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Would you buy Pokemon Gold, Silver, and/or Crystal if it came out on the 3DS VC? [poll]
Yes (7/16 votes)
No (6/16 votes)
Unsure (3/16 votes)
Given that Red, Blue, and Yellow, came out on the 3DS VC, I wouldn't be surprised to see Gold, Silver, and Crystal in a few months. Would you buy it? I think I definitely would.

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Posted: 02/29/16, 00:45:13
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Nope. I've played gen 2 and its remake a bunch of times, so I'm happy with the games I have. I want to try Crystal, but at this point I can't justify putting out any more money for these games.
Posted: 02/29/16, 01:02:40
Of course. I am having a good time replaying Pokemon Blue and it would be great to do it again on 3ds. Part of me hopes it happens over the summer to rehype the series for Sun/Moon this fall.
Posted: 02/29/16, 01:05:30
Nah, I think those were my least favorite of all of them. I think. Hard to remember now!
Posted: 02/29/16, 01:23:35
*Maybe* Crystal.

I already have Heart Gold on DS, so that takes care of the other two as far as I'm concerned.
Posted: 02/29/16, 01:24:56
I would probably get Crystal, even for an inflated price (I'm guessing these'll be $11.99 if they happen). Gen II is still my fave, but I have Gold, so I'm curious about the additions and changes. Plus, it's nearly impossible to find a cartridge with a working battery, and even though I have the tools and knowledge to replace them (did it with Gold in fact), it's a hassle I don't want.
Posted: 02/29/16, 02:37:00
I really liked Gen 2, I'd probably buy Crystal, but it'd have to be cheaper than 10. So I voted "Not sure." I'd wait for a sale.
Posted: 02/29/16, 03:46:10
I pretty much agree with Mop It Up.
Posted: 02/29/16, 04:11:49
Yes. Just shut up and take my money.
Posted: 02/29/16, 04:13:32
Nope. I got my fill with Soul Silver on the DS.
Posted: 02/29/16, 04:47:46


How do you want to do this? Paypal? Wire Transfer? Hand-delivered suitcase full of cash?
Posted: 02/29/16, 05:26:48
Pokemon Soul Silver and Heart Gold are basically Crystalized versions of those two games. I'm still buying this. I bought Red on the 3DS and I'm having a great time. I'm currently grinding to beat Gary on Victory Road. I still haven't gotten my first badge.
Posted: 03/02/16, 09:25:42

You just ruined it! The first rule was: SHUT UP. You failed right out of the gate with your post.

EDIT: Besides, I don't know how much good my American dollars would be to you anyway.
Posted: 03/02/16, 17:19:28  - Edited by 
 on: 03/02/16, 17:20:26
Based upon how much fun I'm having playing Red and Yellow over the past few days, I'd like VC versions of the Gen II games, if only for convenience's sake.

I mean, I have my original cartridges of all three games, and the means to replace their save batteries, but that's a ticking time-bomb; all of my progress will inevitably go away as soon as the battery runs dry and I have to replace it. While it's not like I plan to pass my 3DS down as a heirloom or something, it'd just be nice to have probably my favourite Pokémon games exist in a form that means I can still go back, 10 or more years down the line and pick right up where I left off.
Posted: 03/02/16, 17:36:42

I can convert them, it's fine
Posted: 03/02/16, 21:02:08
Wii U VC? Sure.
Posted: 03/03/16, 02:04:40
I never played Gen II on the GBC, but I have played Heart Gold and have already transferred my Pokemon from there to Pokemon Black, and then to Pokemon Bank, and they're now on my copy of Pokemon X. It was a huge hassle but I don't really have the urge to go back to GSC.

Besides, I'm really excited for RBY due to the nostalgia, but outside of that? The games from Black and White and onwards are just so much faster paced. Going back to HG feels like a slog due to how fast the text scrolls and all that.
Posted: 03/03/16, 05:28:32
I'm actually amazed at how much fun I'm having playing Pokemon Red. It feels like such an amazingly solid game even now.
Posted: 03/03/16, 06:36:32
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