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Game Cube menu music is the same as Famicom Disk System music

Unaltered GCN menu music:

FDS music:

Sped up GCN menu music:

(Taken from GoNintendo)

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Posted: 02/21/10, 18:44:15  - Edited by 
 on: 02/21/10, 18:53:09
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I are amazed.
Posted: 02/21/10, 18:53:09
Wow...who woulda thunk it? Nice find there indeed.
Posted: 02/21/10, 18:55:12
Posted: 02/21/10, 19:11:07
Gamecube has the worst startup of any game system though.
Posted: 02/21/10, 19:43:54
Simbabbad said:
@littledeadmonkey really? Myself I love it. Now, the Playstation startup...

Playstation was epically cheesy, I like it. PS2 is dull though.

N64DD is awesome... way better than GameCube or Wii you gonna die stuff.
Posted: 02/21/10, 20:01:31
PS3's intro is dumb. The 64DD indeed has a sweet opening.
Posted: 02/21/10, 20:05:01
Holy...that's an insane observation.
Just watched a video of system startups after seeing this. I think my favorite startup at the moment is the 360's. It's simple like most current ones, but it really matches the systems design I think. It's also kind of weird that the PS3 slim eliminates the little chime after the strings.
Posted: 02/21/10, 20:18:33
Posted: 02/21/10, 22:27:12
missypissy said:

Posted: 02/21/10, 22:30:23
littledeadmonkey said:

N64DD is awesome... way better than GameCube or Wii you gonna die stuff.

I was gonna say, the audio's kinda bad in that link, and then I realized the guy put in the Mario sounds himself. The original is quiet.

I think my favourite will remain the GameCube, but I love the sounds on the Wii. I wish it had an actual "startup" though.

PS3's is...nothing, really. The slim at least.

Xbox 360's is pretty cool.
Posted: 02/21/10, 22:53:31  - Edited by 
 on: 02/21/10, 22:53:51
That's pretty cool :)

I'm just okay with the Gamecube startup. I really dislike the PSX startup, but the PS2 and PS3 startup I'm okay with. 360's is okay. I like Wii's startup/menu though.
Posted: 02/21/10, 23:26:06
That's so badass. I love Nintendo and their little secret easter eggs. Also: I love these emoticons!!! Kirby!
Posted: 02/22/10, 00:02:25
Hah. I love stuff like this!

Clever sons of bitches.
Posted: 02/22/10, 00:05:23
wow.. that's crazy!!
Posted: 02/22/10, 18:30:24  - Edited by 
 on: 02/22/10, 18:30:40
Huh? How is it the same?
Posted: 02/23/10, 00:09:25
Did you not watch the third vid?
Posted: 02/23/10, 00:16:00
Yes and I still don't get it. So I get that it's sped up but...the GC menu ACTUALLY sounds just like that when sped up? I dunno but I still find it very hard to believe. If true it's the most ridiculous impossible easter egg of all time. It's like, how can one possibly connect the two? When I listen to the slow version I hear no semblance of the famicom version.
Posted: 02/23/10, 04:04:34
carlosrox said:
If true it's the most ridiculous impossible easter egg of all time.
Not even remotely close.

Heck, even as far as Nintendo Easter Eggs go, it's not all that out there. Ever heard of Totaka's Song?

Those are of course only the ones that were found.
Posted: 02/23/10, 09:35:26
Wow. I never realized K.K's Song was the O in Mario Paint. I've been had!
Posted: 02/23/10, 09:46:15
Wow, that's insane! I always think of the Great Deku Tree's interior music when I listen to the gamecube's menu.
Posted: 02/23/10, 10:05:25
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