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Nintendo Switch: How has your hype changed post-reveal? [poll]
More Hyped!  (21/37 votes)
Less Hyped...  (1/37 vote)
No Change.  (15/37 votes)
No doubt Nintendo has a long-term strategy here. First they announce the NX. Then they let rumors stew for over a year. Finally they release a 3-minute trailer. Then they say they won't speak on it again until at least Jan 1, which is less than three full months from release at that point. So how has this strategy worked on you? What, if anything specifically, sways you either way?

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10/21/16, 13:44  
Way more hyped.

I went from feeling burned by Wii and Wii U and unsure if I would ever buy another Nintendo "console" to immediate day-one purchase take my money right this second.

The NX turned out to be the love child of the Wii U and Vita that I've always wanted.

Now if they'd only show a real Metroid game on this thing my life would be complete.
10/21/16, 14:53   
Edited: 10/21/16, 14:55

Ugh, Vita. Why would you say such an awful thing?!
10/21/16, 15:09   

Pretty much the same.

As someone who has moved on from console gaming overall, Switch is the the first time I've been interested in console platforms in years.

The hardware looks incredible.

I think Paper Mario on Switch will be my personal tipping point.
10/21/16, 15:09   
So, I am really looking forward to owning one and playing all the great new Nintendo games on it, but I'm a little bit less hyped if we're being honest. It's just that it's exactly what the rumors said it would be and it doesn't really offer any actual new ways of playing games as far as we know... or even any new controller features like the scrollder buttons that I wanted so badly. Hell, it's likely even missing features which the Wii U and 3DS have. A lot of people are happy that it doesn't have any gimmicks, but I happen to really like my stereoscopic 3D, touchscreens, dual displays, and certain uses of motion.

The truth is that I hope there's more to it than what they've shown, but I'm not saying it doesn't look like an appealing product. It does, and I'll get it on day one.
10/21/16, 15:19   
Because the Vita has enabled the very thing Nintendo is selling here for years, the ability to take your console game (and all your progress) on the go, which to me has been super fun. The problem is that with Vita it only works with a relative handful of games and sometimes (depending on the game) the cross-save thing can be a little clunky. The NX works with every game, all the time, that concept to me is exactly what I've wanted since the days of playing Metroid Fusion on the Game Boy Player.

@New Forms
Right on! Hopefully this will appeal to many PC gamers in ways that the PS4 and Xbox One can't (since they are admittedly just watered-down PCs with no unique features and only occasionally unique games).
10/21/16, 15:25   
Edited: 10/21/16, 15:26
I wasn't really hyped all that much before the reveal and I just remain cautiously optimistic now. I'm more worried about what sort of battery life we can expect out of this and even as a handheld device, I'm not sure how comfortable I'd feel about actually taking this out. The 3DS is a flip top cover but this is completely exposed and a bit bigger to carry around. Unless I have a dedicated case for it, then I don't see myself ever taking it out really. Not to say that I wouldn't take advantage of the portability factor at home but it loses a bit of that carry factor with this change.

Also I'll wait and see for what sort of third party support this thing will have. It may seem like a lot now but just keep releasing the games first and then I'll believe it. Of course I don't expect the Nintendo software to be weak and really, that's what we're all buying this system for anyway.
10/21/16, 15:32   
Not much difference, really. All we saw was basically confirmation of the cartridge and portable hybrid rumors. This doesn't make me feel any less burned about the Wii U and it doesn't magically make the last 2 lackluster years worthwhile. Nintendo has not restored any of my lost goodwill.

I know people are still excited because this is going to be the magical system where Nintendo releases a million fantastic games that they've been storing up for 3 years, but come on. I'm not made of money, and I don't enjoy feeling like my money has been wasted. I would rather have 5 good years of games on the Wii U than put up with mostly lackluster, phoned in stuff for the last 2 years in the hopes that maybe next year will be the year where I can pay 500+ dollars on getting the games I was hoping would be on Wii U by now.

Maybe I'm off from a large number of Nintendo fans, but I can't ignore this feeling of being cheated based on the blind hope that things will be better next time. No, I'm a consumer. Give me reason to believe this shit won't happen again. You don't just magically get a pass because you made great games years ago.

