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Smash Bros: Time, Stock or Coin? [poll]
Time (8/41 votes)
Stock (31/41 votes)
Coin (2/41 votes)
Inquiring minds want to know.

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Posted: 03/01/10, 17:18:19  - Edited by 
 on: 05/24/10, 15:54:11
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I've played stock since Day 1 on the N64 and I've never looked back.
Posted: 03/01/10, 17:18:59
Stock. I have fond memories of playing the original in college with three friends on 99 stock many, many times. Time is fun, but I prefer stock. I've never really understood coin.
Posted: 03/01/10, 17:34:05
Posted: 03/01/10, 17:42:54
Stock - it's the only way to play, IMO.
Posted: 03/01/10, 18:41:21
Stock or die
Posted: 03/01/10, 19:22:15
We always play stock. Time leads to too much avoidance of fighting.

casper884 said:
Timed stock actually. I can't stand campers so I have to put a time limit on the matches so that they don't drag out forever.

This is why I hated the Zelda stage in Melee, once it got down to two people it often took forever to finish.
Posted: 03/01/10, 19:22:48
Stock is the only way to play, I love the really long lasting to the death matches. Timed matches are what I imagine premature ejaculation feels like.
Posted: 03/01/10, 19:24:52
Posted: 03/01/10, 22:50:54

Coin for me. Psych. Stock.

I also love slow motion. Slow motion makes every game better.
Posted: 03/01/10, 23:36:45  - Edited by 
 on: 03/01/10, 23:37:17
I like timed brawls myself. Maybe it's because I stink at the game, but it's more fun when things just end rather than one person being out early or semi-early on (whether it's me or someone else). If the skill level of those playing is equal, then stock matches can work out well and can offer an intense burst of fun. However, I know when I play locally with people that aren't as experienced with the game as I am (which is a select few, mind you), timed battles just seem to help keep the peace, so to speak, and offer up a less competitive means of play. Now, all of the "friend" brawls I've played online have been stock matches, as that seems to be what the vast majority of those I've played with prefer. Then again, the folks that I have played with online are a bit more competitive than I am. Make that, a lot more competitive than I am.
Posted: 03/02/10, 00:28:27  - Edited by 
 on: 03/02/10, 00:30:15
Stock. Always stock.

And I LOVE when matches go long on the Hylian Temple stage.
Posted: 03/02/10, 00:34:19
I always hang out in the bottom part when I have a high percentage because its so hard to die down there.
Posted: 03/02/10, 00:36:35
Me and whoever I play with always go down there on purpose. Love the high percentage pinball matches.
Posted: 03/02/10, 00:57:06
1 on 1, stock for sure
3 or 4, time to be fare so nobody gets excluded and forced to watch
but, display score for a fun dynamic of on the fly teaming up on the leader
or play with stock with 3 or 4 players, and the game becomes much more cautious
Posted: 03/02/10, 01:20:44
Time, 3:00. Mostly because I love sudden death.
Posted: 03/02/10, 01:32:49
Stock, or Timed Stock if I can remember to actually cut it on, lol.

@Het_Nkik and @Jargon

I have a love/hate relationship with that, lol. It's awesome sometimes, but really drags the match out at other times. Generally speaking, I'm not playing Hyrule Tempe unless there's four people playing.
Posted: 03/02/10, 23:45:54
Back in when my brother and cousins played the original relentlessly, we always played stock. But that was because we were all at relatively equal levels of skill, and it was a much more serious battle.

These days when I'm playing Brawl with friends though we always seem to go time. If we're not keeping track of whats happening, then it adds an element of mystery to the final score- we don't know who won untill after its over. Plus, everyone is in the game till the end, so ganging up on players is counter-productive.

And as mentioned, sudden-death is always fun :P.
Posted: 03/03/10, 09:07:50
Stock almost always. 10 lives.

Though sometimes I like doing 5 minute matches.

If there's four players, I sometimes lessen it to 5 stock.

Damn, I wanna play! Did the online ever get smoothed out?
Posted: 05/24/10, 18:40:51
I've always played Stock since Smash Bros 64, I hate to be limited by a timer in a fighting game... and in almost all games in general.
Posted: 06/04/10, 16:36:26
Yay, Smash pinball! I made one level that was essentially just a big bottle with a tiny opening. Crazy.
Posted: 06/04/10, 18:04:15  - Edited by 
 on: 06/04/10, 18:04:49
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