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'Mario Kart' Tracks Pre-March Madness Seed Thread (The Beginning)
Good Day Everyone! March Madness is coming up and frankly, we might start a little early on this. The theme this time is Mario Kart Tracks and regardless of when we begin this thing, I need help narrowing down all 145 Mario Kart tracks into a nice 64 track bracket. That's where all of you come in!

Please click the link to the survey below and follow it's simple instructions. The top picks from folks out of this seeding will end up in the bracket as we move forward. The survey is (I guess) done in a question and answer form… I dunno, I chose a funky Google Forms template. Regardless, please just choose as the rules request and we'll be on our way. I am planning to cross-promote and cross-vote with Negative World and with NinTemple. I don't know how that'll shake things up but it'll ensure that folks can't figure out which picks are truly in the lead unless they happen to follow both threads at both places. I do not know if there will be a lot of support for this at NinTemple but alas, I enjoy my time there and I want to spread the love.

Without further ado… here is your seeding survey. Please be sure to use your Username at the start as well. Oh, and be sure to dabble in the bonus bracket set…

Mario Kart Track Seeding for March Madness

Lastly, I should reiterate… this is not about ranking anything. Please just pick your favorites based on whatever criteria you want to use.

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Posted: 01/28/17, 18:43:26  - Edited by 
 on: 01/28/17, 18:57:41
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Posted: 01/28/17, 18:49:52
Nate, that comment with your icon made me laugh.
Posted: 01/28/17, 18:58:06
I totally voted for Baby Park. Particularly with the Double Dash items it's enjoyable madness.
Posted: 01/28/17, 19:09:56

The thing that makes Baby Park interesting in this kind of thing is how the original was great but there are mixed reactions on the retro use of it.

Could lead to some interesting results.
Posted: 01/28/17, 21:45:07
Baby Park is the worst Mario Kart track ever "created." I use quotes around that word because I'm using it very loosely. That track was less created than it was crapped out by a toddler and somehow boiled down to binary coding source and shoe-horned into a Nintendo game.

It is the worst. And only voted for by the worst kind of people!
Posted: 01/28/17, 23:13:15
Arghhhhhhh, the Google doc requires sign in!!!!!!

Also, I love Baby Park.
Posted: 01/29/17, 00:02:27  - Edited by 
 on: 01/29/17, 00:03:18

It does? Is that an issue? I swore I just repeated what I did for the Pokemon one. Maybe I can change settings. Google Forms isn't as easy as you'd think.
Posted: 01/29/17, 00:29:36

Well, I don't have a google account. I suppose I could fake an account like I did with discord.
Posted: 01/29/17, 00:35:43

Nope, no need. I just changed the option. Go now. You should be fine without a Google account.
Posted: 01/29/17, 00:38:18

Sweet! Will do!
Posted: 01/29/17, 00:43:12
I didn't do too hot on this quiz, but I got Donut Plains 1 right.
Posted: 01/29/17, 01:28:06
Where's Galvantula?

I was surprised by how many Mario Kart Wii tracks I remember liking a lot considering how little I played that instalment.
Posted: 01/29/17, 04:25:14
I got nothing right! NOTHING!
Posted: 01/29/17, 08:28:56
@GameDadGrant Baby Park or bust.
Posted: 01/29/17, 10:57:28  - Edited by 
 on: 01/29/17, 11:01:02

lol yeah, I'll need to review how this was setup and find a way to fix it for the next need. lol

1 out of 145! Poor score!
Posted: 01/29/17, 16:57:42
So will a vote for a track count for all of its iterations?

Just curious because something like Ribbon Road... original was merely "ok", remake changed so much and made it amazing.
Posted: 01/29/17, 18:58:51
"No correct answers"?

Yup, sounds like my life.
Posted: 01/29/17, 20:01:51

Yep. I wrote about that in the description of the survey.

DrFinkelstein said:
Also, any Retro Tracks are relegated to their original game. So if you really loved a particular Retro Track, choose it on it's original game and presuming it gets selected for the bracket, you can discuss all day how you prefer it's Retro revamping.

So Ribbon Road all day long! It would be too insane I think to relegate every incarnation into it's own thing. So I made the executive decision to combine.
Posted: 01/29/17, 20:26:24
@DrFinkelstein I agree. We're already narrowing things down from 145 entries, so increasing that by separating the retro versions of tracks would be too much.
Posted: 01/29/17, 20:40:47
OH NO! Ribbon Road is in my top 3 and I forgot to vote for it! Is there any way you can fix that for me?
Posted: 01/30/17, 00:50:40
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