Zelda U should not have been delayed and I shouldn't have to shell out another $500 to know I'm not playing some inferior version of the game we were promised would be out 18 months ago. And the new games don't look all that different or inspired. If those games are just tech demos or proof of concepts, then why do they have no games to show this close to launch? And if they are new games, then why are we even doing this on another console to begin with? They're all Wii U games with minor changes and a port of a 5 year old game from 2 console generations ago.

Why do we even need a new console to begin with? There doesn't seem to be much of a change in tech, in terms of power or possibilities, so what's even the point? All the games shown so far could be done on the Wii U. And if Splatoon has some amazing new gun with a billion particles with collision detection that can only be rendered on the new machine, why aren't they showing that? Why are they presenting these new games in the most stagnant light possible?

And I get it; as technology continues to improve each step up will be less and less apparent. I understand that. But that means it's time to get creative. That's what the gamecube is all about. Taking familiar characters and worlds and moving them in new, exciting directions. Not all of them may have worked for you, but they were inspired, they had vision. So again, why are they showing their new games in such an uninspired light?

I mostly agree with this video.

I've become so jaded and disillusioned about the whole thing.
10/21/16, 16:05   
Edited: 10/21/16, 18:11
No change. I always knew I'd buy it, so nothing different in that department. I think it looks really neat, as I'm a fan of weird hardware.

But there are a lot of unknowns.

And somewhat lost in the shuffle is the absolute clusterfuck that the Wii U has been.


To play devil's advocate... If we're going to call the Bone and the PS4 watered down PCs (which is generally true even if that's a little reductive), I don't know why we shouldn't be treating this as a forked Shield Tablet. Nobody really cares about those, the market is pretty niche.

Anyway, the more I watch the commercial, the weirder I think it is that they decided that a port of a game that came out in 2011, that Bethesda has not committed to releasing on the platform, took up a decent amount of the screen time. Strange.
10/21/16, 16:13   

Skyrim Remaster is due out next week on XB1/PS4/PC.

Looks pretty spiffy.
10/21/16, 16:33   
The reveal pretty much just confirmed the most believable rumors, so No Change. Though I do like the hardware design, it looks real nice.

My hype level is (and was) Cautiously Optimistic. Nintendo is doing the un-Nintendo thing and by doing what "everybody" thinks it should: drop the interface and control gimmicks, merge its handheld and console libraries, and just concentrate on making Good Games instead of ones with complicated hardware gimmicks. Now, that doesn't guarantee success, but it does look like it'll provide a market test of what the masses (or the most vocal) seem to want from Nintendo / think it should do. And in that regard I find it pretty fascinating.

Personally, I think Nintendo is at its very best when it's pushing innovative new games and controls while also providing cool traditional game options. But it's been a looooooong time since Nintendo's hardware innovations actually mattered, to the market as a whole or to me personally. The entire Wii U and 3DS generation has been a parade of samey, traditional games (mostly 2D platformers...sigh), hardly any using the systems' "innovative" features. Maybe this is Nintendo recognizing that they couldn't do their own hardware gimmicks justice and giving up on innovation, at least for a generation.
10/21/16, 16:42   
Edited: 10/21/16, 17:15
Far, far more hyped. I was expecting I would have to manufacture enthusiasm, like I currently do with the Wii U. Nope. Nintendo made me feel like a kid again, the night I stood in line for a GameCube with friends for 8 hours. I can't WAIT for this!

Best part is we're already lining up some friends to go find a place doing a midnight launch in March, lol. Oddly, it's a totally different group than the Cube, even though many of my friends are still around from those days!

Kal-El814 said:

Anyway, the more I watch the commercial, the weirder I think it is that they decided that a port of a game that came out in 2011, that Bethesda has not committed to releasing on the platform, took up a decent amount of the screen time. Strange.

