28/17, 21:52:09
As much as I adore the concept of little Nintendo systems with games pre-loaded on them, I'd prefer to have a fleshed out Virtual Console.
Posted: 06/28/17, 22:13:14
@Smerd Just to be clear, the whole reason that that the Wii U can run Gamecube games perfectly is because of the fact that the Wii U's architecture is derivative of the Gamecube's architecture which allows it to just straight up run Gamecube games. It's barely even emulation. (The gamepad can also display 480p as a native resolution which is something the Switch can't do, seriously why isn't Gamecube Virtual Console a thing?)
Posted: 06/28/17, 22:22:13  - Edited by 
 on: 06/28/17, 22:23:51

Completely agree. As time went on I have gotten less and less excited about VC - it has so much more potential.
Posted: 06/28/17, 22:41:27

And I hope they get Star Fox 2 on it.
Posted: 06/28/17, 23:25:50
VC. Much of what goes into the mini systems is generally available on VC. And VC lets me pick and choose, thus allowing me to ignore, shall we say, unworthy games.
Posted: 06/28/17, 23:33:14

I can't hear you. I'm too busy playing F-zero GX on my Wii U with a Wii U pro controller.

It's isn't the easiest game to play when you have a hook for a hand but you know.

(now if Retroarch would start working so I can play Mother 3 that would be splendid.)
Posted: 06/29/17, 00:33:22  - Edited by 
 on: 06/29/17, 00:36:17
My answer is whichever would piss off the most entitled babies.
Posted: 06/29/17, 01:04:29
The classic systems are cool and all but I want VC.
Posted: 06/29/17, 02:00:19
Classic system. It's much easier to have all of those classic games in one place than to have to figure out, "Shoot, I know I own Link to the Past somewhere, what was that on? Wii U or Switch? Hmm, it's not on the Wii U dashboard, I must have it on the--wait, did I buy it but then delete it to make space? Nah, that couldn't have been it, it's a SNES game, it doesn't take up any space at all. Alright, lemme check the Switch... er, wait, crap, it might be on Wii mode on the Wii U. Actually, does the 3DS have Super Nintendo games? Did I have it there? Maybe I got it from some ambassador thing. Shoot, my 3DS is probably out of battery anyway. Oh, crap, hold on, I've got the GBA version in a box somewhere. I think they put in little Link grunts in that version though? Not exactly true to the classic experience. Guess I'll just buy it on Switch--wait, Link to the Past isn't out on Switch yet!? Damn. Did they ever port it up to Wii U from Wii? Gah, I don't wanna have to play it with the Gamepad though. Even the Switch controller isn't ideal for that. If only there was some convenient way to play this game in its most pure form."
Posted: 06/29/17, 05:32:30

Come on now, don't bring that thread into this one. You're better than that.

What's your actual answer amongst the two choices?
Posted: 06/29/17, 06:11:35

The right answer is you own this game on ALL of those platforms.
Posted: 06/29/17, 06:50:36
Virtual Console 110%. 200% even. There isn't an ounce of me that would want the second option. My dream is to own like five things TOTAL. The Switch can be one, and play all the old VC games. Easy peasy, no clutter involved. I have boxes full of old video game consoles that I hate still having but am too attached to get rid of them. I hate that fact about myself. The mini classic systems need to stay as far away from my possession as possible.
Posted: 07/05/17, 22:22:36
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