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Do you want Netflix and other streaming services on the Switch? [poll]
Yes (22/28 votes)
No (1/28 vote)
Don't care (5/28 votes)
I would love to have them on the Switch right now. Especially considering that I can't make much noise at night in order to not wake up the family. I can't connect headphones to my PS3 directly and my sound system is acting up so the headphones sound weird. So, having all of these on the Switch would allow me to just put on some headphones with a long extension cable and listen to all the shows while watching on the big screen. Plus, I can also watch it on that beautiful large portable screen when I'm not in my room.

What about you?

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Posted: 04/24/17, 20:30:27
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Yeah, that'd be cool. I've used Netflix, Hulu Plus and YouTube on my 3DS enough to know I like having that stuff on my handhelds.
Posted: 04/24/17, 20:32:41
Yeah, I'm out of inputs on my TV so it'd be one less reason to re-arrange HDMI cables.
Posted: 04/24/17, 20:45:53
I probably wouldn't use it much, but why not?
Posted: 04/24/17, 20:54:40
Not for my own sake, but I'm sure it would be a nice addition for a lot of people, so sure.
Posted: 04/24/17, 20:58:34
Don't care. I already use these services on other devices and I'll continue to use them regardless of Switch getting them or not.
Posted: 04/24/17, 21:03:14  - Edited by 
 on: 04/24/17, 21:03:29
I hardly use streaming services on Wii U because they work much better on my PS3. So I really wouldn't miss them at all if they never came to Switch (and I had one). It'd be nice to have the option, but I don't really care.
Posted: 04/24/17, 21:44:04  - Edited by 
 on: 04/24/17, 21:44:50
Yes. I think it'd be useful particularly during travel and with things like the kickstand and tabletop mode.
Posted: 04/24/17, 21:52:07
Netflix yes so I can pass the Wii U onto my family.

Though it still won't be as convenient as it was on the GamePad, bah.
Posted: 04/24/17, 22:29:32
Does a bear shit in the woods?
Posted: 04/24/17, 22:59:47
@carlosrox Not if it's a polar bear, no.
Posted: 04/24/17, 23:24:55
Yes, because of that Tabletop mode, but I guess I'd like it even docked.
Posted: 04/24/17, 23:37:20
GameDadGrant said:
Yeah, that'd be cool. I've used Netflix, Hulu Plus and YouTube on my 3DS

So YOU'RE the one!
Posted: 04/24/17, 23:48:16
Actually, they do. Which is why the number of polar bears is decreasing in the world. They die from holding it in, the poor sods.
Posted: 04/25/17, 00:00:47
Yes! I love using the GamePad for Netflix, but I can't bring that with me to work, or heck, not even the other side of the house. I want my Netflix while I'm on the elliptical!
Posted: 04/25/17, 00:08:32
@r_hjort Oh, that's why they're holding it in? I thought they were trying to combat the melting of the ice caps by holding in their methane.
Posted: 04/25/17, 01:42:26
Kal-El814 said:
So YOU'RE the one!

Ha ha, I know, right? To be honest, I didn't even think I would use those apps all that much (or at all) when I downloaded them. But they've come in surprisingly convenient when I travel. And it's nice to be able to watch videos or whatever without having it eat into my phone battery.

Even better? On my N3DS, I can watch YouTube videos in 3D. Neat!
Posted: 04/25/17, 01:48:19
Yes as long as it doesn't come with some additional charge to get it on the console. If they do charge for it, then I have no reason to get it on the console (I'll just stick to watching it on my other devices), which would downgrade me to a "I don't care".
Posted: 04/25/17, 03:13:33

Has there ever been an additional charge to get these kinds of applications on Nintendo systems before? I know my Wii, Wii U and 3DS apps were all free to download.
Posted: 04/25/17, 03:44:09

Does any streaming service charge money to get their app on any device? I've never heard of something like that.
Posted: 04/25/17, 03:44:45
I'm really confused by this, Netflix has always been on Nintendo devices, and it's on Switch too right? I mean surely it is.

are you guys telling me the Switch has no streaming?
Posted: 04/25/17, 04:06:04  - Edited by 
 on: 04/25/17, 04:06:41
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