I think that bit was brilliant. It literally sold a friend of mine on the system alone, he will buy one because of that part of the video. Even if Skyrim doesn't come out (which I think it will, Bethesda just doesn't want to cannibalize sales of the upcoming release next week) he will now be there on launch night with us because of that clip. So... A+ effort, Nintendo. Good choice.
10/21/16, 17:12   
Edited: 10/21/16, 17:17
I was modestly interested before the reveal...and now I'm very interested.
10/21/16, 17:48   
I had no hype or expectations before the reveal. I always knew I'd be buying the NX no matter what, but I'm interested now that I know what it looks like.
10/21/16, 17:55   
I voted "No change." I didn't have any hype before and I still don't, because hardware doesn't excite me. I want to see games, and they hardly showed anything on that, and with one exception the games all looked like ports or enhanced ports at best. Now, I don't mean "no hype" as a negative thing. I'm still interested in knowing more, but there's hardly been anything really shown so I need more to form an opinion.

@Hinph I agree, I'm gonna miss those features from past systems. I at least hope a touch screen isn't on that list...

@Hero_Of_Hyrule I pretty much agree with everything you just said, however I don't know if Nintendo had much choice in the matter since the Wii U just wasn't selling and they can't keep supporting an unprofitable venture. Of course, that doesn't mean we have to be happy about it.
10/21/16, 20:43   
@Mop it up

Also doesn't mean you shouldn't try to be happy about it, ha ha. Happy > Meh
10/21/16, 20:47   
@J.K. Riki I don't know why I'd want to. :P
10/21/16, 20:51   
On a personal level, I think I am slightly more intrigued with it.

Overall though I think that it is going to face some major difficulty. It is its own thing but it still competes with both consoles and mobile devices. For consoles, it lacks the power (and probably eventually the third party support as well) and for mobile, it lacks the ubiquity and portability factor.

I hope it is successful but I think it will struggle.
10/21/16, 22:19   
This is me. I'm primarily a PC gamer now, but since then, 3DS has become my #2 platform because I can use it in a way that I can't use my PC. I have a PS4 and XB1, but other than watching blurays or occasionally laying on the couch and playing a Xbox Play Anywhere game, I rarely turn them on. I play the Wii U occasionally too, but that's because of how much I enjoy Nintendo's franchises. All that to say that for me, as a PC gamer, this is exactly what I want from a console.

Yes, it is basically a Shield tablet, but instead of being one of the more expensive Android tablets that just plays Android games and streams PC games OK, it's a tablet that plays Nintendo games and other console-quality games. That ups the value and interest for me.
10/21/16, 22:34   
About the same. Had it not pretty much matched rumours we have had for months I might be a bit more IN AWE or something, but it's basically what the rumours have said it would be. And to be honest I'm not sure anything about it PARTICULARLY is getting me excited outside of the fact that it might get more support if it really is a home console + handheld hybrid, which in turn would get more people buying it and maybe get Nintendo back in the game. (And I will save some money not having to buy both.) But it's actually still a bit unclear to me whether this is REPLACING Nintendo handhelds or not. Because, if not then... it might have all the same issues the Wii U had getting support.

I guess it is cool to get to play console stuff on the go, but I don't really play much on the go nowadays and when I do I like something that fits nicely in my pocket... this doesn't look like it is that easy to carry around. Still, could be nice for travel and such.
10/21/16, 22:59   
Same hype or more hyped. We've gotten used to the hybrid rumors for a while now so the excitement won't be the same. The reveal in fairness showed ports/old ports, minus the new Mario which, while looking good, isn't anything mind blowing visually. It reminds me of the Wii reveal with that underwhelming peek at Metroid. It looked better, but nothing to write home about.

I think Splatoon and Zelda definitely had more pop, so I'd say we might have improved image quality, framerate, and maybe some light texture/lighting/fx/etc but won't expect much more. For a system with greater software output and much greater extended portability I'm fine with that. Check out Color Splash and imagine that or better on the go and you see the technology is pretty amazing. We also don't know if there could be SCDs used in the future or Nintendo might have their own Switch Pro in the future. Their handhelds have always had iterative improvements. If this is really a hybrid and there won't be a true dedicated jandheld successor then they could easily do the same with the NS.
10/21/16, 23:01   
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