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F-Zero (SNES): What is your vehicle of choice? [poll]
Blue Falcon (Captain Falcon) (2/10 votes)
Golden Fox (Dr. Stewart) (1/10 vote)
Wild Goose (Pico) (1/10 vote)
Fire Stingray (Samurai Goroh) (6/10 votes)
Even though I like the Blue Falcon and Captain Falcon, my vehicle of choice is the Fire Stingray. It's pretty sturdy, and has the best cornering, in my opinion.

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Posted: 03/12/16, 08:18:24
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Pico was my favorite for a long time, but I think when I got super good I switched to Goroh for that high max speed? I forget.
Posted: 03/12/16, 08:32:06
Which is the one that drives itself and makes me look like a much better racer than I am?

I pick that one.
Posted: 03/12/16, 11:54:41
The Golden Fox was my favorite for the longest time. I loved that initial burst to get into first place and I would stay there. But once I started to try to tackle the harder difficulties it just couldn't compete with the top speed of the others. So I've generally used the Blue Falcon since. But I still go back to that Golden Fox whenever I just want to play a bit.
Posted: 03/12/16, 18:55:45
I almost always used the Fire Stingray.
Posted: 03/12/16, 20:14:01
It's hard for me to say, but I'm going with the Blue Falcon. I like every vehicle except the Golden Fox since it's too slow.
Posted: 03/13/16, 15:43:27  - Edited by 
 on: 03/13/16, 15:43:58
I usually go for Fire Stingray of Blue Falcon. Though I also don't mind the Wild Goose sometimes.

Definitely use the Golden Fox the least.

I want a new F-Zero.... :( F-Zero NX please....
Posted: 03/14/16, 02:43:10
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Posted: 03/16/16, 00:24:14
The off switch.
Posted: 03/16/16, 00:28:22
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